Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Me Monday

It is not me who got lost trying to find the consignment shop she has been to before.

It is not me who got a call while on the way to Goodwill that her son was running fever and had to go the back way to the school from where I was at and all the while wondering if I was lost again. NO I would never have a reason to suspect I was lost.

It is not me who left her 5 year old at Pre-K to pick up at pick up time and took just sick child home.....only to discover AFTER I got the Pre-K dear daughter home she too is beginning to run a fever.

It is not me who stopped at Taco Bell amongst all her travels today instead of eating at home, (thank goodness for drive through).

It is not me who did an insanely happy dance when Jennifer did poop on the potty and gave her a handful of M&M's. after all I would never, ever stoop to all out bribery.

It is not me who wants to claw her stitches out cause they itch so badly (dont worry I will not do such).

It is not me who is waiting with bated breath for Wednesday for when the stitches DO come out. No I would always, be a patient person.

It is not ME who made the worst crock pot dinner I ever made on Sunday and am going to try and salvage it for dinner tonight. (will never use that recipe again). It is not me who is usually a good cook but served my family ICK on Sunday because there was no way I would throw away a crock pot full of food.

It is not me who has tons of laundry to do because I got behind due to my minor surgery last week. For some reason bending over ones washer while having 3 stitches just over my rib cage is not very comfortable...hmmm imagine that. Strange huh?

It is not me who has the 3 cutest kids in the universe even if 2 of them feel horrid.

It is not me who brags to all when her child has a success in the potty...nope not me.

It is not me...not at all me......who is craving something ooey and gooey and chocolatey......sigh.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Meet Miya....a sweet little angel

This is Baby Miya. Miya has Alagille Syndrome a genetic disorder she was born with. She needs a liver transplant but does not yet weigh enough. She is 18 months old and 15 lbs. Her liver issues cause her to grow slowly and abosorb nutrients differently. She is fed by a tube implanted in her tummy. She is a sweet, happy go luck little girl. Although she does not like the word NO. She is an absolute delight. This darling baby needs a tranplant and/or a miracle. God is in control.

Pray with me for baby Miya.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me Monday

It is Not me who turned on cartoons for my kids and lazed/lounged/half way snoozed this morning while the kids overloaded their brains with cartoons on sprout.

It is not me who is still in her jammies at 10:30 am

It is not me who is about to throw away a pink toy Princess phone because it will NOT shut off and keeps making irritating beeping noises. (its a cheap toy so throwing it away is no loss).

It is not me who will find a way to do so without the girls' knowledge, might be hard considering the fact it will not stop making noise!

It is not me who made myself a bacon and cheese biscuit for breakfast despite the fact I am trying to lose weight.

It is not me who wonders if 8 years olds have a glitch in their brains that make them THINK they KNOW everything!

It is not me who is fighting the urge to send the kids to their room for the day....(not that I would but sometimes it is tempting).

It is not me who finds it annoying to be on the phone with someone who rambles on and on about nothing and expects you to know all the answers.

It is not my 5 year old who is 5 going on 15 and asked me if she will be old enough to kiss a boy and date when she is 8 years old. After all her brother is 8 and he is "all grown up". (I told her she cant kiss til she is lol lol).

It is not me who needs to get back into exercising daily instead of complaining about those extra pounds around my middle.

It is not me who needs to get back to blogging more....cause it is most definitely not me whose brain has gone on vacation without me....leaving me with the inability for form coherent thought.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Minor Surgery...

I will have minor in office surgery next Thursday. It is to remove those lipomas I was referring to earlier.

A lipoma is:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A lipoma is a benign tumor composed of fatty tissue. These are the most common form of soft tissue tumor.[1] Lipomas are soft to the touch, usually moveable, and are generally painless. Many lipomas are small (under one centimeter diameter) but can enlarge to sizes greater than six centimeters. Lipomas are commonly found in adults from 40 to 60 years of age, but can also be found in children. Some sources say that malignant transformation can occur,[2] while others claim that this has yet to be convincingly documented.[3]

The surgeon offered to do it in the operating room with sedation as well as local anesthetic. I said no.....I don't want or need to go to the operating room if it can be done in office. My children are quite impressed that mommy is going to "let" the doctor cut on her skin and give her "owies". I have one on my forearm which I thought they wold not take out...but the doctor said he would "take them out". So I guess I will be free of my lumps and bumps. YAY!. The one on my rib cage is sore. I will be glad when lumpy and bumpy are gone! Lumpy is sore and a real pain and bumpy is just ugly.

