Friday, October 3, 2014


For me coffee isn't just about caffeine..I drink half's the taste, the smell, the feel of it and that warm fuzzy feeling it brings back of my Daddy sharing his coffee with me and calling me his coffee girl.  It's about how my granny used to share cheese and coffee with me after I'd spend the night with her......the smell of her face cream lingering in the ear and the biscuits baking in the oven as we talked about what we were going to do that day. It's about my Grandma standing at the stove, the smell of coffee in the air as she used some of it to make red eye gravy to go with ham and's more than just a hot beverage to me.

I remember cold winter mornings, (yes we had a few in North West Florida)....On those cold mornings, the smell off coffee and breakfast as we got ready for school next to the stove in the kitchen, it smelled like what a cuddle would smell like, warm and toasty.

Now when I drink coffee all those thoughts and memories aren't something I think about constantly. They are there, though, in the recesses of my mind becoming a part of our mornings. My girls and my son getting ready for school, the giggles and rush of the mornings and becoming a part of our memories.

Monday, August 11, 2014

School day number 3

Homework time. We are changing the way we do homework this year in hopes we can stay focused. All homework will be done at the dining room table, no talking allowed.  They can take some wiggle breaks but homework starts at 4 pm and they keep working until it is done. That way they get a snack and some free time before homework for fun. The sooner they finish homework, they sooner they can get to outside play or play time with neighborhood friends,

Monday, August 4, 2014

School days....

Good old golden rule days.............

It's that time of year is just about here, the summer is over.  It is bitter sweet. Watching them grow and learn is so much fun but having them gone all day....yeah not such a fan.

I am so trying to get back into blogging every day.  I hope I can get back into it by blogging the school year and adventures.

I pray for the teachers as they teach our most precious gifts. I pray for stamina, strength and patience. I pray for them to be able to see what each student needs most to grow and thrive as they learn.

I pray for the kids as they learn and grow. I pray for kids not to be bullies and to learn compassion and kindness.  I pray for kids to be quick to listen, obey and learn. I pray for safety.

I pray for parents, first time parents who are letting their little on go for the first time. For them as they learn what it is like to let go a little more each day.

I pray for the weary parent who is looking forward to the year to start in order to get a reprieve from the 24/7 challenges he or she has faced.

I pray for the parent of the special needs child who needs extra support, love and understanding.

I pray for administrators and staff from the principal to the janitors as they go about their tasks each day trying to make school a fun and safe place to learn and grow.

May your days be filled with joy, whatever role you play and may this year be the best one yet.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Puppy adventure

So we did it...we have a puppy.  We are very blessed to have him and are very thankful. Having a puppy is much like having a newborn and toddler rolled up into one.  He is sweet and cute and naughty and whiny and loving and cranky all with in short spans of each other.  We are adjusting, he is adjusting. As we embark on this grand puppy adventure expect to see all sorts of stuff from him.  And so begins some posts from his "perspective".

The Puppy Blog:

I think I should be able to chew on anything and every thing I want. I like the way your hand feels in my mouth. Why do you keep trying to teach me otherwise? As long as we are on the subject of chewing, why can't I eat shoes and furniture legs? They smell so good. I guess you don't smell what I smell. Is something wrong with your nose? 
I love sleeping in the day time because y'all are all busy around me. It's so comforting.  I do not like sleeping at night, it's too quiet. I want to play. I think you shouldn't mind playing with me at that mysterious thing you call 3 a.m. After all I am cute, you said so.
I like it when you say good boy.  I will try to hear it more often.  
I do miss my fur mommy and fur brothers but you cuddle with pretty good.  You also smell different. I think I like it.  Thank you for wrapping me in blankets. That nice lady I lived with for a while did that too. Although I am glad you don't put those stinky things in your mouth that makes smoke in the air. I didn't like those. I can breathe good in your house.  I smell more things too because those stinky sticks are gone.
Why can't I play outside? Who is this "vet" person that dared say I can't until I get my "shots"? Speaking of shots, I really am not sure that sounds like fun from hearing you talk about it. Can we re-negotiate?
I am liking it here but you have a lot to learn about what I like and don't like. Mostly if you'd just let me have my way, it would help. For some reason you don't think that is a good idea.
Love Sammy, your new puppy.
PS: Humans are exhausting, they are hard to train the way you want.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


(Here it is a weeks later from the first "summer post" and I am just now making another one...busy busy busy.)

To say Jenny loves pink is an understatement. She loves all things pink and she is a  vibrant, sweet and innocent as pink represents to me.  Her newest foot wear of choice is her pink boots.  She doesn't care that it is warm/hot outside she just loves to wear them.  Add her Hello kitty poncho for rain and she is pink, head to toe. And in the below photo it cracked me up that even the flash reflected in her eyes looks pink.

I can't believe my pink girl is 8. She is such a sweet representation of the innocence of childhood and summer. Isn't that what summer is about..innocence and childhood?  If only we all enjoyed life like a child. We would relish in a poncho with boots on a warm summer day regardless of what others might think. We'd wear our favorite outfit without shame just because it made us feel happy.  She isn't ashamed to be who she is or to enjoy life to the full. She lives and walks in joy and those boots were made for walking, dancing, jumping, running and living.  Live with that joy sweet girl because you spread it around you like sunshine.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Random summer moments......

I am going to TRY, emphasis on try to take a photo each day of random summer moments around our house. Capturing random moments in our lives..........will add to the kids memories one day.  Moments that go by so fleeting lost in the expanse of time and space as years go by. It is the random moments that make up memories. It isn't just the big moments that make up precious memories but those little moments that seemed so small that are remembered later in life.

Moments like this, .......reading a book on a summer morning while the other kids play...simply because today...she's rather be reading and letting her imagination take her to places she can't be in person. Letting her imagine being the part of someone else's life if but for a brief moment in time. She can become the character and learn that reading gives birth to great ideas.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The heavens declare

The glory of God.......even sitting at a stop light waiting your turn to go......look around you and you will see God's beauty, His glory, His awesomeness.  I took the below photo coming home from Tuesday night church services while sitting at the stop light. The girls were singing to the local Christian radio station and I saw the beauty God has put there.  He AMAZES me. God paints with a paint brush that has ever changing magnificence.  I want to open my eyes more and see and behold His glory in the every day evidence He puts before us. He shows us Himself every the sunrise and sunset. He shows us his beauty in the sound of a child laughing. He shows us his power when we watch our children praise Him. He shows us His mercy when we make a mistake with our child and they slip their little hand into ours and say "I love you Mommy".
He shows us Himself every day in so many ways, quiet, mysterious, glorious ways. All we have to do is our eyes and behold the wonders and glory of our God.
I did not edit the picture in any way except to add the words.