Monday, June 29, 2009

The meaning of our names

The Blog the Monster Wrangler...see my side bar...started me thinking about the meaning of our I will list them and their meanings.

My husband does not have a middle name but his name is

Michael: meaning "who is like God"

My names: Thelma: will or wish
Inez: chaste

Our oldest: Christopher: bearer of Christ
Michael: who is like God

Our Middle: Hannah: grace, favour
Rose: rose(just what it says)

Our youngest: Jennifer: White, fair, smooth
Grace: good will

Christopher has an incredible since of who he is in God and loves Jesus and has more faith than I can even describe.

Hannah is full of grace and is a sweet rose of sweetness and all about being a girl who likes her flowers.

Jennifer is our fairest child (in coloring)...our tiniest child, dainty and sweet...she is also the one who God's good will brought us after the loss of a child to miscarriage...His grace...if you will gifted us with her.

I find this incredible that their names fit them to a T!

Status Report

Status Report -
Sitting… at my desk thinking about what to make for lunch.

Snacking…not snacking...I am being good.

Listening…to 94.1 FM on Fish Radio Online.( Christian music.

Wondering… what in the world I am giving the kids for lunch.

Also wondering...if I can get it all done and have naptime at a decent time

Also wondering times two… if all the kids will cooperate with naptime.

Reading...A New Leaf A Cape Light Novel by Thomas Kincade and Katherine Spencer

Glad…I have joy in the journey

Tired…not to bad today

Wishing…I had some extra bucks for our vacation

Ignoring…the fly the kids let is annoying.

Enjoyed....reading with my kids this morning.

Planning my daughter's third birthday party

Thinking… she can't really be turning 3.

Also thinking…my kids are growing up way to fast.

Feeling… that my Lord has blessed me mightily.

Remembering… that I really need to figure out what to serve besides cake and icecream at the party

Realizing… that this birthday will be bitter last child is turning from a baby to a preschooler.

Ending this post…with a smile because my kids are being cute and sweet with each other.

No Drain

Last night I had a dream about Jesus. There was a bunch of people kneeling at the cross, all ages, races, shape and sizes. They were all praying. As I watched the scene, Jesus, up in the heavens spoke and said "I am high and lifted up and my train fills the temple". He paused and people continued to pray. He then said "I want you to notice there is no drain at the vine". I woke up a few minutes later with the dream and what He said stuck in my brain.

I have pondered my dream and will continue to do so. However, the only thing I can think of in its meaning is that He died once for all. His life's blood drained out...there is no need for Him to shed His precious blood again. He is the vine, there is no need for a watering source or an overflow drain near the vine because He is the life source of the vine and His life is sufficient for all and is eternal. It does not drain away and there is never too much.

I am still thinking and pondering this dream because it was so vivid and so poignant it has stuck with me. I can see all the people praying before the cross of Calvary. I can see my Lord HIGH and LIFTED up arms outstretched over the people. I can feel the love of the Savior at the cross and I am awed at the cross and the Vine.....the true Vine our life source........and that life source when we plug in.....never, ever drains away.

Friday, June 26, 2009

My life in numbers

  • Thanks to one of my favorite blogs over at It's time for the Burkulater for the idea:

    just making it my own.

  • 1 -time my child peed in the floor because she didn't have the potty seat insert despite the fact she can sit on the potty without it. She insisted she needed it so she stood there and wet instead of getting on the potty.

  • 14 - number of stairs needed to climb to get said potty seat....which I did not do. and informed her she will have to go on the big potty without the insert if she leaves it upstairs. She can do it when we are out...she can do it at home.

  • 35-Number of times I have said clean up this room.

  • 1213-number of times my children have said Mommy...Mommy....Mommy despite me answering them and letting them know I am listening and looking at them in the eyes to show them I am interested in what they are saying....Mommy...mommy mommy numeruos times in succession does not make me hear you better.

  • 10-number of times my son has told the story of him killing a fly (look out Obama you have competiton).

  • 3-number of blessings my husband and I have that are in human form.

  • 25- number of items I need on my grocery list and that is a conservative guess.

