Friday, November 28, 2008

It has been a long, LONG day

We ended up taking Christopher in to the doctor. Since last Friday, he has been throwing up and running fevers off and on. One day good and another not. Sometimes it was from hour to hour different. He looks very frail and is very tired. He has been crying in pain and having to run for the bathroom a lot! Yesterday, he could not eat barely a thing. Today the same. We took him in and they ordered an abdominal xray. Which praise God did turn out okay. IF he does not improve by Monday then we will take him back and have further testing. For now, I am trying to push fluids and per dr orders let him eat whatever he feels like he can eat. He was 35 or 36 the dr's office he was 33 but that was fully clothed. He looks VERY frail and you can see his bones even more than normal. The quest for the xray was horrid. First we were sent to one place and unknown to the dr, they were closed. Then sent to another and they did not take our insurance. Finally sent to children's hospital's diagnostic imaging center in Nashville, 30-45 min away. It was stressful. The report was good but my son is still suffering.

Because of his severe allergies, we can not give him ensure or other nutrient rich formulas often given to children with weight issues. He also has oral sensory issues and when he is sick these become more pronounced from his fear of throwing up. The fight to keep him healthy is taxing at times. Because of his asthma and daily inhaled steroids meds his immune system tends to have to fight harder. Add in his poor diet due to allergies and sensory issues and it is a problem.

He asked for burger tonight and fries. He ate a small amount and now feels nauseous so I have to give the nausea meds.

We are believing God for a miracle. Right now his biggest need is getting over this virus. But we also need God to heal him from his oral sensory issues. His limited diet is a detriment to him, add in the severe food allergies and I am at my wits end. God alone can do this. My son looks like death warmed over. He is usually a very active, energetic joy filled boy. Right now he is just too tired and weak to do his usual antics. It makes me realize how many times lately, I tell him to hush or be still when all he is doing is being an 8 year old boy and right now I wish he had the energy for those usual antics.

I am trying to keep a record of what is going on with him and may blog from time to time as we wait for his miracle. As in the movie, Facing the Giants...........I am preparing for RAIN while my little boy fights his Goliaths.


Barry and Amy said...

Praying for healing for your little guy!

Hang in there, God is always faithful!

Unknown said...

thank you and yes oh yes HE is.....He has proved it to me over and over again.

Rebekah said...

Praying for you all.

Unknown said...

Thanks Rebekah.....

an update is coming....when I have enough sleep for coherent thought!