Friday, March 6, 2015


Life is passing by faster and faster as the days go by. I can't even fathom how fast. This week alone we helped Chris plan out his schedule for high school, talked about Hannah's graduation from middle school and watched as Jenny took huge leaps towards being an older kid as she struggles with some math concepts.  Where oh where did time go?

I find myself wanting to hang on to their childhood a little harder. Jenny is still very much a little girl but we get glimpses of the big girl to come. She is all about Junie B Jones, ribbons, bows, ruffles, lace, patent leather Mary Jane shoes, and cow girl boots. She still likes dress up and cuddles and kisses and the magic of snow.  Then suddenly she says something so profound and so grown up, you gasp.

Hannah is so much a tween. She has a crush on a boy and asks about make up. She wants older girl clothes without all the bows and ruffles.Thankfully she still is about the glitz and sparkle. She has grand ideas about what love is all about and what "romance" is too. I am like you are too young to worry about romance. She smiles and blushes and says "okay mom, but I will be old enough soon".
Oh my, be still my heart, it can't handle the thought.

Chris also has a secret crush or two. He is very closed mouth about it. I was always his one and only.  I am going to marry you Mommy, he said when he was 3, and we will live together forever and ever he said. Now, he talks about what he wants to do. He is into computers and technology. One minute he is silly, not thinking straight teen boy and suddenly morphs into a young man with maturity that will blow you mind.

So here I sit, wondering.......all about life and how fast it is going.....can't it slow down just a bit?

I pray for the Lord to give me more wisdom to handle the changes and the fact that life, never ever slows down and we have to take time and appreciate the little things.