Friday, December 14, 2012

IN moments like this.............

One can not begin to understand, to grasp, to wrap their head around the sorrow......
the fact that little children did not live to see tomorrow.
You can not fathom the reasons why.............
you feel your heart break and all you can do is cry.
There is but one answer, one way, one thing that I can thing that I can say
.....DEAR LORD JESUS.................I pray.
Wrap your arms of love around the hurting  of the heart
those whose lives have been ripped apart.
Dearest Lord Jesus..........yet will I put my trust in you
there is nothing else I can do.
For Your heart is broken too.
In moments like these.....I have no words but I put my hope and trust in nothing less then Jesus and His righteousness. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Things are a changing

Well, I have applied for a job(have applied for several actually)  and may be working in the very near future.  This economy has guaranteed that many families can no longer survive on just one wage earner.  The prospects of working outside the home has never been high on my priority list. However, I realize that sometimes being that help meet to your husband means changing the way you do things.  Sometimes, it means letting go of some dreams you held on to with both fists so tight God couldn't get a new plan in, if He tried.  I don't relish the idea of working outside the home. However, the kids are secure and rooted and grounded in faith. They are strong and mighty little warriors for God.

It will change the way we do some things around here. It will change family time. However, I have hope, it will make things better. That my husband can maybe drop the part time job and we can both be home every night and every weekend. Perhaps we can have MORE family time if we can figure out how to rearrange schedules. is the most important thing to nurture. However, sometimes due to no fault of our own that nurturing requires us to do so in a different way. I am releasing our future, our hopes, our dreams, our family, our finances every thing to God's hands I will not hold on so tight any longer. I let go.........I let God and we will walk in victory.

My God has a plan:

Jeremiah 29:11  For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

It doesn't matter really doesn't matter when...what matters is that I obey God. He is asking me to step out in faith into a new world. A world of the working mom.  A world that is going to require new and challenging things from me. A world in which I will not stand alone.

In doing so, I will help my husband and my family. The Proverbs 31 woman did work. She sold and she bought and she did so much. She WAS a working mother, maybe not in the exact same way, Moms work today, but she helped bring things into her household to help the household run smoothly.

And this is the reason I choose to let go and let God:


Because I walk by faith, not by sight and my God has never failed me. So this blog may change somewhat but I will still be striving to be that Proverbs 31 Mama.........even when the hard winds blow or life brings change.........I will strive to live as God called me to live.:

Micah 6:8  He has shown you, O man, what is good;
And what does the Lord require of you
But to do justly,
To love mercy,
And to walk humbly with your God?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 11 God's promises............

Psalm 4:8  
I will both lie down in peace, and sleep;
For You alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.

His promises can be seen in the innocence of our children. They are our promise of the future our hope of tomorrow placed in their wee hearts.  A promise that His plans are good plans.  Their beauty a piece of His heart.  Their laugh, the sound of His joy, just of touch of His joy ringing out in the melody of a child's laughter. Their love, so true, so pure shows us a glimpse of the Father.  His promises never fail.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 10--Joy.....unspeakable

My son lives life with joy.  He sees life with the glass is half full aspect.  He finds joy in the journey and shares his joy with others. This is how we should live life...with joy unspeakable because it comes from within.


Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 9....2 Chronicles 7:14


Lord, I cry out to you for our world, our country, our city, our homes and our families. We NEED you, LORD.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Been Awol....on my blog

Because of illness, but hopefully I can get back in the swing of things.  It is funny, how we as Moms put off getting things checked out until we just have to be seen. If we'd check out that unending "allergy attack" sooner, then it would not turn into an infection of mass proportion.  We need to not only stop to smell the flowers.............we need to give our bodies a break every once in a while. We do not have to be Super Mom. After all, Super Mom is a myth.
So take time, smell a few flowers, enjoy the beauty of the fall or the simple pleasure of a late afternoon fall looking at the world around you. Take time to laugh a little, dance a little, and play a little.


