Saturday, September 22, 2018

Life as I know it

It's been almost a year...will be a year in 4 days, since I last wrote here on my blog. I want to get started back up and keep at it...intentions are there but I always forget.

Here I am a year later and I have lost 35 plus pounds doing Trim Healthy Mama (no infringement of copyright is intended).  I was probably 165 pounds, maybe more.  I now am 127.5 lbs. I have fallen off the wagon, so to speak as of late and am trying to get back to the right kind of eating before the weight catches up with me again.

Since last year, I have also gone back to work full a PreK 5 teacher. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  The kids are full of energy and joy and some mischievousness for sure. I love my "bosses"...I put that in quotes because they are more like family than bosses.  I love my coworkers. This was a God-designed job and I am walking in my calling.  I am happy and fulfilled.

That being said, I am still working on balancing work and household chores.  Not an easy task for me, since I am not the most organized person, but I am trying.  So that's the latest in a nutshell.

Hopefully, I can get this blog started back up. I am also considering doing a Vlog but don't even know how or where to start.  Time will tell, and that is life as I  know it...for now.