Monday, April 7, 2014


I am thankful that the orthopedic doctor found the hairline fracture in Jenny's knee.
I am thankful it is just a fracture and not some of the things the ER doctor hinted it could be.
I am thankful that it is not a worse injury.
I am thankful that she is only 39 lbs, it makes lifting her in and out of the car and such a whole lot easier.
I am thankful that this evening she is in less pain.
I am thankful for a kind, caring staff at her school.
I am thankful that God is always in control.
I am thankful that my daughter can smile through tears and pain and trust her Lord to heal her.
I am thankful for a precious group of family and friends that show their love, support and prayers.
I am thankful...............just entirely and utterly THANKFUL

Waiting for answers.

Things have been a bit busy and hectic lately, but our biggest concern is for Jenny.  2-3 weeks ago on March 22, Jenny bumped her knee on our steps.  She really didn't make much of a fuss about it. Cried a second or two and we went on with our day. The next day, a Sunday, she mentioned her knee hurt but she seemed fine. She'd played and danced in worship and we thought nothing of it. She asked Pastor Emily to pray for her which was done. On Monday, morning she said Mommy my knee still hurts. I looked and it was slightly puffy. I gave her Motrin and sent her to school.

That afternoon, I had cookies in the oven and let her brother pick her up from the bus stop. It is a couple blocks or so.  She came limping home, ice bag in hand and said Mommy my knee REALLY hurts. I pulled up her pants leg and got a HUGE shock. Her knee was easily 2.5 to 3 times the normal size. I put ice on it and called my husband. Took a picture and texted it to him. He was shocked as well.

When we get home we took her to the walk in clinic.  They did an xray and found nothing concerning and diagnosed her with bursitis.  They prescribed oral steroids and rest, elevation and ice.And had us put her in an immobilizer. They gave us a referral for an orthopedic doctor for April.   We followed the orders given and she missed school the rest of the week. By that Saturday her knee was back to normal and we were really having to work to keep her resting the leg. We sent a note to the school and asked she not be in PE for the week. 

All was well. Life was busy but that's just life. The van broke down and we are down to one car.  On this past Friday morning, Jenny woke up in pain and saying Mommy my knee hurts again.  I looked and it was a little swollen. She had tests to take, so we wrapped it and sent her to school.  I told her, call me if you need me. Take your tests and I can pick you up early. Soon after the school called and she was in major pain. By the time she came home it was back to the 3 times it's size status.  I put her in the recliner, gave her Advil and ice. I made her an appointment with her pediatrician and we went to see him. He also had her knee xrayed. Nothing showed on xrays. He has us put her back in the immobilizer.  Told us to keep the appointment on Monday and keep them posted. He was baffled. 

Her pain was escalating.  I called my husband and told him. He could here her crying in the background. He was trying to work out the we have one car aspect.  He was stranded at work. We then decided to pick him up and take her to the ER.  She was in horrible pain. The ER also xrayed her knee. Nothing, no break. They also did blood tests that showed nothing off.  They DID give her pain meds. That was a blessing to not see her in agony. So we have kept her off of it and medicated her as needed.  She is on crutches and in a better immobilizer.  We have no clue.  The doctor's office called this morning and changed her appointment from being with a Nurse practitioner to being with the doctor himself.  I just want answers.  Waiting for answers is hard when your child is hurting or not feeling well. This morning the pain is controlled but the swelling is still there and I think more into her thigh. She is VERY tired today.  She turned down a powdered donut for sleeping. 

So while I wait, I will pray.  While I wait, I will praise. God is in control and I pray we get answers today.  

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Marching to His heartbeat

The Lord dropped that image into my heart and mind today. I love bands, marching bands. I love how they are synchronized to the music and they march in time with every beat of the music.  God dropped an image of me marching in time to the beat of His heart beat. I want to live, dance, move to the beat of His heart.  His heartbeat, can you imagine the beauty of that heartbeat?

