Thursday, November 27, 2008

Best EVER Turkey Recipes

Turkey Done Right, according to my children:

Christopher's Recipe:

Get an 18 inch 100 lb turkey
Put some seasonings, garlic and cheddar cheese on it.
Take it to Oma's and Opas
Cook @ 300 degrees for 8 hours.

Hannah's Recipe:

Get a 14 lb turkey
Put juice in it and brown seasoning
Put in the oven on 16 degrees.
Cook for 14 hours, 14 minutes and 14 seconds
Cook until brown
Take it to Oma's and Opa's and eat it.

Jennifer's Recipe:

Get a high turkey.
Put M&M's on it.
Cook it for 2 minutes on 8 minutes HOT.
Eat with Papa

There you have it folks the best turkey recipes known to man kind.

Now aren't we glad we left the cooking to the grown ups this year and are very THANKFUL the kids are NOT allowed to touch the oven.

Happy Thanksgiving! My pies are done, my cookies are done, my mac and cheese is done, my corn is done, my bread is done and we are about to take it all over to the in-laws for thanksgiving dinner. God is good all the time and all the time God is good.