Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Getting Fit, Toddler Style

This morning in the interest of getting my somewhat overweight body in shape, I begin a work out video. I am determined to get in shape and lose 28-30 lbs. I am slightly overweight and need to get in shape. Anyway, as I began my work out Jennifer joined in. The ladies on the video had work out mats. I do not. Not to be left out of the work out mat look, she went and got herself a dish towel and laid it on the floor. Then proceeded to copy me and the women on the video. First, she can't jump yet. She can do everything else and more that most two year olds can do except jump with feet leaving the floor. So her form of jumping jacks is quite humorous, hands flapping up and down, knees bouncing as she tries her best to conquer gravity and leave the ground. As the 30 minute work out continued she continued. Half way through, I am huffing, puffing, gruntint, and groaning. Jennifer jumped right in to do the same funny noises mommy was making. After all this must be part of the new fascinating game Mommy was doing. At one point while doing a floor exercise, I had to stop. I moaned, the words "I can't make it". She stretched out just like Mommy, and with the same inflection and fake exhausted tone she said "I not going make it". I have never seen anything so funny. I did continue my work out after a minute breather but my dear daughter's style is so cute and so funny. I think she will be my inspiration to continue. She had so much fun. Me, not so much, but I am getting fit. I will have to take some pictures one day of her doing exercise. I would have my husband take pictures of the two of us, but I am not a coordinated person AT ALL, so the thought of my image being posted here while doing aerobic exercise, well, let's just say that has NO chance of happening. So me and my little work out buddy will be doing some form of exercise daily. I may resort to some of the kid workouts available to me on demand through my cable. Might be easier and I know Jennifer would love it. So now this exhausted mommy is going to try and make a healthy lunch of soup and cheese quesadillas, light on my cheese, heavy on hers. After all my little girl does NOT need to lose weight. Just mommy.