Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Who is worthy?

I dreamed a dream last night that I can't quite retell but it has something to do with the Prov 31 woman and the holy of holies. About how someone kept trying to tell me I couldn't go into the holy of holies cause I wasn't good enough, dressed enough etc...but my Lord stepped in and said "I have clothed you. You may enter in because I am your covering".....oh My word I am rejoicing this morning....what a dream!

So many people communicate to others why they think a person is not worthy to enter in to fellowship with our Lord. However the truth of the matter is that there is not one among us who could really be worthy apart from the Lord Jesus.  He said to the woman's accusers "you who are without sin, cast the first stone".  None of us can stand holy and worthy before the Lord.  But Jesus in His infinite mercy and love clothes us with HIS righteousness.  I can not stand worthy but my Lord covers me.  His covering is beyond description.  He knows me to my innermost depths.  He knows my hopes, dreams, fears and secrets.  He hears my cries and covers me with His love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness. 

We as Christians make mistakes everyday.  There is not one among us who NEVER sins.  Sin does not have to equal the "big sins".  Sin can be gossip or something that seems simple.  But NO sin is simple.  We don't set out to sin but often times we do.  Or perhaps, God is telling us to do something and we don't want to do it so we ignore Him.  That in the eyes of a Holy Lord........can be the sin of rebellion.  So.....none of us are worthy no not one but......our Lord steps in when we ask Him and covers us.  Sin it says in the Bible so easily besets us.  Not because we necessarily, WANT to sin but because we are fleshly creatures who forget to think through the mind Christ put in us.  We think and act first, too many times, with our regular mind.  Instead of the one, God set apart in Him.  Does it mean there is no hope and that all we can ever do is sin so there is no point?  No it means that Christ is the only way we can stand against sin or in the Holy of Holies.

Negativity of others crushes more people than one can even imagine.  Christians judge others unworthy for many reasons.  I have been judged on many occasions and found lacking by mankind but my Lord found me a beautiful treasured covered by His redeeming love.  I have seen so many pushed out because they weren't cleaned up enough to enter in...but yet Jesus came for whosoever...whosoever is not always the one who looks cleaned up and ready to go into the Holy of Holies.  Often times those who "look ready" are hiding their secrets and burdens under their prettied up dressing.  When if we saw us as Jesus saw us we'd all be standing in rags.  But Jesus arraigns us in the covering of beauty through HIS sacrifice.  No I am not perfect, I often have felt like I lack what is needed...but my Lord dressed me with HIS covering......His love and His peace.  So when you are feeling unworthy, unkempt and undesirable.....cry out to the ONLY one who can take you into the Holy of Holies clothed in HIS beauty and HIS love.  For under His covering I can stand before my God and cry out to Him and be heard and seen as a treasure to be loved and gently held close to His heart because my Jesus' covering enables me to stand in the Holy of Holies.