My darling husband is going to go with me to hold my hand. I think that is sweet! The percentage of chance for it being something bad is very small, almost non existent. So, I am not worried, just looking forward to having them gone and praying it does not leave me too sore.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

updates and such ramblings from a tired mommy brain

Okay first off my blood work came back. My iron is low.......low iron = tired. at least it was a simple problem. Oh and I "could be" beginning the stages of premenopause......but time will tell. My good cholesterol was a bit low..but diet can correct that. Bad cholesterol was normal. My blood pressure was excellent 108/62! The doctor's scale showed I'd lost 2lbs! HOO RAY!

I am scheduled for a surgeon consult on Wednesday for a benign lipoma on my left rib cage. The only reason they are going to take it out because it is sore and they just want to be sure 100% that nothing "bad is going on". My father gets lipomas and I have one on my arm which they will not remove cause it isn't "sore or painful"...just my vanity wants it taken off...LOL. A lipoma is a benign fatty tissue tumor just under the skin. Tends to run in families. The doctor does not expect it to be anything more, it isn't growing etc.

Christopher had his growth hormone test yesterday.

We arrived at 8:30 am and they inserted and IV port in his arm for meds and access to blood without the need for repeated sticks. Now Christopher, is terrified of needles. This the FIRST person that has EVER offered my son "freezy spray". It numbs the area the needle goes in. He cried one little ouch and was done......that is it. I LOVE freezy spray. The whole thing was far less traumatic than I have ever seen him have to deal with.

They took some blood as a baseline. His sugar level was 105 which is normal. Then they gave him some low dose insulin and had back up preparations ready in case he dropped too low. The drop of blood sugar tells the pitutary gland to release growth hormone. Usually you drop your blood sugar at night while sleeping so the pitutary normally releases it while you sleep. Anyway.....they took his blood ever 15 minutes or so to monitor it for the drop and growth hormone levels. His blood sugar dropped to a low of 35 but he tolerated it pretty well. He was very pale but talking and in no signs of distress. Then his blood sugar naturally converted and started going back up. He was starving....LOL. He had to fast for this test.

Then they gave him a medication, the name of this drug slips my mind at the moment. It drops blood pressure. Another way to fool the pitutary gland in releasing the growth hormone is to drop blood pressure. Now I have no idea how low his blood pressure got..but the medication did its job. He fell asleep as the medication makes them so sleepy. He was like a limp dish rag. Mike held him in a recliner. He slept through the rest of the testing.

After that was over...we were sent to xray. Now I thought he was having an xray of his back. was an xray of his WHOLE body to check for bone growth. The started at his skull and worked their way down..each section they did was a separate xray. They even did profile shots. It took about 45 minutes even on his little body. His xrays were fascinating! I have to say.......biased or son is beautiful.....literally from the inside, out. LOL. His bones were adorable......yeah a mother's love says her child's bones are beautiful. It really was amazing...! You could see the permanent teeth waiting behind the baby teeth. You could see on one that he had just swallowed some air as they took the xray. In the profile you could see the shadow of his nose and was incredibly amazing. And yes it is true.....our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made!

Christopher was a trooper. He obeyed every command/request given and did not whine or complain.......well at one point he was whining a bit....that he was hungry.....but he IS an 8 year old boy who had nothing to since 6 pm the night before.......He finally got a snack at like 12:15 and then lunch about 2 pm. Yeah it was a full day. We were at the children's hospital from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm.

Christopher was out of it pretty much the rest of the they said he would be. This morning he is him normal self. Well his asthma is flaring a bit...but the weather is changing so that is a normal reaction for him.

Mike and I are really NOT worried about the results. Whatever will be, will be. BUT God's glory will be shown through this. Mike and I both have peace about the whole thing. Christopher, regardless if he needs growth hormone or not.......regardless if it can help him or not......whatever the results show.....our a beautiful creation...full of promise and faith and love. God blesses us with this child and we pray God's glory will shine through his little eyes for all the world to see. It will be a week or so before we know.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

If I could wave a magic wand...

Now I know they aren't real but if I could:

1. I'd wave that wand and all my chores be done.

2. I'd make people who judge others live one day in the other person's shoes.

3. I'd turn my grilled cheese sandwich into steak quesadillas (mmm I am craving them for no reason).

4. I'd give myself a new glamorous but modest makeover.

5. I'd add a few more extra hugs and kisses from the kids.

6. I'd give my dh a much deserved pay raise.

7. I'd help my 2 year old suddenly grasp the potty idea.

8. I'd clean my carpet.

9. I'd do away with cancer.

10. I'd do away with poverty....

so much I would do with that others....take away misery......but then I would not rely on my Lord. If I could do it all with the wave of a magic wand.....where would my strength come from? It is only through His grace and His strength I can do anything.

