Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thelma A to Z

  • A = Addicted to coffee.
  • B= Baby minder, 4 days per week
  • C= Card carrying mom of two teenagers, well there isn't really a card but there should be.
  • D = Determined to lose some weight. I have 20 plus pounds to go before my goal is met.
  • E = Endless chores must be done tomorrow because I am behind on everything.
  • F = Favorite girl to my sweet husband
  • H = Hopeful, always hopeful.
  • I = Interested in finding a way to really become a published author one day.
  • J = Jesus loving girl, forever and always.
  • K = Keeper of my children's secrets.
  • L = Love my husband to infinity and beyond.
  • M = Mama is my favorite name, job, calling and passion.
  • N = Nobody messes with my babies.
  • O = Over sensitive at times.
  • P = Possibly procrastinate way too much. 
  • Q = Quiet times in the morning are necessary to get my day started.
  • R = Really crazy and silly sometimes.
  • S = Sometimes walker must walk more.
  • T = Totally want another small dog.
  • U = Undeniably Southern to the bone.
  • V = Very pleasing short and plump.
  • W = Waiting on the answers to some important prayers.
  • X = Xcited about watching my kids' dreams unfold the next few years.
  • Y = Young at heart
  • Z = Zealous about my God, my husband, and my children. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Wordless Wednesday disaster...

Image result for comb stuck in hair clip art

My daughter was trying to do something special with her hair this morning and somehow got it so entangled in her hair we could not get it out.  She missed the bus, I was able to pull the hair back with a ponytail holder and hide the remnants of two pieces of the comb under a headband. She did not have to go to school with it sticking out of her hair. I googled and know how to get it out, but am hoping when hubby gets home from work his wire cutters will actual work in breaking the comb out of her hair. I had hoped that her hair getting dry would help.  Sigh...I thought the days of weird, random things happening was left behind in the toddler days. I guess not, LOL. I did take pictures but promised not to post them on- line.

I figure there is more to come because tweens and teens don't always think things through. They are as impulsive as toddlers at times but with bigger consequences. LOL

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Tea cups

My grandmother used to drink coffee out of a tea cup. Today when I put my coffee in a teacup, I remembered. I was just a little girl and she would give me tea with lots of milk in it in my teacup.  Teacups to me are special. As a little girl, it made anything in it taste better. It made it special. I still love teacups.  I love the way they feel in my hand, delicate and small.  When I think about my little girl self and teacups, it makes me smile.  So today's through the eyes of a child post is about teacups.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Through the eyes of a child...revisited...

A couple of years ago, I did a blog series about things through the eyes of a child. I took pictures that would be from the viewpoint of a child. I want to revisit this activity and start afresh. It may not be every day. It may not be every week, but I will try to hashtag it, "through the eyes of a  child".

Today's picture is a page from my My Life In Color Journal. Coloring, kids love to color. Coloring when you are a child is not defined by should be's or musts. Kids get lost in imagination and clouds and stars and so much more can be any color. There is no limit to what imagination can find.  So take some time, color, let yourself go and let your imagination win the choice of color instead of being defined by what color "it should be".

It's magical

That smell, that wonderful delightful smell...........that smell of a newborn baby. AHHH, we have a new little guy in our class and he is about 10 weeks old. The wobbly little head, the hands that reach but can't quite make the mark of where he wants them. That newborn cry and that new baby smile.  I sunk myself into the sheer beauty of it today as I held him, swaddled in my arms, swaying and whispering shh as I bounced.  Ahh, the memories of my own newborn babies.  One of the younger, college-age women I work with said "How do you do that?", talking about how quickly he calmed when I picked him up while he cried. I said honey, it is because I have been a Mommy for over 16 years. You will get there.  So today I relished in the sweetness of a newborn in my arms.  It was lovely. I am glad at 49, that I can love them, enjoy them, and send them home with their own Mommy and Daddy at the end of the day.  I can enjoy the magic of a newborn without having to get up for the 3 a.m. feeding. It's awesome.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sunday afternoon musings

I have been looking back over my blog. The memories, the joys, the sorrows and the all out laughter. When I read some posts, I literally, LOL. My children come running so I can read to them what funny thing they had done or said.   They love it.  I realize how much I have lost to the written word because I did not keep up with my blog. Those snapshots of our lives in those days are priceless.  What a treasure they are to look at and read again.  So I am truly inspired to try to dip my toes back into blogging.

