Monday, May 11, 2015

Thorns and flowers

I saw these lone 3 flowers on a bush in my backyard. One Sammy, has not yet decided to eat, since it has thorns. The beauty is not even a good representation in the photo.  The deep burgundy colors are rich and warm and silky but has many layers of color.  The beauty comes with thorns.  Thorns than can prick and make you bleed. That is so much like life. Life is beautiful but it comes with thorns.  To appreciate their beauty is to respect and be careful of the thorns.

 Life has to come with thorns and beauty, how else would we appreciate the good moments. It doesn't matter what part of this life you walk, who you are, what you have, what you believe, life comes with thorns. It is what we do with getting pricked that matters.  Are we going to stop enjoying the flowers because we might get pricked? Are we going to stop living life because, sometimes, frankly life is hard and has no explanation. We are all going through things, good things, bad things, somewhere in between things. We laugh, we cry, we hurt, we love, we live. It is all blended in to our lives to make a depth of color and beauty the Master is weaving through our lives.

Through it all, in my life, there is one thread that keeps me all together: It is the love of my Savior.  I want to make Him pleased with me. I want to spread the true love of Christ, the one that says, For God so loved the WORLD.  He didn't give of definition of who He would love. He came for whosever believeth in HIM.  I want to spread that kind of love. He walked, talked, ate with the ones society would not. He loved the "unloveable" by society's standards. That's who I want to be. My legacy in HIM, is love.  I want to be so filled with Jesus that His love is evident to everyone I met.