The Master's Art Work........Day 8


He is the Creator and His handiwork is so beautiful. Each leaf so beautiful and unique, just like us. His handiwork declares His glory.  He takes care of the smallest sparrow and each and every part of nature. If I can just always remember on the hard days, how much more He cares for me. He is painting my heart, life and soul with the same tender care He has painted each leaf and my life is in His hands. I yield to His control so that my life can be a masterpiece of love. There are times He has to correct what I tried to do myself but He can take the flaws and turn them into beauty.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 7...This Old Barn

On our trip to the JBQ meet we saw some beautiful countryside. This old barn spoke to me, on how it doesn't matter how old we are or how worn out we feel, we are beautiful.  God uses us and He created us for a purpose. The purpose He has for us is unique to each of us.  We each have a specific plan for us. He uses us,  He equips us and He knows us to our very core.  He knows how to take what He put in us and use it for His glory.  God can use us, even when we don't feel like we have anything to offer.  All of us are important. All of us have something special to do for Him.  He never fails us or leaves us unequipped.  He can speak beauty through and old barn and so He can certainly sow beauty into someone else's life and heart through us and use someone else to do the same to us.  

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 6...curiosity

Curiosity leads us to learn.....and grow and want to know more. As we walked at the park today my girls were filled with curiosity and I enjoyed it. Is there a bird in the bird house?  Do you hear the water flowing in the creek?  What happens if we put a leaf in the stream?

Isn't this leaf cool, Mom??

And what happens if we spin this swing ............FAST?

The questions of children are endless but never boring.  We as adults could use some curiosity.  I love seeing things through their eyes.

We came to one place at the park shaped kind of like the bow of a ship and Hannah said.......
It looks like the Now, she has never seen that movie........but it is what came to her mind...

The fun of childhood brought on by curiosity.........was priceless. What a great afternoon we had, waiting for brother to finish his after school tutoring.  These are the moments, that are treasured for a life time.

Lord, let me be like a child.  Let me be curious about the things of God. Let me ask questions and seek to know more.  Let me see You with all the possibility and faith a child sees You with.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 5.......And a little child shall lead them...

We had to go to the mall last night to get Hannah's glasses fixed. Jenny's shoes came untied. She is learning to tie but can't quite manage.  So her brother and sister each helped her out.

 I love how they do not think twice about helping someone.  They love to help others.  We are working on finding a way to help out some of the people who stand at the red light and ask for money. We don't have much to offer, but I am working on kits with a bottle of water, a snack, soap, etc etc in it.  So the idea on pinterest.  My kids always ask, can we help them mom? Now I don't carry money on me.  However, once I get our kits together we will keep them in the car and give our fellow man a drink of water at least.  I want them to help others. They love it, and so should we as adults.  My kids see them as someone that needs help. We adults, usually only see them as someone that needs a hand out. Jesus would say help them.  So I am working on a way to do this.  I want to be Jesus' hands extended.  I want to give water to the thirsty and food to the hungry.  I want to make a difference and teach my children you are never to big or too busy to help someone in need.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 4--Rain

Rain.........I love the rain, listening to it, watching it, even standing in the rain.  We all know rain is beneficial and how much rain is needed.  Yesterday, as it rained and rained I watched as the Fall leaves began falling with the rain.  The land preparing for winter, the earth receiving nourishment from its' creator.  And I know God is speaking to my not worry about tomorrow. I watched some birds darting in and out of branches when the rain would soften..chirping their merry way. They were not frustrated or aggravated with the rain, rather seemed to enjoy it.  They were not fretful but as they fluttered, they fluffed their wings as if rinsing dust and debris off. The one bird I watched the longest was happily chirping along and content about her circumstances.  Her song was joyful and free.

