Friday, August 10, 2007

Life Boxes

We pack the truck on Monday. Time draws near for our big move to Tennessee. I truly go with peace in my heart but sad to leave behind friends. Life is an adventure. You never know what lays beyond the bend. As I have packed boxes that contain our lives it has made me think about the stuff we accumulate. Some of it, is irreplacable. Like the drawing Hannah made of a duck last week. Really the first recognizalbe animal she has ever drawn. How do you replace things like that? You dont. There there are those items that are irrevelant to life, like the 100th Macdonald's toy from the Cars Movie. After all, most times you go to Macdonald's your child gets the same toy, over and over and over again. Then there are those things that are important, tax papers, bills, yeah they follow you. When you look at your home after you have been packing, you realize your earthly life can be contained, boxed up and hidden away. Much like our emotions can be, BUT the things of real value, you can not put in a box. Faith, hope, love, kindness. Those things can't be boxed up, but they can be hidden if we don't let them out to touch others. All this "stuff" is disposable but character, love, faith, hope, compassion is not disposable. If we use it, it has a lasting effect on those we touch. How we use it, is just as important as when, where, and why we use it. Because used in the wrong way those same things can cause pain. So what is in my life boxes? Do I keep the real me hidden away in an box? Or do I let my life touch others? Do I hold value in the physical things that are corruptible and disposable or do I place more value in those things that really can not be held in a paste board box? When I look at my children do they know the things that matter? Am I teaching my children that the important things come from the heart and their character? If their lives and the things they can do could be put in a box, what would it look like when it was opened? Would it be a treasure or would it be just surface material? I want my life box to contain, love, faith, hope, kindness, compassioin and so much more. I want my life box to contain things that are incorruptible. Things that can be passed on for generations through my children, and my children's children. I want to matter to someone. I dont need wordly fame, wealth, or things. I need to know that I made a difference to someone. That I made someone KNOW they are loved. That I let others know that living for the Lord Jesus, isn't just words. That it is actions too. And that just because some in society give Christianity a bad view, not all of us do. That there are people out here who are Christians that DO love like Jesus wants us to. That we treat all our fellow man with HIS love and not for our own motives. I want to make a difference. When I stand in judgement and God opens the box of my life, I want it to be full of things that did not turn to dust. I want it to be full of the things He finds beautiful, which can not be measured with man's judgement. I hope my life box continues to fill up with beautiful things that matter and touch others.

Blogger Problems?

I dont know if anyone of my readers have had the same issues but everytime I try to comment on my fellow bloggers posts, it keeps refreshing and asking if I want to display the info. It is frustrating because there have been so many comments I've had to leave unsaid. So, if you aren't seeing comments from me, it isn't from lack of trying. I am a frustrated blogger, LOL. If you can comment, please let me know if you have had issues lately or not. If you can't, now I just will not know will I......LOL.

Monday, August 6, 2007

The Happy Period

Okay first I have to give credit where credit is due. I got this idea from my friend Tracy on The Mommy Lobby and had to run with it. Oh and be forwarned this DOES discuss a very womanly topic:

Always brand pads has a new slogan that you can have a "Happy Period" with their product, complete with wings and moisture proof lining. First and foremost, no one in their right minds would put the words happy and period together. Secondly, it had to be a man that came up with that slogan. And if it was a woman, she must have had temporary insanity. Because I have never ever had a remotely happy period. Not to mention,
whoever invented the wings and wants to talk about happy periods.....obviously NEVER had one of the wings come loose from the panties and attach to the hair on a certain part of your anatomy and have it slowly but surely rip out your hair as you search for a bathroom to remedy the situation....cause you know it ALWAYS(lol) happens in obviously they dont know there is no such thing as a happy period. Oh and those self same people that want to discuss happy periods, obviously never had aching boobs, raging hormones and cramps. They obviously never lived in reality or had an actual period because they sure ARE NOT happy in the slightest. Oh and whoever thinks a pad could be a happy thing during a period wings or not.......obviously never had to wear one in the Florida heat or feel like they were wearing a diaper. Yes, my dear friends, the happy period it is a myth, and that slogan has to by far be one of the dumbest slogans ever. Then again, it does stick in your brain because it is bold face lie.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Layers of Me Meme

Okay this meme is swiped from a blog as I wondered through blog land. LOL.
I will tag Shawna, Tina, and Deana.......if I can figure out how. LOL. Be as honest as you can or are comfortable with.........LOL. If you wish to skip a question.......plead the 5th..........LOL. and make us wonder about the answer. Here goes:

Name: Thelma, born January 1st
Current staus: Happily marrieed
eye color: blue
hair color: brown with some natural(no dye) blonde highlights

Layer 2
My Heritage: a little of this, a little of that, a real melting pot of humanity...LOL
Fear: big dogs, spiders, heights
weaknesses: books, the computer, blogging, message boards
Perfect Pizza: hand tossed with pepperoni

My thoughts first waking up :No, not yet, sleep 5 more minutes baby, give mommy 5 more minutes.....LOL
My bedtime : 11:30 to midnight or after depending on the baby's mood.
My most missed memory: my grandmothers, how they would have loved my children and my husband. How I wish I could have shared my life with them. I think they woudl have been proud of me.

Pepsi or coke : neither, yuck...give me Dr. Pepper please
Single or group dates : I've never been on a group date, but have been on double dates with my twin. Those were fun
Adidas or Nike : really could care less......which is cheaper.....LOL
best ice cream flavor: without a doubt, chocolate

Smoke : no, never have, never will
Curse : once in a blue moon but no F words or God's name in vain, mostly what people today don't even consider real cuss words.....LOL
Take a shower : yes

Drank alcohol : once or twice.....had a strawberry margarita once that was so good, and I got a buzz, never drank one again.
Gone to the mall : uh.......yeah.......LOL
Been on stage : Yes, in high school....drama club and drama class
Eaten sushi : once...I did not care for it.
Dyed your hair : nope.

Played a stripping game : not with anyone other than my husband after I was married......wink, wink........LOL
Changed who you were to fit in : Not really, you see who you get for the most part.

Been Married : almost 8 years

Best eye colour : blue, just look into my girl's eyes.....LOL
Best hair colour : really doesnt matter to me..
Short hair or long hair : in between.....LOL

doing a minute ago : Doing this meme
doing an hour ago : watching food network cake challenge with the kids
Month ago : packing

I love : my Lord, my family, my life....for I am blessed.
I feel : tired of packing
I hate : when the kids whine and when dh pretends he is helping but he isnt really.....LOL.
I hide : nothing
I miss : a goodnights sleep

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