  • 125- amount of dollars I have to get said groceries which means something will be left off.

  • 1/2 - amount of my cup of coffee I have actually been able to drink today.

  • 30-minutes of exercise I am planning today since I don't think I am going to the Y today.

  • 6- loads of laundry I need to do today...yes, I am behind.

  • 45-minutes I have wasted on here talking about what I need to do today instead of getting up and actually doing it.

that about sums it up for now.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tears like Rain

Tears like rain fall from my heart
and I feel like I am falling apart.
I feel so alone and lost in despair
and that my heart can not repair.
the enemy attacks are cruel and mean
and the wounds can not be seen.

Tears like rain falling to the ground
making rivers of agony all around
Tears like rain draining my life
my heart filling with strife

Then in steps my Lord with His precious love
collecting my tears in a bottle from above.
He moves in to the storm and speaks peace be still
rest in the comfort of my will
I have plans for every part of your being
even when it seems hurt is all you are seeing
Tears like rain might fall for a season
but each tear is for a reason
They water the ground of your soul
bringing you peace and making you whole

Tears like rain fell before He went to the cross of Calvary
and then He died to set all mankind truly free
Tears like rain fall when He sees how we treat our sisters and brothers
how unkind people are to others

Tears like rain fill my heart
because after the sorrow joy will fill my every part.
His promises are yes and amen
and He heals us again and again
Tears like rain wash me clean and anew
refresh my soul so I can fulfill what You have called me to do.
(copyright June 25, 2009)

Monday, June 22, 2009


quote by Wikepedia

Forgiveness is typically defined as the process of concluding resentment, indignation or anger as a result of a perceived offense, difference or mistake, and ceasing to demand punishment or restitution.

What is it? It is when Christ who took all the penalty for our sins upon Himself and gave His life as for our punishment and He pardons us and no longer holds us accountable for the sin we committed and casts it into the sea of forgetfulness.

People on the other hand.....can hold grudges against others even when the person who committed the wrong has shown true repentance and done all he/she can to make restitution and to make things right. Some people can't get past the "wrong" they perceived from the act. Whether the act was directly against them or someone else. Too many times Christians don't forgive other Christians who have made grave errors in morality or their lives and hold it against the person forever. I know of a case where a man committed grievous wrong against his wife. He was addicted to pornography and trying to live for God. The man went into a Christian program to seek help and healing. He repented to his wife and those in authority over him. One of the pastors in his life refused to fellowship with him or even correspond with him. Regardless of the fact the man showed true repentance and restitution. I have watched this situation and shake my head in sadness because it hurts both parties. I pray for all parties involved. The young man is truly repentant but the pastor can't get past the "sin".

I believe that if my husband were faced with this same type parishioner he would accept them open arms and not turn them away because he showed true repentance. The young man has turned his back on his sin and wants to live a victorious life. The sad thing is this pastor does this to many who have committed such "grievous sins". But the fact is sin=sin. Gossip....backbiting....unforgiveness = sin too. One sin in God's eyes is not worse than another. He died for ALL our sins. Not just certain types of sin. Nothing can separate us from the wonderful love of God.

God is full of mercy and forgiveness. All have fallen short of HIS glory. Why is it...Christian brothers and sisters can forgive fellow Christians when they are truly repentant. Why is it Christian pastors turn away people from their churches when they have committed such sins instead of taking them in, loving them to repentance and walking them through recovery.

Too many times....the church shoots it's own wounded instead of discipling the hurting and helping them cope with the aftermath of sin they have committed or been victimized by. It is time...the church of the Lord Jesus Christ walks and lives in forgiveness and stops judging one another. It is time denominations ceased to matter and that the blood of Jesus that links us as brothers and sisters in Christ unites us to win a lost world for HIM.

I pray that I can live, breath, walk and talk His LOVE.....His forgiveness and that I never turn away someone searching for a way out of the sin that so easily besets us.

Jesus FORGIVES! He is LOVE........

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Alphabet Soup

(list some things about your day or self using the alphabet)

A---actually got to sleep in until 8 am.

