Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's Early Thursday morning

And I think there is a conspiracy plot afoot. Apparently Mr. Sandman does not like me and I have offended him in some way. Every 2 hours I am awakened from sweet slumber for no apparent reason. I do not feel that urgent need to pray, like when God wakes you for that purpose. I just wake up. It then takes at least 20 minutes to go back to sleep. This happens all night long. Sometimes I wake more than every 2 hours. So I must figure out how to get back in the good graces of the king of sleep land...Mr. Sandman.

Today is going to be a long day. Much to do, so little time. The tasks of motherhood way heavy on my weary body. I woke up this morning with a scratch throat and a feeling.....I just can't do it today. BUT.....I have to do it. Motherhood gives you no time to be weary. I am not complaining, just stating facts. I love being a wife and mother. It would be just a little easeir with some.....well SLEEP.

I am watching my children sit and snooze as they wait for breakfast to get ready, all cuddled on the couch and chair. AHH to crawl right up next to them and take those little warm bodies and tuck them up next to my heart and slumber away. That is the best.

At least my dear husband is up with me. But he is a morning person, for me the lights are on but nobody is home. So now off to find the coffee pot and some caffienne.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Today is the Day

Our "magic growth elixir" arrives for Christopher. His growth hormone arrives today via Fed Ex on dry ice. Now I do know it isn't really magic and his growth will be different than any other child on the medication. However, this is so exciting. I can't imagine him growing! At 9 he is 43 and 3/8 inches and is 39 lbs. He wears a size 6 and those are big. He is tiny but he is mighty.

I have no magical ideas that it is going to be immediate or the cure all. But it does give us hope for the answers to his eating/appetite issues, his allergies and asthma because growth WILL help all these factors. Hope is a good thing.

I was trying to keep this a daily entry blog but could not do that for various reasons. However, I am hoping to track Christopher's progress at least on a weekly basis. I am thinking of doing a growth photo of the week and post it once a week. I know it may take a bit for the change to show but over time we should see a change. I am praying that God will use this for Christopher's good.

So watch this blog and watch my little boy GROW......

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Things overheard in my house...

My children are in the kitchen playing like eveything they touch turns to chocolate....touch touch touch..your chocolate. They finally did get dressed and off to school. Talk about the "Midas" touch.

Jenny is singing Angels we have heard on high..only it is "angel we have on when we are hyper".......LOL LOL LOL. Glad they have angels on when they are hyper.

If you don't do what I want I'll tell on you. (Had to intervene on this one).

Romance is when you go out to eat together and do stuff. (definition of romance by a 6 year old).

No Barbie you have to sit in time out, you were naughty. (Have no idea what Barbie did but apparently she is in big trouble, she has been in time out a might long time.)

Jesus loves us cause well He's Jesus. (Christopher explaining Jesus).

Jesus..He is God (from Jenny age 3, she gets it).

Jesus, He forgives us all the time, any time. (From Hannah..she said something to that effect but could't get it all. I was eaves dropping..LOL).

I will revisit this thread idea at a later time. But oh how cute, funny, sometimes naughty and sometimes so poignant and filled with truth the words of my children are when I stop to listen.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Not going to do it....

Make the one post per day for the year...I haven't blogged since the 3rd due to well life...LOL. Kids sick, I was sick and the like. But you know...that IS life. The world will not stop and there is no way I am going all the way back to the 3rd and recreate posts..LOL. 12 days of posts are a lot to cover..LOL.

Today I am having wish it were spring cleaning day. The kids are off for President's day so sounds like a good idea.

I will take them out to play in the snow later if it doesn't melt before this afternoon. It was very cloudy, but suddenly the sun is out, working on our snow..LOL. We barely got an inch so I don't know how long it will last.

I think we might make cookies today too. Time will tell, it all depends on how good they do their rooms and if I have to do follow up cleaning..LOL.

Okay off to clean where did I put the windex????

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What NOT to do on a snow day/and what to do

1. Do not attempt to get your children to agree on a movie. This will not happen.
2. Do not attempt to go to story time, thinking they will actually have story time. If school is cancelled so is story time at the library.
3. Do not attempt to make a new and exciting dish, the kids will not eat it.
4. Do not attempt to convince the children that being cranky means they need a nap. They will only pretend to nap.
5. Do not attempt to get the children to use their imaginations. After all, having had days of using one's imagination wears out ones imagination, and they make complaints of I don't know what to do.
6. Do not in any circumstances expect one's children to clean their rooms. For if one does, one will find said toys under said child's bed instead of in the toy bin.
7. Do not think that television will be a easy distraction. Said children are tired of TV.

Things to do:
1. Be surprised to find out your children actually want YOU to read to them, well as long as you make the words come alive and can let them help you read (kindergartner).
2. Let them teach you while playing school.
3. Cuddle, cuddle and cuddle some more.
4. Remember that you used to get bored too and couldn't figure out what to do. Distinctly recall telling your mother in that whiny voice "but there is nothing to do".
5. Treasure the moments because school will come again and you will miss these little people.
6. Last but not least think of ways to make the ground hog not see his shadow. After all he would not have seen it if they had not had all those silly lights for the TV cameras shining on him. Really......can't spring come already?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow day...yet again and sibling rivalry

It was another snow day today. The kids are beginning to be bored out of their skulls. Family togetherness is wonderful. However, after a bit, too much family togetherness wears on siblings ability to agree. I mean when one is fighting over who gets to go to the bathroom first when there are 3 kids and 3 potties available it means we have had too much togetherness.

Sibling rivalry, I get it. I had 1 sister and two brothers to contend with growing up. My mother, did not get it so much, well, so she says, she was an only child. I kindly pointed out one day, when I was grumbling (yeah I know I am not supposed to grumble) that she argued with her cousins who were like sisters to her. She said, I don't think I'd have done it so much with a sister. I said, sure you would have, imagine your cousin with you 24/7. She said well you have a point. She loves her cousins and they had a great time together but they did wear on one another's nerves after a time.

So today was the mass chaos of sibling rivalry. It did bring back some memories of my siblings and I and the silly things we argued over. I distinctly remember getting mad at my twin sister because she wouldn't play "old lady" right. We used TV tray stands as our walkers. You know those kind you can attach and unattach to metal legs. Ahhh yes, such was the fun of child hood with no electronic entertainment. One could argue over the proper use of imagination.