Monday, November 17, 2008

The Suggestion Box

I have been working and thinking and trying to come up with ideas to not only make things at home go better but to make my blog more readable, more interesting, more fun but at the same time promote my faith and passion for Christ. It isn't always easy to balance life, home, church, school and all the demands of life; much less a daily blog. So, I am inviting you to comment and list some of the ideas you have found that makes your blog work, be more readable, attract readers, etc.

Now if my children could put notes in the HOME Suggestion Box this is some of what they would list:

1. Cookies for breakfast-- although sometimes this would be good, it is NOT going to happen no matter how cute the face that asks.

2. 24/7 television access-- This will not be happening either as I do like my children's bright minds and creative imagination. Some tv, okay 24/7 of cartoons, Dora, the Doodle Bops, Caillou, Winnie the Pooh or even Veggie Tales.......I'd be insane.

3. Macdonald's for dinner every night-- first off I do NOT like fast food. Secondly, if my kids ate there every time they wanted, they'd be as round as they are high.

4. Spend hours on end in the bath-- While, I am so glad they love their baths, I like my children wrinkle free.

5. Play time with Mommy and Daddy ALL the time--Yes, I love playing with my children, however the house must be cleaned at some point and food must be cooked, so I need a bit of a break between play periods.

These are but a few of the "suggestions" that my children have for me.