How do I react to the rain that comes my way?  Do I worry and fret or do I trust my Father to take care of me.  Sometimes, to be honest, I worry, I fret and I grumble.  So, off base and to busy with my fretting to hear the still small voice in the rain........whispering.....Be Still and Know that I am God.  Whispering, do not worry for if I care for each sparrow that falls how much more I care for you. Whispering, sweet, precious words to me, to let me know the storms and rain that fall are for a purpose.  I may not see it now. I may not feel it now, but I can praise Him and dance in the rain like that little bird danced.  So today, I say, Lord, forgive me for my fretful ways.  Let me rest in the assurance that YOU are in control and that worry gets me nothing but frustration. However, if I will stop to praise You in the rain, and dance in the rain, things will be different because my attitude will be different.

So, whether physical rain, spiritual rain, or the rains that life brings........go dance in the rain.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 3....Dreams........

Better late than never...I forgot to do day 3 yesterday....

Dreams come in all shapes and sizes including of a pint sized boy who wants to drive.  Mom he said, "When I get my license, I will drive you wherever you want to go so you can take a break".  The sweetness of his statement was that although his wish to drive is shown, but it also shows his concern for someone else.

God gives us big dreams and small dreams. Do I included others in my dreams?  Do I share my dreams with others, or to I hide them under secrecy hoping one day they will come true.

Children actively dream, and hope and wish. A dream to them is more than a dream. It is a possible, regardless of big or small, possible or seemingly impossible. Their dreams are alive.  Adults dreams are as thin as vapor, easily let go of or lost.  We need to hold onto our dreams through Christ.  Let Him place the dreams in our hearts, planted  for the use of serving others.  Then we need to water those dreams with the Word and prayer and let God grow it to maturity or decide," this is not the dream I want, but I want to change it, because it will better serve my purpose for you".

So whatever you dream, that God has planted, let it live, let it grow and embrace it like children do.  God is the maker of dreams.  Let Him be your dream maker and dream weaver as He weaves your life into the tapestry He is making your life into.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made, created for a purpose and the dreams He plants are designed for a reason and He will bring them about, or He may even change them, BUT His dreams are the best dreams because they will bring Him glory.

He just wanted to sit at the wheel for awhile." I know I can't drive yet, but I wanted to see what if felt like behind the wheel."

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Friends, fellowship and campfires......(day 2)

Friends, fellowship, roasting marshmallows and campfires.....what a way to warm the body and soul.
Jenny had never seen campfire before or roasted hot dogs or marshmallows over an open fire before. Watching her mesmerized, was so much fun. Seeing life through the eyes of a amazing.
When a stick little hand found its way into mine, my heart was filled with thankfulness.
Thankfulness for friendship. Thankfulness for love. Thankfulness that brothers and sisters in Christ
make for a beautiful fall evening as we talked, laughed, played and roasted marshmallows and hot dogs together.  
What fun it was.
God gives us friends and family in the body of Christ to help us along the path.
Friends are a gift from God, a little glimpse of His heart.
What a blessing this evening was, and a testament to just how good our God is all the time.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Day project

I am going to attempt to do a photo a day that leads me to something my Lord is saying to me.

Today is He leads me beside still I did post this on facebook before I got this idea, so it is a repeat, photo.

As I sat by the stream today and listened to the flow, it dawned on me, this water was not truly still. It was moving along at a steady pace. It was not rapid, but it was steady.  It wasn't "still" water, but it stilled my heart and it was peaceful.  Still waters, are not necessarily still under the surface. Life exist under the surface of the water.  And even in a place that the water is completely still, under the surface there is life.

Our hearts are sometimes, still, sometimes trouble and sometimes, just flowing gently with all the things God has placed there. However, no matter what, our hearts are alive.  The key is what are our hearts alive to? Alive to self? Alive to the world? Alive to worry? Alive to Christ?

