Monday, April 27, 2009

blogs from the weekend

April 25th
Ahh the joys of a new computer...yet we are unable to connect to the internet due to some technical issue. Hopefully, Mike can get it all figured out so that we can get online. Funny thing is...that 20 years ago...when I graduated from High School the internet had not yet been born. My kids will never know the world without technology such as this. As for me, I have fast become reliant to the technical advances of today. I love getting online, sharing thoughts and ideas....playing games and "socializing" with others that I would have otherwise never met. What an avenue to use for the glory of God. I try and make sure my blog/facebook/message boards I write on...uplift my Lord and encourage instead of tear down. At the same time I try to be real. Life isn't always roses....but the Lord helps me deal with the thorns and valleys. God is good. I am thankful for this new computer with all the new things we can do and discover...just in adding pictures I have all kinds of options I didn't have prior to this computer. COOL!
God is my hope,my strenth, my joy, my peace. I often wonder how I can share Him more with those around me...and while I do share with those in my immediate vicinity...having online access enables me to do so even more. As long as I remain true to my Lord's teaching and let all I do, say,write and speak bring glory to Him....I think I can spread His love. When you reach out to others in the true love of settles on those around you like the morning dew.....or the sunset in the touches and effects all those who come in contact with it.

April 26, 2009
Ahhh another manic to get ready for to prepare for Sunday lunch company....nursery to keep and then company to entertain. This morning I suddenly remembered at 5 am out of a dead sleep that I had meant to start the roast in the crockpot last night. So at got up and did it...I had it all done by 5:15 AM. Go MOMMY...LOL. The roast turned out quite yummy! I did not get my Sunday nap but I made it through. My darling husband did get us connected but there are some gliches...nothing we can't work around...but we think it is the server and not the computer.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Temporarily..out of service/order

This blog and my brain...LOL.

Our new computer should arrive any day but computer issues plague me like nuts...espeically when it comes to blogging and message boards....I can get on Facebook but that locks up quite frequently and freezes up my computer. the interest of not leaving you all hanging and wondering what is going on in our world......I am going to suspend blogging until I get my new computer up and running. Hopefully, having a newer, faster computer will enable me to keep my blog not only up to date but with fresher look and more posting. I miss blogging.......really miss it.

As of late, my little one is not sleeping my brain is also on temporary suspend mode...LOL. Please don't give up on me...and continue to follow here for updates or notice that I am back in full swing. I have many blog posts to catch up on when I get back.

On a side father in law is still doing great and God is so good.

Still in the potty training although she is close to getting is on again off still working on it. My husband's company signed a contract to do quite a number of plane repairs and his hours have increased......both a good thing and a not so good.

I am also working on spring cleaning and the like.....getting ready for school to be out at the end of next month.....yay!

God bless you all and I will at least visit and read your blogs and will reply when my current computer cooperates.....LOL.

I will be back soon!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

An appointed time

The word of God shows that there are appointed times for everything. God is a God of order........and precision......and love. As I mentioned in my previous post while waiting for my father in law to get out of husband and Brother T. from our church.....met a man who was in great need and in great pain because of events in his life. Now...perhaps some do not agree with what I am about to say or thing it is simplifying the things of God....but God's plan IS simple.

The man sat at a table right behind us.........and he asked a question and my husband and Brother T. answered and responded. At that moment in time........they had a I answer and talk to this brother..........who said at the time......"no ya'll are busy" or they could have done what they did. Put down their breakfast and own concerns to talk with a man whose emotional pain was clearly visible. The weight of his troubles and pain bearing down on him like a half ton weight. It was THAT visible. God obviously had a plan for "such a time as this". There we were waiting for my father in law who was in serious surgery........but here was a man and his wife who........were on the brink of a decision that could change the course of their lives. I so believe....God set up this appointment. How many appointments have I missed because I was busy or distracted? How many times do people come in and out of our lives in a blink but had we listened to the still small voice......we could have been agents of our Lord to bring about life giving change.

Yesterday husband received a call from Brother T...who had spent some additional time with this gentleman....the man GAVE HIS LIFE TO THE LORD! Brother T. said that this gentleman came out of that prayer.........visibly changed.

The fact that this man was in that place at that time for this reason.......blows me away........God directed what happened. Nothing we did, my husband or Brother T. did was of their own design. Thankfully they obeyed God and made the choice to put their own stuff aside and meet a man in his hour of need. 2 souls came to God yesterday.......countless others walk in and out of Christian's lives many appointments do we miss because of our own issues. Oh Father above......forgive me for countless missed opportunities.......let me ever be mindful that you have appointed times for people including me. You have a plan and I need to listen so I can be a part of the plan.

May God be praised. My father in law......will be beyond blessed when he hears that 2 people came to Jesus while he was in surgery. My husband is blown away.

God is faithful and God is good and He wants all people to know and receive His life giving gift of salvation.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Tumor, tornadoes, and other updates

My father in law's surgery was today. They removed the tumor and the initial testing shows it was indeed benign. I was able to speak with him before I left and he was awake, talking and responding appropriately. He was a bit swollen but that was to be expected. While we were comes the good part...

We had gone down to get some breakfast and a dear brother in our church was with us. He insisted on buying our breakfast. We sat down to eat and a gentleman said to my husband and this dear brother "Are you pastor's"...they answered and he invited them to talk with him. His wife was in the neurological intensive care unit because she had attempted suicide by taking pills which cause very bad seizures. He expressed an interest in knowing more about the Lord but was not ready to commit to Jesus. Then my husband went with him to pray with his wife and him. During that time...the wife gave her heart and life to the LORD! The wife had become overwhelmed because the husband lost his job....they are being evicted and have 4 children. They really have had some tough stuff going on. But she gave her life to Jesus. The dear brother in our church is going to pick up this gentleman and bring him to church tomorrow because he expressed interest in coming. We are praying he makes the commitment to the Lord.

I then came home from the hospital and storms arrived in the area. The tornado sirens went off and there were tornadoes in the areas. Just west of us in Murfreesboro Tennessee they struck. Many injured...some reports of deaths but no confirmations of that yet.......houses upon houses demolished. The kids were a bit freaked out by having to hide in our "safe place" but we got mostly high winds, heavy rains and some hail....but there are also reports of miracle survivors. I am watching the coverage and homes have literally just disappeared.....yet and still....

God is good. My father in law is good....someone gave their life to the Lord and the reports so far from the tornadoes are better than expected.........things could have been much worse if this had happened in the night.

Life and computer issues still keep me from blogging like I want. BUT our new computer will arrive about May 6th and hopefully that will solve some issues.