Thursday, October 22, 2009


I belong to a message board created by moms for moms. It shocks me to no end the way these women tear each other apart over the simplest things. If one mom believes in spanking she is horrid. If she doesn't she is horrid. Every thing you do or say is called into question. God forbid if you believe in Jesus and say so. I have thus far been able to be a witness and keep objective and not play into the drama. Yet the way some people seemingly parent their children is shocking as well. If I teach my child faith and about the Lord then some criticize but they think they should be able to curse, drink, smoke marijuana etc in front of their children. It astounds me some of the views of parenting out there. If it feels good do it. Don't ever tell a child no. If your child is crying in a store remove them immediately and don't correct them and try to teach them to behave in a store. If you do remove them, some think you are horrid.

Parenting is hard work. You would think these women could support one another in this journey called motherhood. I answer some posts, but really, seriously I don't have a lot to add. The only reason I stay is because some have pm'd me and said that I am a positive voice. Not patting my own back, but sometimes it is hard not to react to some of their audacity. I try to say whatever I reply to, in a loving, kind manner. But really why can't we have compassion for each other in this journey called motherhood.

Our kids learn from us. If we are doing some of the things these women say they do, what are their kids learning? There are some really nice people there as well. It is astounding to watch though.

I pray I can be a positive voice in a crazy world whether it is an online message board or a real life community.

Dear Christopher

I am posting your birthday letter a day late. That's what happens when you are a grown up and one of your children is sick. Things you want to do get left undone while you focus on the sick one. You have had your share of illness over your 9 years, way more than your share. Yet, I can thankfully say it has now been over a year since you were last hospitalized desperately ill with asthma. You are growing, albeit slowly and have finally outgrown your size 4 jeans. Woo HOO! I have heard people complain about their children outgrowing clothing; I understand; but for me it brings me joy when you outgrow something.

Hopefully, this next year will bring great changes when insurance approves growth hormone for you. It will increase your appetite and strengthen your bones. The benefits far outweigh the side effect possibilities. We promise that we will always do what is best for you. If side effects become to much, then we will stop. BUT...we want to give you a chance to catch up with your classmates. They TOWER over you! Yet, there you are with your sunny, happy self not letting it stop you. You have amazing perseverance.

Your faith is so strong, so vibrant and so bright. Your compassion for others is precious. You are the type of son and parent would want. You are obedient and respectful. While you do have your moments, you do love to please others and obey. You do get into mischief or cantankerous from time to time. And I see glimpse of teen attitude from time to time as well. You my son make my heart smile.

You are a great big brother. Your sisters adore you and you adore them. You would protect them at all costs.

I have watched you grow in spirit and character this year far more than physical growth. Your bright mind sometimes gets ahead of you and your mouth too, but you try. Watching you in karate is amazing. You are serious and focused.

We love you son. You are a gift from God. He has great and mighty things planned for you. God has a purpose and a call on your life that even Daddy and I can not understand. Run the race my son. Keep fighting for God and what's right. Keep living life with the positive view you have. Keep believing in others and having compassion. Most of all Keep on loving Jesus the way that you do.

God bless you my darling son. WE love you.
Happy 9th Birthday
Mommy and Daddy

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Still recovering

I have no stamina. I am still coughing. I still do not feel well. I have lost some weight. I am tired. I don't sleep well. I am sick and tired of being sick. I will be back to posting eventually, but right now I just don't have it in me.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Just when you think you are back on track...

with the blogging thing, something comes Mommy getting sick with pneumonia and being basically useless for a week. Finally feeling better and on the mend. Being layed out on the couch while your kids and husband live around you is not really conducive to rest.....even if your eyes are closed. I now have to get my house back in isn't too bad but still needs a mother's touch.

Hopefully, my brain will come up with some much more interesting topics over the next couple of days.