Friday, November 21, 2008

2nd grade "Monopoly"

It all started this morning when my son informed me he had diarrhea (sorry if TMI), a stomach ache, and felt nauseous. Now, me being the concerned mom I am, but yet not wanting him to miss yet another day of school had to think long and hard about what to do. I also had an obligation to keep the church nursery for Women's Bible Study at a local church. It is a paid position. Deciding I did not want to risk being in the middle of nursery duty and getting a call from the school to come pick up a puking child; I kept him home. My mother agreed to watch him and Jennifer for me. A little while later, as I was leaving to take Hannah to Pre-K, I noticed, a decidedly chipper and active 8 year old. I asked him how are you feeling? The change was like turning off a light switch. Almost worthy of an Oscar. I feel awful Mommy, got listless and a long sad face. He was barely able to hold his head up. KNOWING in my gut he was faking, I went ahead and took Hannah to school. I arrived back from the drop off to discover he is FINE and now wants to eat.

The little Mr. did not pass go, he did not collect the game boy, he ate some toast and drank some juice and went DIRECTLY to bed. After all if you have tummy ailments, you must be careful about what you eat. He had NO get out of bed free card regardless of the fact he was scheduled to spend the night with his grandparents on easy street, where he'd have gotten his favorite foods, lots of gummy bears and jello. Nope, he stayed in bed all day and was not allowed to watch tv or play his nintendo ds. Usually when he is really home sick, I let him do those things to help keep him sedate so he doesn't get his breathing out of whack. He did NOT get his planned overnight play fest at his grandparents home.

Today having been caught in his attempt to be "sick" he got the full treatment of what it is like to be "too sick" to go to school. If you are to sick to go to school, you are to sick for game boy, nintendo, the WII, TV etc. He was NOT happy. But I stuck to my guns and went on about my day.

When I arrived home from nursery duty. The little "bed ridden" child was fast asleep from sheer boredom. He swears up and down he will never do it again. He lost this wheelin and dealin attempt for more game time and went bankrupt. He had no collateral and no hidden perks. So his attempt to pull the wool over Mommy's eyes failed but a lesson was learned.

When you play sick, you do not get free parking in gamesville or TV land, you go directly to bed with no get out free card and you suffer the consequences of your lie.

Ahhhh yes, the tangled web they weave when they try to deceive only gets them caught in mess.

So as you can see, my child, Mr. Goody-goody two shoes can get into just as much mischief as the next guy. Although sometimes, I swear he is 8 going on 18.