Monday, August 29, 2016

Zones, weekly, plans and home work

I have been attempting to bring more order to the chaos in  this adventure called life.  Our kids are at an age, we can try a new system and hopefully more order to things.

We had a family meeting a couple of weeks ago with a fun devotion, prayer, and input from everyone about respect, rules, school and work.  This is my 2nd year working 4 days a week.  Last year, I never did find a balance and feelings and emotions could get out of whack. I decided it was time to take control.  Life is always going to be busy, full and filled with ups and downs. That being said, we can bring some order into it without turning our world upside down.

To start off, I divided the main chores into 5 zones with everyone responsible for their own rooms and everyone pitches in on pet care and yard work.

Zone 1- Kitchen
Zone 2- Dining Room
Zone 3- Living Room
Zone 4- Bathrooms
Zone 5- Laundry

We each take a zone per week and rotate through each zone.  If someone needs help they can ask for help or if someone sees someone needs help they can offer. We also enacted the mercy rule. You can pick a family member and show them mercy by completing their chore on any particular day.  If someone is sick or has extra homework than other family members are to show them mercy and do their chore without complaint.  This type of action shows love and respect for each other.

We are on the beginning of week 3 of our Zones. It has been GREAT!  Everyone loves it and everyone is on board. Our chores are done quicker and the house is more orderly.  I printed out a list for each zone of what needs to be done in that zone to call the chore complete.  That has been a huge help for the kids.  It leaves nothing to question and helps them learn to do their chore correctly.

Quite honestly, I wish I had thought of this YEARS ago. It's awesome.

This weekend we decided to go with a plan the meal for the week and grocery shop accordingly plan. There has been no question what is for supper since Saturday. NO, I don't know, what do you want or honey pick up this or that. We know what we are having and we have all ingredients needed. Each of the kids get to help on one of the nights that isn't leftovers or breakfast for dinner or pizza night.  Leftovers night is the same each week as is breakfast for supper and pizza night.  I am loving it already.  Today's meal is already in the crock pot and the house smells wonderful. I also think this will save money.

Homework is happening at a set time each day, unless there is church or an event planned. In that case, they do their homework immediately upon arriving home.  On the days we have nothing scheduled they start homework at 4 and need to be done by 5 or 5:30 depending on what they have to do. They must show me their planners and make sure they are using them.

This too is going way better than last year.

We are also sharing the responsibility and privilege of leading devotions. Everyone gets a turn. We pray as a family and the kids are really loving getting to lead devotions. I am determined that as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

We are also going to start exercising together as a family at the Y and sometimes at home. I am amazed at how this has already changed things for the better.

We are by no means perfect and I know there will be bumps and obstacles along the way. I just feel more in control of the chaos than ever before.

This is what is working for our family in this season.  God is go good and He is so faithful and I praise Him for our family.