Thursday, September 30, 2010


Time is so fleeting.  It gets away from me so quickly.  I have so many intentions to get A, B, or C done and it doesn't.  I am working on a more concise schedule but it fails my brain to figure out how to get it done.  There are things that MUST be done each day.  So there are other things that fall by the way side.  Balance is hard to find.  I refuse to get discouraged. 

I must find more time to watch and pray. 
Time to with my kids, just play.
Time to let my husband know how much he means to me
Time to smell the flowers and watch a bumble bee
Time is hurrying by
and I just stand aksing why.
Oh Lord, let me always have time for You
and to think about what it is you want me to do.
Help me bring you glory each day
and never ever forget to pray.
(copyright Thelma S. 2010)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Life....has a way of changing your plans

Especially for keeping up in blog land.  I am trying though.

Jenny fell down the stairs on Friday night.  She hit her head and her left shoulder and arm.  She was acting dazed and would not move her arm at all.  We had our first visit to the ER in Chattanooga.  We had not been to an ER since well I think...November 2009!  Good thing is...prayer works.  Her arm is not broken..just a severely bruised shoulder..into the muscle.  And NO concussion...Praise the LORD!

I am have not done as well with getting PreK done every day as I would like.  She has been tired due to many things and so have I.  We will get the hang of this.

She has learned a lot already.  I just need to learn to work my schedule and not let my schedule work me.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed and feel like I am doing her a disservice.  However, deep down I know that isn't true.  She is learning stuff and I don't need or have to compare her to other children and what they can do.  But that competitive mommy wants to rise up and get her ahead of where she is right now.  But she is right where she needs to be.  She is bright and happy and knows so much.  Now if only Mommy can settle down and just let fun and learning happen.  She has no idea that I have been stressed out about what she can and can't do yet...LOL.  Thankfully, I haven't passed that on to her.  But I need to chill out before it does. 

God will bless what I am doing.  I just have to get competitive, want to do it all perfect Mommy out of the way.  I can't do everything perfect.  I am just me.  She can learn from just me and do great, when I relax.

So this week I am going to tweak the schedule a bit and figure out a better way to do things.  My prayer is that God will help me focus on what is important and let go of the things that are just mere fluff in comparison.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Honestly.....I have not forgotten blog land

Life is crazy busy.  I guess I didn't realize how busy I would get after school and homeschool PreK started.  Add in the ever abundant allergies I am suffering since moving here and the benadryl stupor and you have a recipe for neglecting the blog.  So my dear blog friends...I am making an attempt to make a come back.  I really would like to blog Jenny's PreK experience if I can just be disciplined enough to get it all done.

Oh and less we forget the laundry monster has camped out at my house and I am perpetually behind on laundry.  Add in the ever present need to keep the house in order and I feel like there is not enough of me to go around.  Then and only then do I see a possible use for cloning (no I do not believe in cloning) in having an extra me to go around at times.

The kids are doing great!  Christopher is in the BEST health he has ever been in his LIFE!  We believe he has had a healing and at a recent allergy test there was a significant change in his asthma and allergies.  We just gotta get the blood tests to back that up.  WHEN he can be free from the dreaded allergies we are going to have a party.  We are going to have pizza, ice cream and cake.  Oh that will be a wonderful day; when I shout it from the mountain tops that our son is HEALED!  His asthma is almost non existent!  I am in awe of what God is doing in his body!

The girls are doing great.  Hannah loves first grade and has quite a gaggle of giggly girls and boys she talks about daily.  She reads like no body's business!  She is a good girl too.....and well.......because of genetics along with nurture.......a chatter box.  Not that I would KNOW where she received the chatty Cathy gene..LOL. 

Jenny is blossoming.  She talks non stop as well.  She comes up with stuff that blows my mind.  Right now her favorite super heroes and she will tell you are: God the Father, Jesus and God the Holy Spirit.  Said in the adorable way PreK kids have of making r's into w's and other common missteps in pronunciation. 
Mom, do you have to take so many pictures. Taken early one summer morning after we first got up.

In any case......let's just say I am back.  I am going to purpose to make 1 post a week but try for 1 per day.  Let's just see what happens from here.