Friday, August 13, 2010

2nd day of PreK and Terror from the afternoon on the 1st day of school

Yesterday we had our 2nd day of PreK.  It wasn't as much as the first day because we had ladies Bible Study and I took Jenny with me.  I hadn't called ahead for babysitting because of many reasons.  Anyway, I took some preK pages with us and her coloring book.  She did awesome, she colored, she listened, colored some more.  And I know the word of God was getting into her spirit whether or not she understands or not.  When everyone was praying with one another she was there, laying her little hands on people and praying with them too. It was PRECIOUS!

We came home had lunch and a nap. 

On the first day of school, Jenny and I walked down to the bust stop.
The bus was due to arrive at 3:18 then I was told by someone driving by it doesn't come until 3:30 after I was getting slightly worried. At 3:34 I began to worry again. At 3:40 I called my husband and he called the school..."oh the bus is late" says the school. Uh yeah..really late. at 3:45 still no kids. I was scared spit less. At 3:50 as I was picking up my cell to call the school and 911 and God and everyone I could think of the neighbor's mother (mil) not sure whom the kids and I have both med pulls up and says I have your kids the bus dropped them off on the wrong street!

Anger, fear, anger does not begin to describe it!

My son TOLD the bus driver his address and the man's response I don't have you on my list just have a SEAT! then Christopher seeing the name of our subdivision NOT knowing there are two different streets that enter it said I think this is it.

The driver did NOT check it against the address MY SON gave him and dropped them OFF!I was so angry I could not see straight. I was just shy of hysterical only keeping it together because Jenny was freaking OUT!  My kids were so brave and Christopher did the right thing.   I thought my babies were GONE!  I have not known such fear in my life. I thought someone had taken my babies!   Thank God HE and HE alone protected my precious children!

I called the school on Thursday morning after meeting the bus driver and introducing him to our children.  And letting him know where to drop them.  I kept my Christian witness through HIS strength alone.  I also called the school and reported it.  Yesterday afternoon they were dropped in the correct place.

Trust at a time like that isn't that you do not trust God but that you don't know where or who has your children.  You do know God has promised to protect.  However, you have heard countless news stories of kids taken walking home from school.  So yeah...I knew God was on my side but in those moments fear ruled and I barely kept myself calm for the sake of Jenny. God is good all the time!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Home school Preschool...started today

My new adventure is to homeschool Preschool Jenny since we could not get her in voluntary PreK.  We are so excited, Jenny and I.  Settling in the house in coming along and life is getting to a new normal.

Here is what we have done so far today:

PreK this morning:

Jenny and I took kids to school, stopped to have outside playtime at the park. Had snack--counted 10 animal crackers to go with raisins, name writing practice. Now we are going to match alphabet letters to our alphabet train I have spread on the floor.

She is matching pictures from a memory game that are the same..instead of using it as the traditional memory game. Then she is going to cut pieces of red paper to glue on an apple for a back to school project.

Then she is going to play on the swing set for a bit and we are going to go on a hunt for stuff that is yellow in the yard to see if we can find things to make a collage with.