Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Let It Snow-----Father knows best

While part of the country sits under huge amounts of snow and are pleading with the Lord, make it stop.....
my children and myself are praying for snow.  We would like just enough snow to play in....to build a good snowman, go sledding, take pictures of snow fights, giggles in the snow and those snow angels.

 I have been thinking about how each of us prays for different things.  God decides on how to answer each request not based on who He "likes best", but what is best for each one that ask.  God the Father doesn't have favorites. We are all HIS FAVORITES.  We are His children. His workmanship, His beloved. He calls us precious. He calls us fearfully and wonderfully made. He saves each of our tears and counts them dear. He knows how much hair is on each of our heads and He cares about each of us to the minute detail. So....when He answers prayer...He isn't just haphazardly handing out yes or no or wait or maybe. He answers with a purpose and His ways are beyond anything we can imagine. His ways are better than our own.

So...whether we get snow tomorrow or not.......we will live in joy and walk through our day knowing that Father knows best in all things.

And we will dance with JOY.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Time in the Desert

I was thinking about those times we spend in the desert.  How we wonder why or how we get in the desert and what it is we are supposed to learn in the desert.  The Lord Jesus, Himself went into the wilderness to pray....and be separated from the world around Him.  The enemy tried to tempt Him in hopes He could defeat Him.  However, there is one thing I realized, the desert is not all dead and barren. Beautiful things grow in the desert. There is LIFE in the desert.  I stopped and I thought about the life and beauty found in the desert that can not be found anywhere else.

Beauty grows in the desert, and is anything arrayed more beautiful than a flower created by our God to grow in the desert.

There are so many colors found in the desert, it isn't just dry and ugly and barren. The colors of the desert declare the glories of God.

  Beauty beyond what we would think among the dirt and the pebbles cacti and stones.  Flowers cupping the little water that falls in the desert to feed the cacti. Perfectly created to bring nourishment to the living creation God placed among the stones.

The animals that live in the desert do not worry or fret about living in the desert. Their creator taught them how to survive, how to seek sustenance and nourishment and water in the desert. They survive even though it may be hard and times may get tough, they survive.

Beauty grows in the desert. So when our Lord takes us to the desert, it is to grow in us the things He can not grow in the valley or the mountain top. The life that lives in the desert is best suited to the desert. It grows best there because it was created to grow there. So when God takes us to the desert for a time, He puts in us what we need to survive in the desert. He does not abandon us. He is always there. He is in the wind and the heat that is getting rid of things He wants to take out. He is in the moisture hiding beneath the surface, found through prayer and time with Him for in the desert He provides streams of living water. If we keep walking and moving while in the desert we will find the oasis. However, if we sit down and bemoan the desert and why we are there, we can not find the moisture, the sustenance or the oasis.  So on Him, we must depend to lead us to the streams in the desert.

Lord teach me to rely on you whether I am in the desert, the valley or on the mountain tops. Because Lord my time in the desert gets me ready for the mountain tops and you will never forsake me in the valley, or the desert but You are always leading me to the mountain tops and the higher places in You.

No matter where I am Lord, I promise to praise YOU.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

New year, hew hope, new me..

At least I hope to have a new me.  I don't make resolutions per se, but I do make goals.  This is a new year and I have purposed in my heart to reach improve my physical health and fitness, my Spiritual walk with my Lord, my calling as wife and mother.  Goals...they are easy to set but oh so hard to attain. I have been praying for the Lord to show me the things I need to change in me, to remove, to get stronger in and that I will listen to what He is telling me. The thing is, when you pray that prayer....He WILL tell you. Do not ask unless you want to know.  Some of the things He will show you will shock you and you will think how in the world did that get there.  Some of the things you will hear Him say...good job, well done and it is the very thing you thought you were failing the most at.  You see our Father looks at us differently than we look at ourselves.  I am going to work to attain the high mark of my calling in Christ Jesus.  I want to be deeper in Him and by doing that...all other things will fall into place.

 seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you, Matthew 6:34

What does that mean..seek ye first?  It means we are seeking with an open, honest, heart of love to please God. It does NOT mean we are perfect at it yet. It does not mean we get it right all the time. It's about the heart attitude and seeking to please Him.  It doesn't mean we can excuse behavior that is not acceptable to the Lord, with "I am only human". However, it does mean when we mess up, because we all will, that Jesus will help us through, pick up up and help us to stand.  

What does it mean and "all these things will be added unto you". It means the things that God wants to be added. When we are truly seeking Him, the things we want line up to His will.  That means sometimes we end up letting go of one thing and grasping a hold of another thing that is better because HE replaced it. It means new hope that all things will work together for the good of those who serve Him. 

Lord, teach me, train me....grow me that I may be who and what you want me to  be.