B---believe it is going to be a good day.

C---coffee is a must regardless of what day it is, but actually got to drink it.

D---daddy's day is Sunday...still have to go shopping...been a rough week.

E---ever wonder if you have enough hands...because I need lots today.

F---finished my cereal BEFORE it got soggy.

G---going to go to the car show at the church, community outreach.

H---hoping to actually get some walking in today

I----I think my kids are adorable when we have lazy Saturday morning cuddles.

J----just hoping I can get the grocery shopping in today as well....out of everything

K----keeping the potty train going despite 1 accident today, she was to slow.

L----loving my family and hoping to get a family movie in tonight. redbox time.

M---maybe we will actually get some quality couple time in this evening.

N---now take a deep breath, count backwards from 100.....that's better.

O---open up some Mommy, hubby......they need attitude adjusments

P---pretend that I am super mom and deal with it.

Q---quickly remember it is better to hold my tongue than say something

R---remind the children that this is Father's day weekend...supposed to be nice

S---suggest we take the kids swimming in the apartment complex pool later

T---thank God my kids can be silly and do things that don't make sense

U---understand that kids are not always TRYING to be naughty.

V---very glad the kids and hubby are sweet and quick to mend their ways

W---waiting for little Miya to come so we can go...

X---Xcited that I am going to get OUT of the house today.

Y---yawn........cause I could have used some more sleep

Z---zoom through the kitchen chores to have more time with the family

Friday, June 19, 2009

It's hot outside

It is hot outside.....Florida hot here in TN. 100+ heat index.......while I do miss a/c is not keeping up with the heat. The kids are cranky, mommy is sleepy and tired and it has been such a stressful day my eyelid is twitching. It had stopped doing that but today it started back.....guess it is an indication of how stressful today was.

Speaking of hot......we are not going to Florida for vacation like we'd planned. It just isn't in the budget. We will do somehting locally but WILL take some kind of vacation. Now I gotta tell my Dad.....we haven't seen him in over a year.....and he is getting frail.....maybe we could go to Alabama to see him for a weekend or something. Despite the past.......I love my Dad......that is what forgiveness does for you. Would I let my kids be disciplined by him.........not on your LIFE! But I love him and miss him. Since Father's day is this weekend had me thinking....I had far from the perfect who was down right abusive at times....but you know what...I love him. And his strict.....beyond strict ways protected me from a lot.........and it kept my faith strong because the Father I could depend on in those hard times was my heavenly Father.....and my Daddy.......well he loved the best bumbling way he could. I hold no ill towards him. And I want him to be blessed. So Daddy....even if you can't read this nor would I show it to you cause you wouldn't understand what I am saying....since you "don't remember" being abusive.........I love you. I am glad you were my Daddy.......and thank you for being you......despite the rough hard things.......I love you.

Dear Sweet Children

Mommy loves you very much. You are joy and innocence and faith and beauty all rolled into sweet little packages that smell so good.

However, I must say......the fighting and arguing has to stop. Fighting over who gets to throw the paper away is not cool. I think perhaps you could also solve this issues yourselves without my intervention.

Leaving the toilet not flushed is NOT cool! You know to flush....just do it.

You are able to help clear the table. It isn't hard. And this too can be done without fighting. There are 5 people in the family....there is plenty to clear off and put away.

No I did not give your sister/brother a bigger piece. It just looks bigger because that is the way life is sometimes. Or if it happens to be slightly bigger it is NOT an indication of who I love best. You are each unique, beautiful creations of God and I love you all with my whole heart. You each have your own gifts and I love you for it.

Whining is not a pleasant sound. When you do that it feels like Bob the Builder is drilling with a drill inside my brain.....and can he fix that...NO he can't...only you can stop whining.

Watching the same show for the 100TH not fun. I understand you like the show but when you can quote it word for word and remember which side of the face the character got something've seen it way too many times. Get a book and read or look at the pictures or creative. You have plenty of crayons and paper.

No you may not use the water from the bathroom sink to "spring clean".....I do not like you "dusting" with wet toilet paper from the sink or finding a trail of water from the bathroom to your bedroom. And on that note....why not really clean up your room instead of pretending to spring clean?

