Friday, November 14, 2008

Take a lot of love, a dash of creativity and a pinch of talent...

and you get a Barbie doll cake. I don't confess to being Ms Suzy Homemaker; Martha Stewart...I will NEVER be. But my dear daughter wanted a doll cake and a doll cake she will get. I followed a recipe I found online. I know NOW....after the fact I SHOULD have made two boxes of cake mix and not one (the recipe only called for one), but you live and learn. My daughter will be thrilled. Mind you, when you see the finished product, it may not be fancy, and it may not be beautiful, but it is made with LOTS and LOTS of love.

(why did my pictures post randomly instead of the order I tried to upload them in, just tried to edit....did not work)

First I cooked the cake in a mixing bowl. (It was two small to work properly, the cake that is, I should have used the two mixes). Then I hollowed out the center today and inserted barbie wrapped in plastic wrap. I also wrapped her hair while I was frosting it.

The picture of Hannah is with her preschool teachers. She inisted she needed a picture with them today. She also informed everyone, today is her birthday and she is "an American Girl". She says her dress is just like Kit Cartride in the American Girl movie.


Thelma said...

and YES that is a cheese burger in the backrouond of pic 3. Yes I am on a diet. Yes, I have been very bad today. Yes, tomorrow I will regret it when I see the scale. BUT......I was so busy today, My mom offered to by me a burger, I said yes....LOL