Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer time...

Lazy days, sleeping in , Popsicles, swimming and so much more. I love summertime. I love having my kids home.

Children, always see the glass as half full. The world is full of possibilities, even when exploring under a rock at the creek.  Could that sparkly piece of rock really be gold? If not, then let's pretend that it is.  As I watched my children explore the creek the other day, I saw their imaginations soar.  Each one were their own little explorer with different ideas and thoughts.  Jenny was searching the rocks under the water for the allusive perfect shell. Hannah  kept looking for something sparkly,  Christopher searched for some creature to match to his bug collection cards.  It was fascinating to watch. Sometimes they searched together and other times separately.  They had a blast.  I helped some and we found a scary looking crawdad and decided to leave him alone. Wise move! Each one found something that made them feel as if they'd found the piece de resistance.  It was a great day.

As summer unfolds and flies by way too fast, we have some busy days and some lazy days, but they are good days.

Summer time.........what a time to grow together as a family and fun to surprise your children in the fact Mommy really can grill...just like Daddy. :o)

I hope and pray I am sewing good things into the hearts of my children.  I hope I always make our home a soft place to land for them and my husband. God is faithful and loving.  He enjoys watching us learn and grow as much as we love watching that in our children. Actually, He probably loves it more.

When we discover that nugget of wisdom He placed in our hearts He smiles. When we let Him remove a rock of something that didn't need to be there; He rejoices. When we take some wobbly steps into a new direction, or a higher level, He is ecstatic.  We are His children and He loves us as we are. However He is overjoyed and the changes we have allowed and anticipates the wonder of what we will discover if we allow Him to lead us to higher places or deeper places; depending on where He is taking us at the time.

My children trust me wherever I take them. They know I will be there. They know I will take care of them. That is how we are to trust the Father.