So I pray, Lord, let my heart not be troubled, but a growing, living thing You use to bring peace and love to others. Let my heart be that gently, flowing stream that feeds peace to others and takes life giving love to others down stream.  I can not do that without You Lord. For only, if my source is in YOU can my heart give off life.  Let me be that witness that speaks of You. You the one, who is the way the truth and the life........for in YOU I find peace and joy and in YOU I can be filled to overflowing so that streams of living water flow out of my heart fed only by you and from you.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Menopause, kids and crazy days

Menopause, that ugly word, the one I did not want to admit was headed my way like a freight train, has arrived.  Hot flashes and insomnia.  How one can be so tired but be unable to sleep, blows my mind.  Furthermore, me, the woman who has always been the one with chill bumps while everyone was fanning, needs a fan and ice packs.  I never pictured myself being that hot, sweaty woman trying to get the house cold enough to sleep.  Being halfway to 50 with 3 kids is interesting to say the least.  I have friends who are grandmas already, LOL.

But I have come up with a plan.  Tonight when insomnia hits I am going to spend time with the one who created me.  I am going to refocus and see it as a blessing.  Time when the house is quiet, the family is sleeping and I can spend time with my Lord.  Menopause, CAN be turned into a blessing.  I will see the silver lining, the glass as half full and all the possibilities.

It takes me back to the many hours I spent when my children were infants. Those night hours, nursing a new born and lack of sleep filled my days. When a middle of the night cry session of a baby, turned into a wonderful praise session.

The kids, well they are being kids and I am learning to adjust to the changes I am seeing in them. As I change, they are changing. So I can be in the mully grubs as my Mama always said, OR, I can embrace change. I can find ways to grow through their changes and my changes and we can grow together.
I see glimpses of the wonderful adults they will be. It may be mixed in among the squabbles and the stalling of homework, but it is there.  I am blessed.  I praise God for my family and all they are becoming.

Today has just been crazy for no reason. I did get some accomplished on my goals.  I am doing my fly lady stuff a little at a time.  I am plugging away at getting organized and my sink has been fly lady clean as of late. (See if you want to know more. This is an unsolicited shout out to the fly lady). I have to do what works with my organizationally challenged self.  I am making progress. I am growing.

Watch me take wing and soar because as I wait up on the Lord, I will mount on wings as an eagle......and I will have strength.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Memories....are made of these.......

Tea parties, dress up, best friends, big brother, Daddy, and time on a cloudy afternoon
just to pretend, princess pretend, knights and spots of tea;

and a hero needing to be knighted
even if the hero is a big brother, 
being a hero because he took time out
to have a tea party with his little sisters.
Heroes do not have to be mighty men of valor.
Heroes can be a brother pretending to be a knight in honor of his sister's afternoon tea.

Memories are night time kisses and bed time hugs.
Prayer time and play time
all rolled into one.

Memories are the things life time stories are made of. 
Stories that matter for years to come.

Memories of times gone by

And dreams of the future and all the possibilities.

Because at the very foundation of our memories and household is 

For if we teach them the ways of God and we kneel before the King of Kings With our children
when they are old they will not depart from it.
Prayer is the the glue that holds our memories together with love
and faith, and hope and is a cord that weaves through every part of our lives.

Lord, let our memories be in you and let us remember all the things You have done.
For it is by HIS hand we are blessed to have a treasure trove of love and memories.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Praying blessings for you children.

I found this prayer on a website about praying blessing for your children. It is a Hebrew blessing and it is beautiful. It is a traditional Hebrew Father's blessing, but can be done by either parent. As we pray for our children daily, we should be concerned with the needs for today and for the future. God is faithful and He honors our prayers for our children.

If we teach our children His ways when they are old, they will not depart from it. I believe this includes praying God's word over them and for them.

“Father, I receive, welcome, and acknowledge each of my children as a delightful blessing from You. I speak Your blessings upon them and over them.
“Children, I bless you in the name of Jesus, proclaiming the blessings of God, my Redeemer, upon you. May He give you wisdom, a reverential fear of God, and a heart of love.

