Sunday, November 16, 2008

Buttons, bows, arguements....Sunday morning INSANITY

It never fails, NEVER! Sunday mornings are chaos. It doesn't matter if I have everything ready and waiting. It doesn't matter if I have everything planned. Invariably something falls apart.

Arguments over who is sitting too close to whom.

Cries of "I don't want to wear that"



Not listening....

and the list goes on....

And for some reason breakfast never goes right either.

Today I was happy with the fact I was able to get our lunch in the crockpot and ready so it would be ready by the time we arrived home.

Today it was crock pot meatloaf, an egg-less recipe since Christopher cant have dairy. I substituted soy milk for the milk called for in the recipe and 1 shredded potato to replace the egg. It was actually pretty good! So all was not a failure.

I have told my children they are no longer allowed to watch cartoons on Sunday mornings while waiting for breakfast and such. From this point forward we will be playing praise and worship music for our entire Sunday mornings. I told my dear husband that perhaps, music would tame the savage beasts.

Our kids are good kids for the most part, but for whatever reason, Sundays are the worst day. We do not want our kids to ever think, Daddy and Mommy scold us/yell(which is the point they pushed to today) and then go to church and "put on their church faces, Daddy preaches and Mommy smiles and acts like all is well. I do NOT want them to think we are hypocrites. Their behavior today deserved a firm, raised voice, not perhaps yelling, but we too are human. We all have to work together to make Sunday mornings sane.

Our kids are just that, kids and just cause they are PK's (preacher's kids) does not mean they are perfect. But the reality is, they are held to a higher standard. We have to balance expectation and reality. I will not put undue expectation on our children, but I also will not tolerate behavior they KNOW is not acceptable.

I pray for God to give us wisdom in this journey called parenthood. And perhaps, next Sunday, we can get out of the door on time, no tears being shed, and no one having been placed in the time out chair before 9 am! That is my goal. Now I must go and prepare my Hannah's birthday party. Let's see, guests + sugar + presents + excitement of a 5 year old's birthday party = HYPED UP CHAOS. Hmmmm, I wonder how easy getting out of the house by 5:30 pm for church will be tonight? SIGH