Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Distraction............stumbling blocks and coffee

Today as I listened to Imperfect Wives Radio and this show:

Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones: Praying for YourselfDo you ever find it easier to pray for other than to ask for Gods blessings for yourself? Or maybe you've felt stuck and aren't sure how to pray for yourself, even when your prayers for others flow easily. Have you ever felt selfish when you pray for yourself when you see so many others with such great needs? Do you wonder what God has promised for YOU in His Word? No matter what has been your...
Imperfect Wives Radio-Stumbling Blocks, Praying for Yourself
It really spoke to me and made me aware of some of my stumbling blocks. One of my biggest offenders is D I S T R A C T I O N.  I felt the Lord whisper to me how I let myself get distracted too often and my time with Him gets shortened or on some days, even left by the side of the path.  I am resolving to do  better.

However, God gave me an object lesson immediately after I finished listening. I was talking to my mother in law, trying to get the kids started on chores and making coffee all at the same time.  I put water in the coffee maker, scooped in my generous amount of coffee and put my coffee on to brew. Oh how wonderful it smelled, like morning and possibilities the day will hold.  I talked with the kids, corrected some behavior and they even prayed on the phone with Oma since she has the flu. All good things.

Then I went to pour my cup of coffee to find it full of grounds.  YUCK......blech.....nasty.
What happened?  IN my distractions I FORGOT to put in the filter and had put the coffee in just the basket. Had to start the coffee over.

So that is what we get when we go to our God distracted, we give Him our gifts of prayer and attention full of the "grounds" of our lives instead of filter out all the distractions, we give Him only bits and pieces of ourselves. Our attention can't focus on Him and we give Him less than our best.  This spoke to me and I realize how many times I do not give Him the best of me and I let life distract me from the purpose He has for me.
Lord, help me not give you the "grounds" of my life but let me let YOU be the GROUND that I stand on, firm and strong. Amen.