Finally, your prayers are precious. Thank you for being you. I am glad that even though today I have a headache cause you all have been so are well enough to be naughty. I thank God that you can test your limits and give me the chance to teach you valuable lessons that will help you grow to be a mighty man and women for God. Remember......Mommy loves you to INFINITY and BEYOND.

Love Mommy

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kathunk, Kathunk, kathunkity thunk............SCREAM

THAT is NOT a sound you want to hear. It means your child just fell down the stairs probably taking about 20 years off your life! Jennifer fell down the stairs today....and bonked her head. I seriously think the baby gate at the bottom saved her from further injury. She acts like nothing ever that we are several hours out from the fall....there is not a mark on her. I don't know if she will have bruises appear later or not........I do when I get bruises don't show up right away. IN any case...she appears to be fine. I guess kids bounce well. It scared me so badly I was literally shaking on the inside. Thank God He gives His angels charge over us. Because but for the grace of God this could be a very different I praise okay and not seriously injured or worse.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Okay going to Brag on Hubby here

Here is what he got on his review: ratings were E(excellent) A(above average) S(satisfactory) D(decreased performance) or U (unsatisfactory)

(parentheses remarks or mine..not his employers in the below comments)

Availibility: E Employee is always on time. Attendance is admirable.

Adherence to policy: E Always follows and adheres to safety regulations and company policies.

Behavior Pattern: A Overall above average. Sometimes employee overstresses problems (We knew that one...he can get way stressed out...he is working on it and has made improvements in the last few years).

Creativity: E Employee has great problem solving skills.

Depnedability: E Mike is extremely dependable

Independence: E Mike is highly independent.

Initiative: E Excellent Inititative

Interpersonal Relationships: A Mike communicates well, but sometimes does not easily accept the ideas of coworkers. (Another one we knew and he has been working on for a while...this too has improved since I first knew Mike)

Knowledge of Job: E Employee is highly competent and skillful in his job.

Productivity: E Productivity is excellent

Quality: E Quality of work is excellent.

New accomplishments since last Evalulation:

Spearheaded MTSU GAL 90 Contract and STC research (dont ask me what that means..but it means he did good..LOL)

Areas which need improvement: Do not stress problems. Be more open to ideas from others.


yup I am a proud wifey.....LOL and I think he deserves kudos..and it shows the blessings of God on His life.

Monday, June 15, 2009

All I can Say is WOW!

just finished a 2 mile walking video...while listening to praise and worship on my MP3 player and praying and praising God and proclaiming the promises of God in our household and our church and the lives of our friends and family...just found my get up and go.(which was sadly missing)...and to make it even better the last song was "I walk by Faith" how is that for a God thing..AND GLORY to God Mike called HE GOT A $2/ hour RAISE !

The Lord ASTOUNDS me! You just never know what is around the corner but the promises He has to prosper us and not to harm us are to true. I am amazed by God! And humbled and grateful.....and I think I will walk to praise and worship in my home every day...cause being pentecostal.....if I get too excited at the Y....they might ask me to leave if I disturb other patrons.......LOL.....I will still do my praise and worship music but I will reserve my out loud prayer and praise walks for home....nope not ashamed.......just don't want to get thrown out of the Y......LOL.


Asking to go potty.....wonderful.

Going in the potty with no accidents for 5 days in a row.......awesome.

Mommy not needing a diaper bag anymore cool...but sad at the same more babies...sigh,.

Wearing big girl panties with Elmo on them, even at nap time......PRICELESS!

Yes Jennifer is potty trained! Only wears a pull up at night.....where oh where did the time go. I don't know whether to be happy or sad. She is giving up the last stage of babyhood. My kids are all growing up so fast. It is wonderful but bitter sweet. She is getting so independent, so are the other two. I am a proud Mama but sad in some ways because my children are NOT babies anymore..ahhh the wonders of motherhood.......your heart walking around outside your body and the last big girl panties.