I love to lay my head on my husband's chest and hear his heartbeat. There are times that I have lay with my head on his chest, and him sleeping. My own breathing and heartbeat seems to suddenly slow and align itself to his.  That is how I want to live with Jesus. I want my own life to align with His very heartbeat.

His heartbeat drums out love, mercy, faith, joy, and so much more. His heartbeat says love them as I have loved you. Love everyone, regardless of who they are, where they come from, what they believe or what they do. His heartbeat says love as I loved. He ate with the outcasts. He healed those that society found unlovable and untouchable.  He loved, His heartbeat is LOVE, pure LOVE.

Lord, let me live Your heartbeat.

Lord, let me walk to Your heartbeat.

Lord let me dance to Your heartbeat.

Lord let me march to Your heartbeat.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Let It Snow-----Father knows best

While part of the country sits under huge amounts of snow and are pleading with the Lord, make it stop.....
my children and myself are praying for snow.  We would like just enough snow to play build a good snowman, go sledding, take pictures of snow fights, giggles in the snow and those snow angels.

 I have been thinking about how each of us prays for different things.  God decides on how to answer each request not based on who He "likes best", but what is best for each one that ask.  God the Father doesn't have favorites. We are all HIS FAVORITES.  We are His children. His workmanship, His beloved. He calls us precious. He calls us fearfully and wonderfully made. He saves each of our tears and counts them dear. He knows how much hair is on each of our heads and He cares about each of us to the minute detail. So....when He answers prayer...He isn't just haphazardly handing out yes or no or wait or maybe. He answers with a purpose and His ways are beyond anything we can imagine. His ways are better than our own.

So...whether we get snow tomorrow or not.......we will live in joy and walk through our day knowing that Father knows best in all things.

And we will dance with JOY.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Time in the Desert

I was thinking about those times we spend in the desert.  How we wonder why or how we get in the desert and what it is we are supposed to learn in the desert.  The Lord Jesus, Himself went into the wilderness to pray....and be separated from the world around Him.  The enemy tried to tempt Him in hopes He could defeat Him.  However, there is one thing I realized, the desert is not all dead and barren. Beautiful things grow in the desert. There is LIFE in the desert.  I stopped and I thought about the life and beauty found in the desert that can not be found anywhere else.

Beauty grows in the desert, and is anything arrayed more beautiful than a flower created by our God to grow in the desert.

There are so many colors found in the desert, it isn't just dry and ugly and barren. The colors of the desert declare the glories of God.

  Beauty beyond what we would think among the dirt and the pebbles cacti and stones.  Flowers cupping the little water that falls in the desert to feed the cacti. Perfectly created to bring nourishment to the living creation God placed among the stones.

The animals that live in the desert do not worry or fret about living in the desert. Their creator taught them how to survive, how to seek sustenance and nourishment and water in the desert. They survive even though it may be hard and times may get tough, they survive.

Beauty grows in the desert. So when our Lord takes us to the desert, it is to grow in us the things He can not grow in the valley or the mountain top. The life that lives in the desert is best suited to the desert. It grows best there because it was created to grow there. So when God takes us to the desert for a time, He puts in us what we need to survive in the desert. He does not abandon us. He is always there. He is in the wind and the heat that is getting rid of things He wants to take out. He is in the moisture hiding beneath the surface, found through prayer and time with Him for in the desert He provides streams of living water. If we keep walking and moving while in the desert we will find the oasis. However, if we sit down and bemoan the desert and why we are there, we can not find the moisture, the sustenance or the oasis.  So on Him, we must depend to lead us to the streams in the desert.

Lord teach me to rely on you whether I am in the desert, the valley or on the mountain tops. Because Lord my time in the desert gets me ready for the mountain tops and you will never forsake me in the valley, or the desert but You are always leading me to the mountain tops and the higher places in You.

No matter where I am Lord, I promise to praise YOU.