Thursday, September 29, 2011

Along Came a Spider

or some type of insect and bit my child. She went to bed on that Friday night and was fine.

The next morning she woke up like this:

at that time we thought she was having an allergic reaction to something and began treating with benadryl. She was not complaining of pain.

By afternoon it had not improved much. We took her to a walk in clinic, they were closed. So we decided to continue as we were since she had no fever and was not complaining of pain, and that we would take her the next morning. Which is what we did. I took her to the walk in clinic and they said it was an infection from a possible bite and sent us home with antibiotics. I gave her a dose and she went to sleep for a nap. Around 4 pm or so she woke up vomiting and had fever. She was now crying and said it hurt and under her arm hurt as well. I did not pass go...I did not collect 200 dollars, I took her directly to ER.

Thanks goes out to Pastor Nate at our church who came to the hospital. He was there with Jenny and I while the put in the IV.  Jenny was all about that later.  She couldn't express it then...but since then she has referred to him as "her Pastor Nate".

She was admitted on IV antibiotics and morphine for pain. They did xrays and blood work as well. She had a raging infection from an unknown cause. When we first got there they splinted her hand but the xray techs took it off and no one ever replaced it.

The doctors painted a bleak picture of tendon, nerve and all sorts of damage.  But I KNOW a HEALER who can stop infections in their TRACKS!

This is my baby in pain and on morphine..(this one breaks my heart.)

She was brave though and tried to color and play with a gift sNonnie (Shelly Lickliter) sent her

a balloon from a friend brought a smile(Ches..thank really did help her).

Our beloved Ms Terri works at Children's and she stopped in too..which brought smiles as well.  God is good and gives you people in your lives that bless you, in ways that may seem small to them, but is HUGE to you.

They were talking surgery.........and had been since we came in. Her finger was not improving fast enough

we sent out another call for prayer

This is an hour and a half after the previous picture and why I KNOW prayer works

The doctors then said NO surgery on Tuesday morning. she was so brave.  She still had some pockets of infection and her finger is still not the right color but is better. The last photo doesn't show the color of her finger now..or the bluish tint to it...they say it is the infection still under the skin...and it is still a bit swollen. She can now bend it and use it better. They let her keep her jammies on and we couldn't change them because of th IV...but here are some more pics of my girl recovering. (This was written just after we returned home..for a Mommy website I belong to, but now adding it to my blog)

being brave and finally smiling.

almost ready to go home..waiting for our walking papers..LOL

that cot behind her is where I slept. Do not let looks deceive is NOT comfy..LOL.

I almost forgot to mention sweet Hannah Garmany and her mommy Emily came to say hello as well and Poppie called us too......where is my brain.  All that people did, posted, prayed, etc...all of it counted and it mattered and it blessed us so much.

oh and her class and school and teacher sent her this:

 She returned to school on the Friday after her admission.. She was hooked up to a heart monitor part of that time as well due to the morphine for pain and the infection messing with her system. I am so glad she is better. What a weekend we had.  
And while I wrote this the other day, I can now report she has finished that horridly yucky medicine.  Her finger is almost normal but still not quite back to like before.  God is completing the work. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This is a test...only a test...

If it had been an actual blog post it would have been more interesting.  But since blogger seems to be misbehaving for me, I need to do a test post.  In the event of an actual blog and laugh because generally my life is filled with laughable moments.  Or Cringe because there are some of those moments too. I now return you to regular blog land postings.  Have a great day.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Out of the mouths of babes

Comes great wisdom and great faith.  Last night we were driving to church.  Jenny said "Mommy I have a story to tell you and it is a true story.  It is not fiction (she just learned that word). 

Here is her story:

It is a short story but it is a good one.

Me and Jesus...we is best fwiends. Jesus...He plays with me and sleeps with me and hugs me and I hug Him. He wubs evewybody and He is evevybody's fwiend. He is kindness and He is sweetness. The end. 
And that my friends is the reward of a in her child, love and hope and the joy of life shining out for the world to see.  I stand in awe of a Savior who has put such love for  Him into the hearts and minds of my children.

Great is HIS faithfulness unto me.