Not Me Monday

It is Not Me who wrote a post yesterday that was a complete pity party and then ended up deleting it. No I would not resort to pity parties...cause surely I always have it together (not) it would NOT be me having a good old fashioned pity was someone else.

It is Not Me who although I had planned to go to the Y today am not going because I have to get the house well.....ready for company...since the grandparents are babysitting HERE tonight.

It is Not Me who wonders why my children and even my darling husband can't find the dishwasher or the sink after a meal...or the trash can for that matter (when we use paper plates) and it is me who clears up the table after they have gone on to other things.

It is Not Me...most assuredly not me who tricked my children into unloading the dishwasher today...and pretended like it was the most fun thing to do in the world. (They fell for it and loved it)

It is Not Me who just ate a roast beef sandwich with gravy on it from yesterdays leftovers....when I am so trying to lose weight...but it wasn't me who thought it was so good....and it is Not Me whose favorite part about having roast is making the leftovers into a sandwich smothered in gravy....Nope....that is some other woman that is less health conscious.

It is Not Me who is insanely happy I get a Mommy's night out tonight at the Ladies Barbecue....hence the kids grandparents are watching will be worth it.

It is Not Me who couldn't come up with any other topic today but the Not Me topic.......

Now it is not me....who is going to sit down and read for a while instead of finishing my chores...after all one must be quiet while children are napping instead of making cleaning noises.....

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The WAR has begun....

The recruits are being fed before the battle. The plan is being finalized. Assigned quadrants will be handed out by the General. Weapons of mass cleaning will be handed out. Brooms, dust rags, mops....vacuums.....are at ready disposal. Trash bags will be given to each recruit in order to contain items that need to be donated or thrown away. The HOUSE CLEANING WARS have begun. General Mommy will pass out missions.....should they not choose to excet them....they will do solitary confinement on the time out chair. This HOUSE will be CLEAN by the end of this day. Dust bunnies be are going DOWN. All linens will be changed and beds will be made. Broken toys will get a proper honorable burial in the trash bin where all good toys go after devastating play ending injuries. Our grown toys will be sent on special missions to be given to children less fortunate than mine.

Laundry will be caught up and go to the proper storage facilities instead of the creative place my children find to place it.

Yes......this is cleaning day at our house.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Child free.. and other random thoughts

well the extras for today anyway. I still have my 3 but I have no extra little ones in my home today. It is kind of a strange feeling...and I wish I'd known beforehand and I'd have slept really late and not gotten up and dressed....I'd have stayed in my jammies until noon.

I do enjoy babysitting, don't get me wrong but sometimes it is nice to just be me and my three. I do keep nursery tonight but that generally isn't a big deal.

So this afternoon, weather permitting we are going to the Y to swim.

Speaking of the Y and getting fit.....I have logged 4.5 miles of exercise this week! I have officially lost TWO pounds......hopefully by working out at the pace I am more will come off quickly. I do have more energy.

The best thing is...I have also been very good about getting up early...BEFORE the children and doing my Bible study before they get up and start causing distraction. They aren't being bad...just being kids that need Mommy's attention. This is incredible in the outlook I have just by doing this. I also find myself praying more throughout the day. This morning I woke up with praise songs on my heart, mind and lips.

During my morning workout...I put praise and worship music and power walked to the video in time to that music instead of the talking of the hostess. It was awesome.

I feel good. I feel refreshed. I feel strong. I feel powerful. God is good and I hope I can keep this up. I am determined to make this my daily way of doing things...both the exercise of the body and my spirit and mind.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Not Me Monday

It is not me who is going to shamelessly brag that I walked twice today....once was a 20 minute in home walk video. Second was a 45 minute walk after supper. It is NOT ME who is extremely proud of herself.

It is not me who had the after effect of lots of energy after the 45 minute walk and cleaned 2 of my 2.5 bathrooms inside 10 min to sparkling clean (the other I did earlier today).

It is not me who has the silliest kids on the planet but enjoy every minute of their insanely silly laughter.

It is not me who is going to shamelessly brag that Jennifer went all day until 7:45 without one accident and wore big girl panties ALL DAY! No I would never boast of such.

