Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving Thanks

Giving thanks for the Lord's abundant love
for a Savior sent from above.
Giving thanks for blessings untold
as His plans for our lives unfold.
Giving thanks for a God serving man
who seeks to fulfill God's plan.
Giving thanks for a sweet little boy
whose life sparkles with unbridled joy.
Giving thanks for a precious little girl
who lives live in a giggling whirl
Giving thinks for our baby girl so dear
who faces life with laughter and no fear.
We have shelter in which to live
food on our table, and so much love to give.
We may not have riches beyond compare
but we have abundant love and life to share.
We may not have worldy fame
but a Savior who always remains the same.
Our treasures are not of this earth
but brought by a Savior born of a humble birth.
Giving thanks should be done throughout the year
as we raise our praises for the King to hear.
My heart is overflowing with God's abundant grace
and I pray I will please Him as I run the race.
So to my Lord, my Master, King of my heart
thanks for so many blessings you lovingly impart.

Thelma S. November 27, 2008