Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 10--Joy.....unspeakable

My son lives life with joy.  He sees life with the glass is half full aspect.  He finds joy in the journey and shares his joy with others. This is how we should live life...with joy unspeakable because it comes from within.


Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 9....2 Chronicles 7:14


Lord, I cry out to you for our world, our country, our city, our homes and our families. We NEED you, LORD.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Been Awol....on my blog

Because of illness, but hopefully I can get back in the swing of things.  It is funny, how we as Moms put off getting things checked out until we just have to be seen. If we'd check out that unending "allergy attack" sooner, then it would not turn into an infection of mass proportion.  We need to not only stop to smell the flowers.............we need to give our bodies a break every once in a while. We do not have to be Super Mom. After all, Super Mom is a myth.
So take time, smell a few flowers, enjoy the beauty of the fall or the simple pleasure of a late afternoon fall looking at the world around you. Take time to laugh a little, dance a little, and play a little.


The Master's Art Work........Day 8


He is the Creator and His handiwork is so beautiful. Each leaf so beautiful and unique, just like us. His handiwork declares His glory.  He takes care of the smallest sparrow and each and every part of nature. If I can just always remember on the hard days, how much more He cares for me. He is painting my heart, life and soul with the same tender care He has painted each leaf and my life is in His hands. I yield to His control so that my life can be a masterpiece of love. There are times He has to correct what I tried to do myself but He can take the flaws and turn them into beauty.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 7...This Old Barn

On our trip to the JBQ meet we saw some beautiful countryside. This old barn spoke to me, on how it doesn't matter how old we are or how worn out we feel, we are beautiful.  God uses us and He created us for a purpose. The purpose He has for us is unique to each of us.  We each have a specific plan for us. He uses us,  He equips us and He knows us to our very core.  He knows how to take what He put in us and use it for His glory.  God can use us, even when we don't feel like we have anything to offer.  All of us are important. All of us have something special to do for Him.  He never fails us or leaves us unequipped.  He can speak beauty through and old barn and so He can certainly sow beauty into someone else's life and heart through us and use someone else to do the same to us.  

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 6...curiosity

Curiosity leads us to learn.....and grow and want to know more. As we walked at the park today my girls were filled with curiosity and I enjoyed it. Is there a bird in the bird house?  Do you hear the water flowing in the creek?  What happens if we put a leaf in the stream?

Isn't this leaf cool, Mom??

And what happens if we spin this swing ............FAST?

The questions of children are endless but never boring.  We as adults could use some curiosity.  I love seeing things through their eyes.

We came to one place at the park shaped kind of like the bow of a ship and Hannah said.......
It looks like the Titanic......lol. Now, she has never seen that movie........but it is what came to her mind...

The fun of childhood brought on by curiosity.........was priceless. What a great afternoon we had, waiting for brother to finish his after school tutoring.  These are the moments, that are treasured for a life time.

Lord, let me be like a child.  Let me be curious about the things of God. Let me ask questions and seek to know more.  Let me see You with all the possibility and faith a child sees You with.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 5.......And a little child shall lead them...

We had to go to the mall last night to get Hannah's glasses fixed. Jenny's shoes came untied. She is learning to tie but can't quite manage.  So her brother and sister each helped her out.

 I love how they do not think twice about helping someone.  They love to help others.  We are working on finding a way to help out some of the people who stand at the red light and ask for money. We don't have much to offer, but I am working on kits with a bottle of water, a snack, soap, etc etc in it.  So the idea on pinterest.  My kids always ask, can we help them mom? Now I don't carry money on me.  However, once I get our kits together we will keep them in the car and give our fellow man a drink of water at least.  I want them to help others. They love it, and so should we as adults.  My kids see them as someone that needs help. We adults, usually only see them as someone that needs a hand out. Jesus would say help them.  So I am working on a way to do this.  I want to be Jesus' hands extended.  I want to give water to the thirsty and food to the hungry.  I want to make a difference and teach my children you are never to big or too busy to help someone in need.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 4--Rain

Rain.........I love the rain, listening to it, watching it, even standing in the rain.  We all know rain is beneficial and how much rain is needed.  Yesterday, as it rained and rained I watched as the Fall leaves began falling with the rain.  The land preparing for winter, the earth receiving nourishment from its' creator.  And I know God is speaking to my soul.......do not worry about tomorrow. I watched some birds darting in and out of branches when the rain would soften..chirping their merry way. They were not frustrated or aggravated with the rain, rather seemed to enjoy it.  They were not fretful but as they fluttered, they fluffed their wings as if rinsing dust and debris off. The one bird I watched the longest was happily chirping along and content about her circumstances.  Her song was joyful and free.

How do I react to the rain that comes my way?  Do I worry and fret or do I trust my Father to take care of me.  Sometimes, to be honest, I worry, I fret and I grumble.  So, off base and to busy with my fretting to hear the still small voice in the rain........whispering.....Be Still and Know that I am God.  Whispering, do not worry for if I care for each sparrow that falls how much more I care for you. Whispering, sweet, precious words to me, to let me know the storms and rain that fall are for a purpose.  I may not see it now. I may not feel it now, but I can praise Him and dance in the rain like that little bird danced.  So today, I say, Lord, forgive me for my fretful ways.  Let me rest in the assurance that YOU are in control and that worry gets me nothing but frustration. However, if I will stop to praise You in the rain, and dance in the rain, things will be different because my attitude will be different.

So, whether physical rain, spiritual rain, or the rains that life brings........go dance in the rain.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 3....Dreams........

Better late than never...I forgot to do day 3 yesterday....

Dreams come in all shapes and sizes including of a pint sized boy who wants to drive.  Mom he said, "When I get my license, I will drive you wherever you want to go so you can take a break".  The sweetness of his statement was that although his wish to drive is shown, but it also shows his concern for someone else.

God gives us big dreams and small dreams. Do I included others in my dreams?  Do I share my dreams with others, or to I hide them under secrecy hoping one day they will come true.

Children actively dream, and hope and wish. A dream to them is more than a dream. It is a possible, regardless of big or small, possible or seemingly impossible. Their dreams are alive.  Adults dreams are as thin as vapor, easily let go of or lost.  We need to hold onto our dreams through Christ.  Let Him place the dreams in our hearts, planted  for the use of serving others.  Then we need to water those dreams with the Word and prayer and let God grow it to maturity or decide," this is not the dream I want, but I want to change it, because it will better serve my purpose for you".

So whatever you dream, that God has planted, let it live, let it grow and embrace it like children do.  God is the maker of dreams.  Let Him be your dream maker and dream weaver as He weaves your life into the tapestry He is making your life into.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made, created for a purpose and the dreams He plants are designed for a reason and He will bring them about, or He may even change them, BUT His dreams are the best dreams because they will bring Him glory.

He just wanted to sit at the wheel for awhile." I know I can't drive yet, but I wanted to see what if felt like behind the wheel."