It is not me who wishes I always felt as strong and capable as I feel at this moment.

It is not me who thinks that having 5 kids in my house was fun. (ages 12 weeks to 8 years). I could have been a mom of 5 and done a good job. is me who realizes God blessed me with 3 and allows me to be the child care provider of others so I can love other children besides my own....and my children can learn the love of other children outside their normal parameters of church and school.

It is not me who needs to go take a shower before my darling husband gets home but is sitting here like I have all night.

It is not me who is insanely thankful......for what God is doing. I am blessed and I do choose to be content and happy and let God bloom me where I am planted so that I can grow good fruit.

Oh and it is not me who was unbelievably thrilled to see the words "no mispellings found" when I did spell check.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Today was a good day

I did not keep the nursery today and actually was able to hear my husband preach. He preached on contentment in what God has given us and how the Lord will be our strength in finding that contentment. He hit me right between the eyes. And it made me think how sometimes my actions do not show that I am content with what the Lord has given me. He has equipped me to do what He has called me to do as wife, mother, babysitter, homemaker, pastor's wife. But I have to put action to those abilities. I have to work to grow what God has planted in my heart and life. I can't sit by and let it "just happen". It was a great sermon.

Then my inlaws came over for lunch. I made southern fried chicken, ranch mashed potatoes, green beans, and glazed basalmic carrots. My inlaws brought the salad and we had icecream for dessert. It was a beautiful table filled with the bounty of the Lord's blessings. It wasn't fancy but very simple but oh so good. And the fellowship was sweet.

After my inlaws left...we took a walk to burn off some calories. We visited with some neighbors and let them know we were praying for them. Their little boy fell of his bike last week and impaled himself on his bicycle handle bar 8 inches downward into his abdomen. By the grace of God there was NO internal bleeding, no infection, no perforated bowel and a hernia he had was other way to put it....fixed by the accident.....the child is walking around and his parents are having trouble keeping him still like the doctors want.

Our community...needs Jesus. So many lost souls in this apartment complex and I have decided I am going to start walking daily and on those walks...I am going to be praying....even if not aloud....claiming this neighborhood for the Lord Jesus my feet trod the pavement....I will pray for the families here......asking Jesus to bring them to Him. Praying for opportunities to be a light for Him.

After we came home...we played a simple game of a silly relay in the living room and daddy timed us all....just a spur of the moment game my son thought up....and laughter rang out.....what a joy.

Now the little one is in bed....and Mike and the kids are watching a Disney movie. I am such a blessed woman. And I may not have much in the world's definition of monetary value....but I am rich beyond description....for my blessings come from the Lord and they are many God is so good.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Lest I forget......

The sweet words of my children......the cute ways they say all goes by so fast.

Jennifer said this morning "buttah buttah open dis"...(brother, brother open this).

The other day we were going to church, listening to praise and worship music and she was singing and clapping and said "How way woo ya(hallelujah) Yay GOD"! God's little warmed me to my soul.

Christopher in his sweet, innocent faith.....talks about how everyone loves Jesus. He sees the good in people, looks for the good in people and expects good things to happen. Wish all people viewed the world this way. Expecting good, speaking good....looking for the good, that is the way we should live.

And my Hannah, sweet middle child Hannah...She is so full of wisdom and girly girl expressions. She loves her daddy with all her heart and soul and talks about how she is going to never leave her daddy. Well except to "marry Uncle Joey" (hubby's cousin) so they can ride roller coasters together. Now Joseph is probably mid 40's at least....but she is in love with him and he live in FLORIDA and she knows they can find a roller coaster. The child has never been on one and probably would not go on one....but she is willing to talk about it.

I will from time to time have to put what they say in my blog because....I always say "I'll never forget that"....but there are things that are in the tip of my tongue that I can't remember.....and I wish I could. Things that were funny, or kind of sad or so profound it would knock your socks off...but me.......being busy......forgot to write them down. They are up there...somewhere in my memory banks.....and that got me to thinking.....

That is why the word of God tells us:

"You shall teach my words diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up" Deueteronomy 6:7 NKJV

When we put the word to memory it becomes a part of our very easily recalled...we need to live, eat, and breathe His word.

