Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's one of THOSE days

You know the kind, the sky is grey and drippy. The air is cool and damp and my mood is about the same. Yesterday, I got the bright idea to began a work out regimen. Good idea, wrong work out program for a "beginner". Supposedly, if one does the stretches, warm up and cool down one does not get sore. One did not tell my body that. My body, feels like I have been beaten. Today ahead of me, or so many tasks that must be done. This includes going to the grocery to pick up the ingredients to make a cake for a certain little girl who wants a "doll cake". My mother in law, has without intending to do so, started a new tradition. She had Christopher and us over on his birthday for dinner and I took a home made cake. Despite the fact we had already had his birthday party for which there was........yep a cake. So my Hannah, being all about fair play has NOT forgotten her brother recieved TWO cakes, one for his party and one on his actual day. This was not my idea. To keep the peace however, in my family, there will be two cakes.

My body is so sore, I can barely move. Add to that, the fact I am having a family party on Sunday with the cake I originally ordered. That being said, my inlaws are coming for coffee and cake. Now, my mother in law, can make Martha Stewart's home look like a pig sty. My home is not dirty, but it has that certain lived in appeal of a family with 3 young children. So, I being the good little Proverbs Mommy, want to bring honor on my dear husband's head, will need to get all of the house in law ready. That means chasing the wayward dust bunnies and froot loops down that have somehow wondered under the couch and behind the desk. I have no energy. Saturday is a full day for my husband and Christopher. Unless I want to do all this preparation on Saturday while my husband and son are at Junior Bible Quiz, I must knuckl down, put the old nose to the grind stone and get with it. However, the moody part of me, says "What does it matter, it is never good enough anyway". So I have to choose to rise above the feeling like the sky outside and push my aching 40 year old body to do what it does not want to do. Can deep housecleaning be counted as a workout?

God equips us for the work that He calls us to do. Yet sometimes I feel ill equippled for it. Everyone thinks Mommy/wife/daughter in law/cook/lawyer/... should always have it together with dinner on the table and makeup on the face and .... you know the drill. So do my expectation of what I need to do relfect what others think of me or what God has called me to? Too often I am more worried about what others think than what God thinks.

Add to my stress, the fact that we have NO money, well we might have 10 dollars in the bank. God is moving, I dont doubt that. He always provides, always has and always will. Yet sometimes, I find it hard to understand why we have to worry if we are going to have groceries, much less provide a special birthday for one of my children.

: we interrupt this post to bring you this bulletin: that was decidely strange as I was typing and blogger decided to post my thread before I was done. Okay back to your regular scheduled reading:

Today, I will have to cling to the scripture. Sometimes clingig is easier said than done. Kind of like those window clings my kids love that sometimes cling and sometimes well they half way cling and other times, they don't cling at all.

The scriptures I am clinging to today are all found in Phillipians 4:

Phillipians 4:6 " Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God"

Phillipians 4:13 " I can do everthing through Him who gives me strength".

Phillipans 4:19 "And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus"

All those scriptures require action on my part; faith, perseverance, trusting Him, having a thankful heart attitude, prayer, supplication, acting like I have the strength even before I feel it.

Now it comes to mind, it has been a while since I included scripture in a blog post, shame on me. Blogging for me is therapuetic, healing, sometimes just putting my prayers to my Lord down in a visual way. And thought sometimes I include scripture and sometimes I don't. I want this blog to bring Him glory and not just be a whine fest. After all, I detest whining and my kids get put in time out. But God has big shoulders I think He can handle me crying on them even when the problem is small in comparison to some of the things going on in the world today. Our problems, be they big or small are important to Him.

Okay, now off to grab the vacuum and the pledge and the step stool so I can actually reach the top of the book cases to dust. If I don't post tomorrow, you will know the Dust bunnies launched and all out attack and won and reinforcements need to be sent in.

p.s. It is amazing what difference a period can make at the end of a sentence. I just read my own post and was shocked at a couple of spots because the absence of a period lent a whole new meaning to what I was trying to say. That too is a lesson in our love for our Lord. Do we take time to make sure our words, actions and deeds bring glory to Him. Or do we rush through our time with Him, leaving our sentences to Him with no punctuation, no forethought of how we want to speak to Him? I am "preaching" to myself here. Okay off to fight some finger smudges on the windows, feed the baby girl her lunch and perhaps grab a bite myself.