Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cardboard testimonies

I have no relay just how much seeing these has effected me.

What is your cardboard testimony?

Be sure you have tissues ready, you WILL BE blessed!

Cardboard Testimonies from College Park Church on Vimeo.

google carboard testimonies are look up on you tube.........there are too many to count

here is one more link:

My carboard testimony is below:

Given 0% chance to live at birth, doctors said I'd never amount to anything.

Living 100% for Jesus, happily married with 3 children of my own and a Pastor's wife.

What is YOUR cardboard testimony?


Amy said...

What an amazing testimony you have! Thanks for sharing the video, it was beautiful!

Thelma said...

God is awesome. And someone shared that with me and I have to pass it on. God is so good! I am nothing apart from my Lord.......and could not be who I am without my Lord and thanks for reading. I enjoy your blog

Shawna said...

Survived step-motherhood and am stronger and more spiritual for it!