“May He create in you the desire to attend to His words, a willing and obedient heart that you may consent and submit to His sayings and walk in His ways. May your eyes look straight ahead with purpose for the future. May your tongue be as the pen of a ready writer, writing mercy and kindness upon the tablets of your heart. May you speak the truth in love. May your hands do the works of the Father; may your feet walk the paths that He has foreordained for you.

“I have no greater joy than this, to hear that my children are living their lives in truth.
“May the Lord prepare you and your future mate to love and honor one another, and may He grant to your union upright sons and daughters who will live in accordance with His Word. May your source of livelihood be honorable and secure, so that you will earn a living with your own hands.

May you always worship God in spirit and in truth.
“I pray above all things that you may always prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers. I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome.
“In the name of Jesus, my Lord and my God, Amen.”

source place for copyright laws only, this is not an add for this site

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Blessings come in many shapes and sizes
Big, small and in between.
But everywhere you look 
you can find blessings.
Blessings are your children not ashamed to hold hands in a parking lot.
Blessings are the sound of their voices as they discuss their day with one another.
Blessings are making looking for school uniform pants fun
even if you can't buy that really cool football helmet.
Blessings is realizing your kids have grateful hearts even when you have to say no.
Blessings is knowing that value is not found in dollars and cents
but in love so pure and to true it can not be measured.
Blessings is seeing the joy in your children's faces as they tell you about their day
and know that they love talking to you this way.
Blessings are being surprised by God's provision for
a need you have before you even ask.
Blessings is being able to trust a Father who knows your every care and every need.
Blessings is peace in your home and love in your heart.
Blessings is knowing that your home is a safe place to land and that 
together your family makes a stand.
A stand that does not have to be loud 
but a stand that hopefully makes the Lord proud.
Blessings is realizing that life is filled with joy
because He gave you two little girls and one little boy
and they make life so much fun.
Blessings.......I am counting by one.

School days, school days

Good old golden rule days.....yes school has begun. The children finished their first week of school. Christopher declared middle school"AMAZING".  The girls loved it but were a bit less exuberant.  Seems life is rushing by mighty fast.

Can I really be the Mom of a middle school child? The days of school yard crushed, primping in the mirror, silliness and so much more.  I remember this age, vaguely. However it was a different time and place. Society was different, so different than what my children face.  Our world was a different place. We had never had school shootings.  We did not really know what  terrorist was or even that people could hate America so much they would hurt people. I am sure it existed, but we didn't know about if.

Life was different. Sure the economy had its ups and downs, but most people could compete in the job market without a second thought. There was no 24/7 access to media.  There was no Facebook, no cellular phones. You played outside until the moon came out.  Now days, most kids, not all, are media savvy, more so than their parents. In fact, homework usually needs some form of media to assist in the completion of said homework.  The rules seem like they are different, and that is because they have to be different. Sure some kids got in trouble, did drugs, drank etc.  BUT...having drug sniffing dogs in schools or metal detectors was unheard of.

Bullying though, it happened and it was bad, but no one addressed it. Adults deemed it boys being boys or girls being girls.  At least, they now know bullying is horrific and it damages children.  They have learned that words can and do hurt.

I can only imagine how the world will be when my future grandchildren are in school.  As it is, my first grader is learning stuff I probably did not learn until 4th grade or so.  My 3rd grader is learning stuff I learned in middle school and my middle school child is learning stuff I didn't learn until high school or possibly college.  It is astounding.  Kids are smart, they can do it. However at this rate, my kids will be smarter than me by 8th grade...and in some areas they already know way more than I did.  I have to ask for help to help them with math.

There are terms they learn I did not know existed.  They get a WHAT? is that look when they ask for help.  I either ask their father or google it. Speaking of google, there was no google when my parents needed to help with homework. Actually, they just told me to ask the teacher.  I was pretty much on my own to figure it out.  That is just the way it was done then.  Now, I help my kids IF I can, if not..I seek help.