Life has changed so much over the last few years.  We bought a house, had two kids become teenagers and gained a furry, silly beast we call Sammy. He is all dog and all kisses and bounciness. He is the eternal toddler that just doesn't talk.  Life is busy. I work part time at a preschool in the baby room. I occasionally still get baby fever but since a hysterectomy in 2011. it would take a miracle of Biblical proportion for that to happen. Then I will have a busy day at work and think "Thank you, Jesus I only have 3 kids". I love my job, well most days, LOL. The days we have all 6 babies poop multiple times, not so much. LOL.

Chris, at 16 is all teenager with hair on his lip and a deeper voice. That is a shock to so many because he is still undersized for his age. That being said, he has grown a LOT these last couple of years. He is barely shorter than I am and still has lots of growing ahead. I do believe he is going to beat all the naysayer predictions about how he wasn't even going to be 5 feet tall. He still has sensory issues but has learned to eat more foods and does try things from time to time. It is no longer that battle I talked about years ago. His faith remains strong and he is mature for his age, well most of the time. He does have his moments.  He is a typical teen with some typical teen attitudes.  He is a loving, compassionate young men showing signs of the awesome man he will be.

Hannah is still all girl, all glitz, and all glamor.  She still begs for makeup. We have said she can now wear a little lip gloss and on special occasions, a light blush.  She is 13 and proud of it. She shows still looks very much like a little girl but acts like a 13-year-old.  She has some mood swings and will say " I have no idea why I am crying". LOL. Puberty, my dear girl, puberty. She is faith-filled, fun loving and sweet. She has had some problems with being bullied but has handled it so well. We have worked with the school and powers that be and things are better. She has a gift for drama (who would have guessed) and loves to be in school plays. The girl can also run like the wind. The child has a gift of running. I am hoping this will be something she keeps up with over the next few years.

Jennifer, who used to insist on being called Jenny, went back to Jennifer. She at 10, is still full of joy and sunshine and laughter. She is still all little girl, dolls, rainbows, and make believe, just on a grander scale. Her compassion for others is unlike I have ever seen. She has a heart for the homeless, hurting, lost and lonely. She saves money to give to the homeless or missionaries or other causes that help people.  She struggles with tummy migraines and is very thin and petite. We struggle to keep weight on her because of the migraines. We have a few steps forward and a few steps back. She is in her last year of elementary school and that blows my mind.

Sammy, our fur baby is spoiled rotten. He is almost 3 and Mike is his favorite person but he knows how to get on my soft side.  He is a hyper, bouncy, loving dog. I am so glad we have him.

Mike only works one job now, praise God.  His job expanded enough that he could drop the extra jobs.

Over the last few years, we have had ups, downs, joys and sorrows but our faith has kept us strong.  We love our church we are in and we minister where we are, bloom where we are planted until God does something different.

I look at my old post and see the times that life was so hard and the times that the promises of God were so evident.

I have grown as a woman, as a wife, as a mother. I have far to go but yet I look back and see how far I have some and I can only say one thing........I owe it all to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. To God be the glory for the things that He has done.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Lessons Learned From Ricky

On Friday, my cousin, Rick who I always called Ricky passed away. He was 65.  He had lived far beyond the years the doctors gave his parents when he was born. Ricky, the doctors, advised should have been put into an institution. That's what the recommendation was in those days for a child born with Down's syndrome.  They also called them "retarded".  However, my Aunt and Uncle did not heed that advice and they took their baby home and they loved him, and they raised him and they believed in him.  The world said he could never, he would never, and would never be....
But I am here to say, the lessons I learned from Ricky were invaluable.

My first memory of Ricky was when I was about 4 years old. We were at a family gathering at another relative's house. This house was an old hotel, at which some of the older cousins had convinced us little ones was haunted, LOL.  This house, in my memories, was amazing. The yard was great for playing chase and hide and seek was awesome there. I remember that fall day in North West Florida. It was still shirt sleeve weather but there was a slight coolness in the air.  I was busy, running, playing and trying to stay away from whoever was "IT".  Ricky was sitting on the porch, the huge porch rocking in the rocking chair, or it might have been a porch swing, so not sure on that.  He watched me run by several times, and I remember him saying "Ritar Ann(what he called my mom)...that youngin better get her shoes tied are she's gonna fall down"  So there it was, my first lesson from Ricky, keep your shoes tied. From that day on, I was aware if my shoes were tied or not.  I remember he was really, very concerned that I would get hurt.  His compassion was one of the key things in life that I remember.

Ricky loved big and deep. He never saw bad in anyone. He loved you with all his heart.  He had a talent for keeping everything in its place and I mean exactly in its place. You could move something on his dresser a fraction of an inch, and him walk back into the room, and he would know it was out of place so he would fix it. Order was important, yes, I learned that from Ricky.