It is Him alone who has all the answers. Sometimes we do not like His answers but they are answers. How to deal with some of the issues I face......prayer and prayer alone. When I get frustrated, discouraged or feel alone.......(cause you know we've all been there).......prayer is the key.

Last night I went with a friend to see the baby I will begin keeping next week. She and I had a long talk. It was so encouraging yet at the same time helped me see some attitudes and misconceptions I need to correct. I love when the Lord uses your friends to help you grow. God is good and He is faithful and He answers just when you need what He has for you.

May I always be cognisant of the fact only my Lord can make me happy...truly happy with the joy He gives. Only HE has all the answers. Man kind fails us, disappoints, discourages and sometimes it helps us and lifts us up...but Jesus is the only one who can really help us. So who will I be...the friend God uses to encourage or the friend who tears someone else down.

I have had another friend, Heather.......who has encouraged me as of late. Just through the simplest word or encouragement or advice.....she was able to help me get past something....I was really struggling with. So I want to be that type of friend too, that type of wife, that type of mother, that type of daughter, sister, daughter in law etc.

He is molding me......and I want to be yielded. Yielding, surrender is not always easy or pleasant but to grow I must.

God is good all the time.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Today...God showed me

A glimpse of what is being birthed in the hearts and lives of my children. Having had a week of fighting against discouragement, feelings of failure and inadequacy (all lies of the enemy). I saw something so beautiful and so sweet that I was reassured that what I am doing IS counting for something.

Today was my Sunday to be with Mike at the little church instead of at the big church keeping nursery. I told my kids before we left what I expected from them and that I knew they could and would do it. I approached from a positive stand point instead of a don't do this and this and this list. I told them you will sit still, listen and color and be quiet when Daddy is preaching. You will stay in your seats instead of trying to help Daddy. They took it well and said "Okay Mommy" and helped me gather some color papers. I prepared snacks for them cause they do get hungry around 11 am as breakfast is EARLY. (Don't know why this idea never crossed my mind before). Off to church we went.

I was their Sunday School teacher and we made bookmarks of love to give to someone they chose. They had a blast and Jennifer even did some cutting with scissors herself.

During church time they each grabbed a hymnal...and sang to the best of their abilities. We were singing "Because He lives.......I can face tomorrow........." I looked at my little girls and there they were....faces upraised, hands lifted singing praise to their KING. Oh my word.....the sweetness and simplicity of love on their faces was beyond description. They were not told to raise their hands and at the moment I was not doing the same. But it was done of their own accord. Their sweet faces all aglow with the love that children have for Jesus, was beyond beautiful.

Then during the sermon...with a giggle here and there and me having to whisper ssshhh a couple of times, they colored, listened ate their snacks and stood to watch Daddy a few times.......but were so good it would bless you socks off. Even the baby was good. I was able to listen as Mike preached about persistent prayer. How although Jonah had disobeyed God and ended up in the belly of a great whale....while in the hardest place of his life.....he prayed.....persistently until God let the fish spit him out. At which time he obeyed God. Proof that we don't always do it right but that God still listens to us. God is still on our side even when we aren't doing it right or if we fail to obey the first time. He still listens to us.
It was a great sermon.

At the end of service I had Jennifer in my arms and walked up to pray with people. Christopher had gone forward on his own accord to get Daddy to pray for him. Mike was praying with a gentleman and Christopher quietly turned around and laid his hands on the man and began to pray too. Jennifer in my arms........laid her wee little hand on the back of the man being prayed for and prayed too. Her little eyes closed in prayer "Desus hept amin".......and then just left her little hand in place until the prayer was over. Now, us being pentecostal prayers....are not a short thing...but she left her hand there.....praying in her baby faith filled way.

Then I knew......I may make mistakes......I may feel like I am running on empty but our children are learning and growing in the things of God. What more can I ask for. Their budding faith is beautiful. Their child like faith is pure and uncontaminated by the doubts of this world.

My God is sufficient in all things. He takes my attempts and turns them into something beautiful because HE CAN and because He knows my heart and my desire to be like Him. He doesn't see my imperfections or inabilities. He sees my heart longing for Him and longing to teach our children His love.

And Heather...thanks for the encouragement......I like the idea of taking "snacks in the word". That is awesome. Cause ever snack I have builds on precepts He has placed in my heart. God is faithful and I am awed and amazed at the work of His hands.