School days........just aren't what they used to be........but I do enjoy watching my kids grow and learn.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Baby steps........big steps......healing

Tonight as I watched my son conquer part of his sensory issues, I realized, it started with baby steps, led to big steps and is producing healing in his life.

He has struggled for so many years with his sensory issues.  It was hard at times not to be discouraged, to not give up.  Yet, tonight, hope grew by leaps and bounds.  I felt kind of like the Grinch when his heart grew "three sizes that day". (copyright Dr. Suess).

 Not because I had not love or no hope, but because where Christopher's sensory issues were concerned.........I had near about given up.  Not that I didn't trust God. But........when you as a Mom have tried again and again, encourage, prayed, cried when no one was looking into your pillow......the hope factor on sensory issues can fade.

A child with oral sensory issues is not something you can just deal with. Children must eat to grow.  As children grow they eat more. However, when your child eats all of 10 to 15 things (at times it was less)  it is hard to watch. You get the advice "when he gets hungry enough he will eat".

This is NOT so for a child with sensory integration disorder. There is no medication. Forcing them will make the problem worse. Thank the Lord we never did that.  It has been a long road, a hard road. As mothers, we pride on feeding our children well.  We thrive when they enjoy food. My son, has never enjoyed food.  He eats to live.  He does not live to eat nor does he really enjoy most foods.  He tolerates food.

Tonight when he took a giant step into eating vegetables...he knew were there but could not see......m heart literally leapt within m body.  I was as proud as if my child won an award.  Growth...little steps.......big steps..........HOPE............God is healing my son. I knew He would.......but tonight I got to see the next step in my son's healing.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Flash backs to childhood

As I watch my children watch the Olympics....I remember....the days my dreams were possible.  I remember when I just knew I could be a gold medal gymnast.  I remember watching the Olympics with the same, zeal and awe and wonder as my kids watch.

Where do we as adults lose the dream, the possibilities?  Reality is a neccesity, but child hood dreams are beautiful. I see the light of the future shining in my children's eyes. I want them to always believe in the impossible and work for what seems unattainable. I want them to know that through Christ anything is possible. I want them to temper that with God's call on their lives. That they learn to check their dreams at the foot of the cross. May their dreams fly but may their love for Christ color every dream and every desire.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 3--Coin

A coin ready to go into the "Bank of Strobl"...the bank my son made out of a sandwich carry out thingy..LOL.

Day 2--ONE

One boy reading "one more page" before he goes to bed...............

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


How is it that kids grow up so fast? Seems like when I was a child, growing up took forever.  I wish I had taken time to enjoy the freedom of childhood, naps, sticky hands and the fun of all those simple things.  I try to see things the way the kids do.  So take time, to smell the flowers and catch a few lightning bugs. Take time to jiggle some jello and have fun.  Take time to make pictures out of clouds and imagine what could possibly be at the end of that rainbow.

We grow up but we can grow more if we allow the child in us, that is still, there deep within to enjoy life.  Growth doesn't mean growing out of things, it just means doing them a little differently.

So I think that being said....I may find time to dance in the rain.

Because our kids grow up too fast and we need to enjoy childhood with them.

Day 1 Outside

I love the setting sun, although this isn't the best picture as the clouds moved in front of it, I think sunset is one of my favorite times of day.  The promise of tomorrow filled with beauty.

August photo of the day

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 31--toothbrush

They sure make kids toothbrushes more fun than what ours were.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 30--Calm

The sun filtering through the leaves = Calm

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 9--Last thing I bought

The kids and I went grocery shopping on Friday and the last thing I bought was everyone's favorite cereal.  I have to watch myself and be good not to be addicted to them.  Oh how much I like these I can not say, and they go well with coffee on the side.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 28--Cup

These go together like peanut butter and jelly, or peas and carrots, where you see one, it is only natural to see the other.