He gave hugs freely and gently. It was as though he could sense who needed a hug and when. He held no conditions to his hugs. He didn't force a hug but he knew how to hug. Hugs that were filled with so much love.  I learned hugs are never overrated and that hugs are good for so many different things.

He could not tell time, but he knew when his favorite shows came on. He could not count but he could set the table for all that were present by naming their names. I never knew him to get it wrong. He didn't do it like everyone else but he got it done. I learned, be yourself and it's okay to do it differently when it works.

I remember when one of our precious Aunts passed away his deep grief. He unashamedly showed his grief and didn't try to keep a stiff upper lip and pretend like he wasn't in pain. I learned it's okay to grieve, it's okay to cry and it's okay to mourn those you love.

He never forgot you. He knew whose kid you were and whose sibling you were. He always asked if you were okay.  AND HE ALWAYS SAID I LOVE YOU when you were leaving. Not once did I ever leave his presence without him telling me I love you. I learned I love you is always important to tell someone

One of my most favorite memories of him was on my wedding day. It was after the ceremony. I stood next to him my arm around him and his arm around me and we just stood together loving one another.  My husband walked up and Ricky said" I gotta tell you one thing" My husband said, "what is it, buddy". Ricky said, "You take care of my girl, cause she's a good girl".  My husband promised to take care of me and Ricky hugged him.  That moment is so precious to me.  My Ricky, passing the torch of taking care of his girl to someone else. Now, he may not have totally understood but he did understand on a level. My heart always belonged to Ricky and it always will in a deep bond that only cousins can have, best friends.  He knew that my heart was now shared with someone else and he held no jealousy.  My Ricky loved and loved deep.

One of my last memories was at the last family reunion I got to attend. He saw my children and he told me they were beautiful. And then he said "You did good, real good" as he watched them. My word that meant the world to me. He saw my kids were good and sweet and he knew it.

So what I learned from those is never be afraid to tell others to take care of each other and never be afraid to let someone know they are doing good.

Ricky was a precious soul. He loved deeply. He loved unconditionally. He had faith. He had joy. He loved and he loved and he loved some more. So the biggest lesson is always love. Love deeply. Love unconditionally. Once Ricky loved you, you never lost his love.

Goodbye, my Ricky, I love you and I will see you again in heaven. You did good Ricky,  you did real good.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Life as of late has been hectic, busy, crazy, sick kids, and so much more going on that just life.  I was overwhelmed today when a friend reminded me on a post she made that we have someone to go to when we are overwhelmed. Our Father in heaven cares about every detail of our lives. It may seem mundane or boring even to others but our God cares. He sees our pain and all we have to do is call on Him.
.................................. Yeah, it's that simple but I in all my busyness and trying to get kids seen about, and excuse notes are taken care of and homework and makeup work was overseen didn't do that.  Instead, I continued to get, more and more overwhelmed until it was all too much and I felt like screaming. Then it was like He whispered, Hey my girl...I am here...just ask for help.......just ask. So, I pause now to say...thank you, Father, that even if you can't fix every trial and make it are WITH me.

I SURRENDER ALL to you I freely give...............all of it.......all the good, the ugly and the somewhere in between..........I surrender............

Image result for overwhelmed jesus hold my  hand

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Teens and Tweens ...a cookie doesn't solve it.

As I watch my children marching down the path of life, one a Tween and two now Teens...I see that the path is so different than when I was their age. The things they face in an uncertain world during these uncertain times are astounding.  I watch my Tween deal with the "mean girls" who seem to thing exclusion of the sweetest child in the universe is cool. I struggle with knowing how to help her deal. I pray I give advice and I keep my door open for talks. My Teen girl has handled some bullying this year like a superhero. She utterly amazes me.  My son is all teen angst one moment and silly boy the next. I guess, when they were toddlers, I thought it was so hard, but is hard in such a different way. As toddlers and young children, most things could be fixed with kisses, a cuddle, and cookie.  Now, it's so not that simple. Boo boos of the heart are not as easily fixed as a scraped knee.

I have good kids. They are compassionate, kind and well behaved. They respect authority and the rights of others. That being said, they are normal kids. But as they travel this road of life...I find it harder in how to guide them. I pray for wisdom. I pray for patience. I pray that I can always be open for them to tell me anything. I pray Lord, help me be the kind of mother you called me to be.

Prayer journal

I stumbled across a mother's prayer journal that looks awesome while looking up a prayer journal for kids. This looks awesome and is a way to keep, thoughts, prayers and the like all in one place. I hope this interests some. I am always looking for a way to update my prayer and praise "war room" bulletin board and this is perfect.

I found it over at 

prayer journal template