Saturday, July 18, 2009


We are going to be on Vacation from July 22 - 29th. This is our first FAMILY VACATION EVER! I am so excited. Going to VA and doing day trips into Washington DC and to the beach etc. Don't worry, you know I will take lots of pictures!

oh and had to addd just one more photo due to cuteness:

see ya when we get back and then I will have lots to catch up on.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Where is Sumo

Okay 3 years ago my son had a pet siamese fighting fish. He loved that fish. Watched it, fed it, promised that he was "training it". Anyway one day he came to me and asked why his fish was floating on it's back? Well, we had to flush Sumo. My son greived and held a funeral for it and prayed "Our Father which are in heaven" was very cute.

Anyway, I have not thought of Sumo in a long time. Sumo has been nowhere on my radar.

Yesterday he says:

Mom do you know where Sumo is?

I said: Sumo?

He said: Yes my fish.

I said: "No Christopher, where is Sumo"

He said: "Swimming in the River of life, next to the golden streets in heaven"...

LOL......a little red fish swimming in the river of life, that is some picture.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Puke Monster

It visited our home today and attacked my 3 year old. She started feeling sick yesterday but today it hit full force. Poor wee girl puked and puked and then puked some more. Pheniergan did NOT work. So gave her Zofran...that finally worked with lots of prayer. She has slept most of the day off and on. But is peeing so not dehydrated.....but this morning she was getting there.

I hate the puke monster because it makes me sick too. I can handle most anything, blood, icky poops, but puke....nope makes me want to pass out. I am seriously praying the others do NOT get it.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dear Jennifer

3 years ago today you came into our lives and graced us with the gift of another daughter. From the moment we found out your were on the way, we knew you were a miracle. Your little brother or sister had been lost just before we conceived you and our Father in heaven heard our plea and Graced us with you....thus your middle name is Grace. When you were had some problems and the doctors thought you would end up in NICU and we began calling people to pray. The doctor came in and said...."I was really worried about your baby but SUDDENLY she began to improve, you can keep your baby with you". Well my sweet girl, SUDDENLY means prayer works.

This year you have grown so much, learned so much and now go in the potty. You have such a positive outlook on life. You see joy in everything you do. Your answer to why you are cute, or how you know stuff or how anyone knows anything is Jesus did it. You love Jesus. Your prayers are so sweet and poignant. You have such great faith for one so young.

You adore your brother and sister and want to be just like them. You try to do exactly what they do. Your pouty moments are few and far between but when they happen they are still so cute. You are a charmer. Your bright blue eyes are full of light.

My sweet girl we are so thankful for you. We praise God you have such a loving, giving personality and that your first thought when someone is not feeling well is "wet us pway Mama" (let us pray). Thank you for being you. Thank you that even in your naughty moments you are quick to repent and say sorry.

We love you sweetie.
Mommy and Daddy

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

King of Kings

Today as I watched part of the coverage of Michael Jackson's funeral I was blown away by some of the comments made and not made by speakers, reporters and the like.

First off on the today show someone was speaking about MJ and how he was a king and how he did so much to give all his love for the world and did much to "heal" the world. Okay.....he did open some pathways for musicians that never would have been opened. But to heal the nations.....NO....there is only one way the nations will be healed....the Word says

2 Chronicles 7:14 KJV

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray , and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

They talked about the good works he has done....but good works does not guarantee you a place in heaven....only accepting Jesus as your Savior saves you soul. Do good works 24/7 and you still can not earn your way to heaven.

The pastor of the family said he was part of a family, a brother, a father, the world of fans etc..but never once could he say he was part of the family of God.

I turned the station before it was over because the building up of a man to a god like status was quite frankly making me ill. Don't misinterpret what I am saying...I grew up listening to some MJ music......and it is sad he died so suddenly. But he was a MAN.....a mere MAN. Jesus is the one and ONLY KING....He alone can HEAL the world...

The turn out for MJ.....saddened me....Jesus could come and no one would show up.....well you know what I mean. When Jesus was crucified....masses of people turned up crying out crucify Him....crucify Him....when these self same people weeks before sought Him out for miracles and healing and who knows what else. His own disciple denied Him. Yet a mere man, who could dance, sing, and for lack of better terminology grab his crotch and dance dies......people turn out in droves.....sell their most beloved possessions just to attend his funeral...where he will stay dead for eternity. Those who accept Jesus will LIVE for eternity.

But Jesus who can give them eternal life and who is not dead....they turn away.

So what am I trying to say.....pray friends pray....we live in a sinful fallen nation who would rather sing the praises of a pop star whose voice will fade instead of serving the KING who can save their soul and give them a life they can never imagine. MJ was not Jesus......he was a sad, lonely man who turned to drugs to make his life bearable. He died alone and in pain and captive to his addictions.....and that my friends is sad. Most likely...although we don't know for sure he will spend eternity in a place filled with pain and sorrow apart from God. From some accounts he was alienated from his family and lost in a world of drugs and sorrow. Yes, his family loved him. Yes, it is sad MJ died. He did some good things. He sang well and entertained the world over but he dies alone and probably afraid in what was happening to him. However, did anyone.....did one person in his life EVER tell him Jesus loved him and that there WAS a REAL answer to all his heartache and pain. It makes you wonder.