A cup of coffee and the the Word...............ahh the way to start the morning.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 27--on the road

Beautiful clouds and fields as we traveled. There is nothing like riding through the country side, seeing the vast expanse of God's creation . Clouds so puffy, they looked as if you could lay in them. Fields so green, they invited you to run through them.  Beauty.......and the beauty of God is declared in His creation.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 26--Sunshine

Praise to the Son..while standing in the sunshine......


Well she had a heart made with her hands until I took the photo.....LOL.  Heart or not.....this sweet girl is part of Mommy's heart.

24 stranger

Cute little girl playing on the beach...there were a lot of people on the beach, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised that most were dressed in attire suitable for public viewing. This little girl was so cute...she was not so sure of the rough surf and sea weed.

23 Mirror

22-upside down

My upright kids in front of the upside down house..:o)

21--9 )'clock

9'oclock pm on a warm Florida night while we were on the road.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 20---Eyes

Big Brown Eyes looking at me..
Eyes full of promise and possibility
Freckles on his face and freckles on his nose
Eyes that twinkle wherever he goes.
Eyes so brown and so deep
it is like he has wisdom to keep.
I love these big brown eyes
and he is one of the best little guys

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 19--animal

I looked high...I looked low
I looked above...I looked below
And all I could find looking at me
Was a Monkey in a tree.

Seriously, though, I looked all day for a animal or an insect or something I could use for this subject today.  It was way too hot I guess for even bugs.  So This will have to do for my animal shot.  LOL

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 18-Plate

My fun loving husband with his taco salad plate at our church for Wed night fellowship.  The man likes his taco salad...and it was good.  He worked hard today, he was a hungry man. So he pulled a funny pose on me..just as I took the picture. Sometimes he feels like a nut, sometimes he don't.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 17--My addiction

Their smell oh so sweet
kisses that can't be beat
the sound of their laughter is music to my ears
and they will be my addiction throughout all my years.
This is MY addiction.  My kids.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 16-Sign

A cloud with the sun peeking through is a SIGN to me. A sign of beauty and God's grace. I have always felt this way about "shiny Jesus clouds" as my children call them.  My children believe it is heaven peeking out. Why couldn't it be? Heaven is beautiful and a cloud with sun gleaming off the edge is beautiful. It is even more so , when we get to see rays breaking though.

 A sign is:

An object, quality, or event whose presence or occurrence indicates the probable presence or occurrence of something else.

So a cloud is a s sign of the Creator. It is a sign of the promise of a hope and future in Jesus in glory. At least that is what this kind of cloud is to me.

So what is your sign? And I don't mean astrological.........:o)

Day 15--Finger

Daddy's finger to be exact, lending a helping hand, well finger.  Children rely on their father. A Daddy's hand holds great responsibility. It must know when to be gentle and when to be firm. It must know when to be a hand that points with assistance and a hand that points with guidance.

The most beautiful hands ever were those of the Savior who were nailed to a cross. His fingers and hands stretched across the expanse of a Cross for the atonement of our sins.  The finger of God moving across the vast expanse of time and space to erase the penalty of sin, if one chooses to accept the nail scarred hand of the Lord Jesus.

Mike here points the way in a puzzle for Hannah, but the most important way to point the way with our children is to point to the words and read them from the Bible. Let's use our fingers and lives and actions and words and deeds and point the way to the REAL answer. JESUS.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 14---building

Building of is as simple as raindrops and an umbrella.  Building memories....taking a snap shot with your heart or with a camera of the simple moments in life that may seem small at the moment but in reality, those moments...are HUGE. So take time for some building.......building the memories that will be treasured for a life time.

Friday, July 13, 2012


Open up you head and let the imagination in.....Imagination......opens possibilities that are astounding. Children have no qualms about being this is my picture of OPEN

My oldest two open to the possibilities a few props can turn into being

We will not discuss that they were supposed to be doing something else I asked them to do..but this picture was too priceless. And after this they started what I had told them to do with renewed energy and concentration. So maybe, just maybe a play break, sometimes opens us up to greater possibilities.  Maybe, just maybe we should all play more and open our minds to the possibilities.