Friday, August 26, 2011

Tweens...the grand adventure

It is that time of has begun.  There is homework to be done, a schedule to adhere to books to keep up with and of course open house.  The kids show off their classrooms, some things they have done and wait with a little anxiety to hear the teacher say they are doing just fine.  In the midst of it all, you have to find time for love and encouragement while trying to get it all done. 

As of late I have felt inadequate, overwhelmed and out of my element.  Because when it all boils down to ladies and gentleman I am NOT "smarter than a 5th grader"!  When did math become so complicated?  As I look at my son's text book, I think...there is no way we learned that in 5th grade.  I am astounded by all he is already learning and feel unable to help.  I am ...but it is a feeling.  One that I haven't had a in a while.

 I remember those first weeks in motherhood, after being introduced to this tiny bundle of sweetness, crying, cooing and spit up.  It was in those weeks I learned, all those years of babysitting, being a day care teacher and a nanny did NOT prepare me for motherhood.  The books didn't tell me about supersonic poos that easily cleared 6 feet out of the diaper and necessitated a bath for anyone and  anything with a 6 foot radius.  It did not prepare me for sleep deprivation or the fear of knowing something was wrong with your baby but no doctor would listen.  It also did not prepare me for the depths of love and willing sacrifice I would feel and go to for my child. 

Now I stand at the precipice of the teen years.  Childhood, young child hood for my son is almost behind us.  He is about to enter............the TWEEN ZONE.  In some ways he already has entered it.  I again am experiencing..all the newness of having a child who is no longer a child but yet he is.  It is limbo land.  Somewhere between childhood and teenager without a map.  Yet, I see glimpses of the man he will become.  What  fine, upstanding man he will be.  He is compassionate and loving.  He is kind and caring.  Sometimes he can be a bit cranky and procrastinate (hmmmm I wonder...who he gets that from...checks to see if my "label" is showing). 

I being a Mommy and decidedly female, do not get the whole boy thing. 

A little  boy one second....something entirely alien the next.  (Did aliens switch him while I wasn't looking).?

Giggly and silly and full of jokes part of the day...moody and stormy another.
Yes...folks I think we are hitting the beginning stages of puberty.  Or as he asked me the other day "mom when I go through pubity, will I be able to grow  a mustache?  When  can I shave...cause I think...see right there on my chin..I think that might be a hair"

Now, his Daddy does and he helps.  However, my son needs to learn from me as the biggest female influence in his life , at the moment. My responsibility to him is to nurture without coddling, to be firm with mercy and to no matter what show him love. Now, I have no issue with the loving part..I have that down pat.  But when the tween attitude rears, I find it hard not to go a little heavy on the firm.  So this is a learning process for us both.

However, the tools in my arsenal include prayer and faith.  Thank GOD for these.  I could not travel this road without them.  As I traverse uncharted territory I trust God to lead me. 

My love for this child, I mean young man grows and changes with him.  It grows deeper, it expands and it learns. 

That is another thing......I didn't get totally, until I had kids...Love learns.

So we are off on this grand adventure...and I have my arsenal, prayer, the word of God and lest we forget...for when I need it...COFFEE, calgon and chocolate. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, August 15, 2011

A kindergarten tale

Twas the night before kindergarten and all through the house giggles and wiggles echoed  my joy as I layed down in my bed.

I slept most soundly with visions of pencils and crayons and a nice teacher in my head.

Up before the sun I sprang rather slowly and could not eat
but hurried to get dressed with spiffy shoes on my feet.
Breakfast was done and now it was time to wait
for the clock to read half past eight.
I thought this day would never arrive
and waiting was almot too much to survive.
Finally Mommy said those wonderful words
It is time to go.
On with my backpack and lunch box too
posing for pictures is just something you have to do.

Off in flash, how much I have grown
with grins and "pinky tails" to be shown.
We arrived at the school with time to spare
and had lots of things with my friends to share
Time for more posing for mommy to see
what a big girl God has made me to be

Who is that coming down the hall
it's my teacher coming to line us up straight and tall

Standing in line waiting to see
what my next adventure will be

Bye Mommy I love you so much but I am ready for this day
and I will see you later is what I have to say

And off I go hand in hand
with my teacher to Kindergarten land

I arrived home with smiles galore
and happy with all kindergarten has in store
I have a bright future it is plain to see

but I was so glad to have brother, and sister and mommy to walk home with me.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A new Era has begun

I am no longer going to be a mom with children at home during the day.  I have been a stay at home mom for almost 11 years. 

I have changed countless diapers, wiped noses again and again, kissed boo boos, mended toys and read stories. Now they will all be at school and Mommy's job has a new definition. While I will still do lots of those things, my children will be in the hands of others for a large part of the day.

I will now be the peruser of all things homework.  I will listen to their day and decipher what needs a listening ear and what need intervention.  I did some of this before but still had that last little one at home to offer the balance.

Our family is shifting, changing and growing.  While part of me says this is bitter sweet.  Another part of me says this is magnificent.  Change brings growth.  Families grow and change together and learn new things.  It is good. 

Hopefully, a job that works with the children's schedule will come into play.  When that happens, I will become the "working mom".  Now we all know that all mom's work.  However, I will be learning too.  I will learn to juggle, job, home, church, social lives of 3 children and much more.

I am up to the task.  And I look to the future with anticipation of what God is going to do through us and in us.  I want to prepare my children for the destiny God has called them to. I want to be the Mom, my kids know, prays about everything. The Mom they can come to about anything and know acceptance is not based on performance, but based on unconditional love.

Lord, let me be who you want me to be.  Let me say what you want me to say. Let me make a difference in this world and in the lives of  my children. Let my life count for you and your will.

Let me teach with love, discipline with mercy and hope in all things.  Let my children see the light of Jesus in all my words, actions, deeds.  May my hands be those to bless others.  My words be those that build up and never tear down.
Let me support my husband in ways seen and unseen.  May our home always be a soft place to land and a warm blanket of love with the light of love shining like beacon to all who see it.