Monday, November 24, 2008

Are they KIDDING me?

Okay, Jennifer has been on amoxicillin for an infection. On her 10th day I noticed she had some hives but did NOT think of it being connected to the amoxicilin. Then I gave her the dose and the hives increased! I called the dr today since they were not open on the weekend.

The nurse calls me back this evening right after 5 pm, too late for an appointment. I tell her what is going on and

she says "it can't be the amoxicillin since it did not happen when she first took it".

I explained it worsened after being given a dose AND the rash fades with benadryl but comes back when it is time for benadryl again.

Again she said, it could not be the amoxicillin. Now, I am the Mother of a severely allergic child.

I have seen hives. I KNOW an allergic rash when I see one! So now they want to see her. Okay, fine, but right now there is no rash so what am I supposed to show them. Well, I did take pictures but they do NOT show the whelts from the hives!

I googled, yes I know a dangerous thing but from what I can see; there are many children who do not react the first few days of treatment or even the first time they have the medication. Subsequent allergy reactions get worse! I have been dealing with my son's allergies since he was diagnosed at 12 months. Although I suspected them long before and no one would listen. I know from allergy doctors, that allergies can "hide" and then cause a reaction and that each additional exposure can be worse. I am not a dumb Mom. I am a Mommy who has been in the allergy trenches for a LONG time.

So why is it doctors (in this case the nurse) do NOT Listen to parents? This is not a viral rash, I have seen those as well. This was HIVES.......clear and simply HIVES. Hello....okay so I am steamed that they treated me like I am stupid.

okay I am done now. Oh and MY CHILD will NOT be getting any form of the cillin family from this day forward. What is it they want me to do? Give her the last dose and "see what happens" Not going to happen.

Okay this time, I mean it...I am done venting now.