Monday, November 17, 2008

Pre-K dropout? my chuckle of the day

This morning on the way to school, my Hannah informed me:

"Mommy I am done with Pre-K, I am ready for kindergarten cause I am FIVE"!.

She then went on to inform me that she wanted to be in Dougie's class (my sister's son) and she would sit in the front and Dougie could sit in the back so they would not get in trouble.

She also informed me that she would take her teachers Ms. Jamie and Ms. Shelley WITH her to Kindergarten.

I finally convinced her that since she WILL still be 5 when she starts kindergarten it will be okay to finish Pre-K.

My dear little Diva, thinks she has gone beyond the Pre-K set and is so ready for Kindergarten.

My children never cease to make my heart smile.