So this summer I am trying somethitn new...each week the kids and I are going to learn and memorize a new scripture along with daily Junior Bible Quiz study. However, we are going to make it fun.....explore the word together.....and I pray God will help me bind it to their hearts and it will never be lost in the never never land of their memory banks....but be in the foremost front of their minds.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Updating my kids blogs

This summer one of our activities will be the blogs I have put up for the children. Each of them have a blog and I will try to update these often with their thoughts and ideas. The girls will need a little more guidance but I will post what they say. Christopher I will give assignments for topics and type what he writes the way he writes it. The girls...not so much....they can stray off topic from cats to pumpkins without any concrete flow...when that happens I will redirect. Because if I don't one minute Hannah will talk about butterflies the next it will be Zebras in Africa and you will have no idea how she made it from one topic to another or how they correlate...LOL.

Facelift time

It was time for a new look.....I may not stay with this look but am trying to tweak it here and there......I will find a look I will settle on....eventually. I used a free photo editing program but am not quite satisfied with the title in the banner. I supposedly can add pics but I am not there yet....I am learning how to layer, and add and all the stuff that comes with photo editing. Bear with me as I figure it out. And don't be surprised if it changes again..LOL.

Thoughts on the Lord

Here are two recent devotions I did and my thoughts on the scripture:

Psalm 118:8 "It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man". NKJVThe Lord is the only one in Whom we can completely and utterly trust. People will fail us. Machines will fail us. Our bodies and minds will fail us. God alone will never fail us. Trust in our only guarantee supplied free of charge to us...bought with a price, the Lord Jesus's blood shed at Calvary and the pay out.....Eternal Life.

Mark 6:50 "For they all saw Him and were troubled. But immediately He talked with them and said to them, "Be of good cheer! It is I, do not be afraid".

First off this was when Jesus had sent the disciples ahead of him to Bethsaida while he finished with the multitude that was following Him and then He went to the mountain to pray. By nightfall the disciples were in the middle of the sea and were having trouble rowing against the wind. Jesus walked on the sea but when they saw him they were afraid.....I think probably because they were so focused on their circumstances being stuck fighting the wind at night on a dark sea. After all it defies nature for anyone to walk on water. So immediately they assumed He was a ghost and could not fathom it was the Lord. But when He SPOKE they knew His voice and His voice alone calmed their fears.

Fear can be banished when we keep our eyes on Jesus. Like a mighty wind He can blow away all storm clouds of fear and bring complete peace. He doesn't always calm the storm. Sometimes He comes to us in the storm. Sometimes He gets in the boar with us during the storm. Sometimes He does calm the storm, but regardless He is with us. He doesn't leave us to flounder against the wind and the waves alone. He rides with us through the darkest hour and helps us through. He protects us from the winds that could destroy us and will not let us sink into utter fear and despair. When He comes on the scene, things change, people change, lives change. Fear is vanquished. Nothing can separate us from Him or His power. With His power comes prefect peace when our minds are stayed on Him. Just because we don't feel Him doesn't mean He isn't there. Sometimes, He is obscured by the obstacles we put up ourselves, doubt, fear, worry, focusing on the circumstances and much more. The disciples had just been with Jesus....they SHOULD have recognized the Master.....but their circumstances clouded their ability to accept it was Jesus walking toward them. Their fear was an obstacle to their ability to see Jesus as the Master until He spoke. When we take our eyes off Him and focus on the circumstances and obstacles our ability to see Him as who He is is greatly reduced. It is then when He reassures us "It is I, do not be afraid". takes us LISTENING to His voice......knowing His voice and being able to distinguish it from the winds around us that would have us be distracted.

Each time He comes on the scene, He teaches us to trust Him more and at a different level IF we let Him. When we see Him and listen to Him....fear is gone. He didn't promise to keep us out of the storm, the winds, the rain, but He did promise to never forsake us. He is faithful. He is mighty. He is just and He is always THERE. He is approachable and He is waiting for us to TRUST Him more than ever before.