Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Apology Letter

Yesterday, Christopher was being fresh and rude. He spoke very rudely to me. I sent him to his room to think about his behavior and away from the current family activity.

He comes to the bottom of the stairs and says to his baby sisteer "Jennifer, give this to mommy".

Here is what he gave me (side note he can spell better than what is in this letter but I guess he was feeling emotional. I will write it just as written.)

Dear Mom:

I am sory that I talked mean to you. I will by nice to you.

from: your son.

paper: Just a few cents.
pencil: 25 cents
aggravation level before letter: HIGH

Letter of apology: PRICELESS

level of aggravation after letter: Non existent.

I love it when your kids, think to apologize on their own and add a written record of that apology.

We hugged and kissed and all was well. God is so good to me. My kids, to me, are the best kids in the whole world.