Monday, July 6, 2009

I have a headache

One that does not want to go away. The kids are not being loud but it sure sounds like it in my head. Also discovered today the cheap brand of gummy candy thingies my husband and son picked out....had way too much sugar because all 3 of mine were literally bouncing off the walls with hyperactivity. My kids are not normally that hyper but today.....oh my word!

I told my husband I am going to load the kids up on them the Friday I leave for our ladies retreat and leave him with the kids....just kidding of course but it IS tempting. And for all those researchers that say it is impossible for sugar to cause kids to be hyper were NOT in my house today. My Jennifer is usually laid back, easy going, calm,cool and collected. After her nap they got said gummies and within half an hour they were so hyper they could NOT contain themselves. My friend I babysit came to pick up her son and said "I have NEVER seen Jennifer this hyper". I haven't either for that matter.

She has finally chilled but my head is throbbing. It is too early to put them to bed if I want them to sleep here I sit...trying to get my mind off my head...not so easy. I am going to try and eat a little something and perhaps drink a soda as maybe I haven't had enough caffeine. (Trying to cut back).

I can't take anything except tylenol due to allergies and the fact I prefer to be conscious when my kids are in the house with me heavier meds make me comatose and I am allergic to asprin, ibouproufen and I just manage.

okay enough to convince my kids to talk in baby whispers.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thank God we live in Freedom cause Freedom isnt Free

My kids saying the pledge and singing the national anthem...these were not taken on the fourth...but back in June but they seemed appropriate for the weekend we celebrate the freedom of our country.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Keeping Miya Today

She has been rather fussy and miserable with the itching. One of the many things that she has to face due to her Alagille's Syndrome. She is up to 18 lbs now....2lbs away from the transplant list. Although I do see some some negative changes since I first started keeping her. To my untrained eyes..her abdomen seems more distended and her jaundice in her eyes is much more pronounced. She also itches more than she did when I first started keeping her. She scratches so hard sometimes she makes herself bleed. I have to keep long pants (lightweight cotton since its summer) to keep her from clawing herself. She also has bumps under her many more places than a few months ago.....I dont know if it is scarring from her scratching or part of the syndrome. Her mommy is expecting another baby girl. I don't know the chances of the syndrome being present in the new baby or even if it can be detected on ultrasound...I would gather it isn't detected until after a child is born.

Miya goes to a special daycare for kids with medical, developmental and other special needs. They were closed today due to the holiday.

Some positive improvements with Miya:

1. She will now allow some foods and a small amount of liquid in her mouth...she proved it to me today..but not enough to even begin to sustain her and keep her liver functioning at the current rate.

2. She has gained weight and some height.

3. She is walking on her own now.

so progress is progress. She is so precious and we love her. My kids love the days we have Miya. They tend to spoil her.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

If Jesus were interviewed

(I am sure there are things written like this..but this has been on my mind lately and it is my version....I am sure if I sat down, I could come up with more but for now this will do. But can you imagine how HE would be questioned aggressively and how Jesus would answer with a soft answer full of love and patience to every thing thrown at Him. My little "interview" in no way even touches the surface of how He would be treated or what He would be asked.)

on the Today show:

Jesus welcome to the Today show We are glad you could make it.

Jesus: Your welcome.

interviewer: Do you really think your message is relevant today and accepting of all?

Jesus: I came to seek and save that which was lost. Salvation is always relevant.

interviewer: What makes you think we are lost

Jesus: Anyone who denies me and my Father is lost. We created you to have communion with us.

interviewer: But doesn't that exclude people, faiths, beliefs?

Jesus: No,my word is clear....whosoever will may come. I accept all.

interviewer: but even some of the higher religious people don't accept you or your message how do you respond to their criticism.

Jesus: They are broods of vipers, the outsides looks nice and clean but on the inside they are vile and wicked and filled with filth. And they will be cast away.

interviewer: But why are YOU the only answer

Jesus: my beloved because I am the only one who gave His life and blood for all...not just some...not just the "righteous" not just the rich...not just the acceptable in society but all who choose to accept my gift.

interviewer: Are you worried about people not accepting your view and viewing you as outdated?

Jesus: No, my word is living and true...nature declares my works...the sound of a baby's laughter...the majesty of the mountains....everyone will be without excuse when they face me in judgement.

interviewer: What gives you the right to judge anyone

Jesus: I am the alpha and omega....without me there is no remission of sins....I gave my very life so that all could be set free from death, hell and the grave.

interviewer: How is it then that you send say good people will not make it to heaven?

Jesus: Being good does not clear one from sin's penalty. All have fallen short of the glory of God....all have sinned.....there is no one without sin and they need to be washed of that sin because my Father can not be with sin and I came to abolish sin's hold. The gift is free.....but one has to accept it first.

interviewer: but if you created the world as you say why throw away your creation into the pit, why not just let everyone in.

Jesus: Because my beloved...sin can be no part of heaven and when man sinned he cut the communion of man and God....he defiled it and thought himself better than his own creator's decrees. I set up those decrees for a purpose so myself and mankind could always be in harmony but when man sinned he violated that harmony by usurping himself above the very one who created him and breathed life into him.

interviewer: thank you for coming today....we our out of time, do you have anything else you want to say

Jesus: simply I love all of mankind to every corner and ever nation and every valley and every mountain of this world...I bid them come unto me for I have the answer if they will but see my love for them....they can be free

now in your reply put some of the questions and answers you think there would be....

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wordless Wednesday:Daddy's Love Keeps Me Safe