Thursday, September 24, 2009

Horton Hatches an Egg

Today I read this to my son's class for read to succeed day. Now normally, I love Dr. Suess. But the bird in the story leaves her egg in the care of Horton who makes a commitment to sit on the egg no matter what and he means it 100 percent. Now I like the moral of the story that hard work and commitment pay off. But seriously, the mother bird goes off on vacation and decided to stay because raising her egg is too hard? Seriously? Then when she comes upon Horton and the egg hatches she wants it back. Now, I get the book is about Horton's dedication and that that pays off. The baby ends up looking like Horton and everyone is happy. But really what kind of message is it, that a mother bird would leave her baby cause it is too hard.
We have all felt the weight of motherhood and all it puts upon us. Yet, there is nothing in this world that would keep me from being there for my children, even when it's hard. I do get the story isn't about that, but when I read that part of the story aloud, my heart near about jumped from my chest in horror. Horton's adventures teach good moral lessons, like a person is a person no matter how small. This story is a good story. But my heart is troubled by the hidden message given by the mother bird. Seems to say that some mothers deem it too hard to be a mom and don't want anything to do with the child until all the work is done. I guess you do see that in real life. However, love, the message of true love was not shown. Horton I guess in a manner showed love, but it was more about his dedication. He sacrificed a lot to keep the bird safe, but it was out of duty more than love.
Don't get me wrong. I do like the story. The message about hard work and dedication in the face of adversity is a good one. However, should we not do those things not out of duty but out of love In the end Horton wants the bird too, but because of the hard work he put into it, and not necessarily because he loved the baby bird.
We must have dedication and commitment but without love we have nothing. I never knew a child's story book could put me in such a contemplative mood.
I think I like Horton hears a who better. He takes care of the Who's because he cares and believes a person is a person no matter how small. Despite the mayor not believing him, he perseveres and saves the Who's. The Mayor learns too. But in this story about the egg.....something is missing. I guess I should have read it before I read it to the kids. was Horton...Dr. Suess....I thought surely nothing would be wrong with the book. I guess there wasn't per se, but it just troubled me about the mother's attitude and how it was presented in such a nonchalant way. The kids gasped and said "that's not nice" when I read that part. But they were happy with the ending. Still am I weird that this bothered me? LOL

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fly Little Butterfly Fly

Okay my friend over at It's Time for the Burkalater wrote a bog entry about her daughter's first day of kindergarten and the emerging of a butterfly they were taking care of on the same day. And well, it brought tears to my eyes as I thought of my own little Butterfly that started Kindergarten this year.

Here is the link:

As I read what she wrote, I thought about how my butterfly is soaring too. She not only had taken to Kindergarten like a duck to water......she is emerging into a beautiful little lady.

She has joined the Junior Forerunners at the River of Life Assembly of God. This is a drama dance praise and worship team at the church. They do drama like dance to praise and worship music. We had tried Junior Bible Quiz with her but it was not a fit for her. However, she has taken to this class and team like it was made for her. I am watching my baby soar and fly on fledgling wings as she learns a new way to worship her Lord. She comes back bubbly and excited and talking about Jesus and her class. Her leaders say she is doing well and she LOVES it and it shows. My baby is growing up. She leaves with the group from the church without Mommy and Daddy and we pick her up later. She does it "all by herself". My butterfly is flying and she is beautiful!

We are not Helpless and We are not Hopeless

Darlene Landreth from Chatanooga TN, spoke at our ladies meeting last night. It was powerful and it was awesome. God is our DADDY. We are HIS children. He did not create helpless children and HE gave/gives us hope. There is nothing formed against us that can stand. We are not bound by despair through Christ, because He is our burden bearer. He is our HOPE, our STRENGTH, our JOY. He IS!

As the power of God fell last night, I watched God do great and mighty things. I was blessed last night and God gave me a word for my children. I have really struggled as of late, with Christopher's eating, health, and growth issues. However, there is NOTHING the enemy has formed against my children that can tear them from the mighty hand of God. My children love God. My son and one of my daughters has given their hearts to Jesus at early ages. My other daughter is protected because she is not yet old enough to make that decision. Sure trials may come, and they may face things thrown in their path. BUT......He will not abandon them. He will not allow them to be crushed. My son WILL be healed. However, God impressed upon me that some of Christopher's issues and the desire to be free from them has to come from him. The Lord wants Christopher to decide if he is going to trust God with his eating or if he is going to let fear win. He is old enough to understand some of this. God has a great and mighty plan for my children. He has given them a destiny and a purpose. But they MUST CHOOSE to trust God. While they are young I am teaching them in the way that they should go. I must TRUST God to do the rest. I am going to put this on a level my son can comprehend and I am going to talk to him. I am going to explain that the reason he is not eating is not due to an illness. It is something Christopher has to decide within himself to do. We can't make him and God will not force him. God wants my son to TRUST him. As I ponder these thoughts, the burden I was feeling weighing heavy on my heart after last night's service has been lifted. Clarity has been given. My son is almost 9. He has accepted the Lord as his Savior. He is walking in the Spirit. So Christopher, must choose, not Mama, not Daddy, not Pastor David, not Oma, not Opa, not Pastor Minnick.....Christopher must decide if he trusts the Lord enough to help him with these issues. How I will explain it on his level; I am not sure yet. But God will give me the words. God has let me see this is not my battle and it is not Christopher's battle but it is the LORD'S battle. However, Christopher and myself must give the battle to him and not try to fight it ourselves.

My child will walk free from the fear of foods and change. My child WILL walk in health and strength for my son has been called for a great and mighty purpose yet to be revealed. My daughters WILL walk in Jesus all of their days. They will live pure and holy lives and walk into the destiny God has birthed within their hearts. As I watch my Hannah's zeal in the Forerunner program and see her love for worshipping the Lord.....I see a mighty worshipper for God. I see something in my daughter's eyes I can not explain. As I watch Jennifer, and her gift for making people laugh and smile.....I see the gifts God is placing in her. I choose to TRUST God with those purposes He has put in their hearts. HE will use those gifts for HIS glory.

The clarification is crystal clear today about what God wants in my children. My family will serve the Lord. My husband and I WILL walk in ministry. He has us in a place for now.....a place of waiting.....a place of growing........a place of basking........a place of learning.....but it is NOT a place of idleness. It is a place to minister where we are and in the tasks He has given us.

I must minister to my husband, my children, the little ones I watch and nurture what God is growing in each of them and I must guard my heart and let HIM grow in me what is trying to burst forth....because I am NOT HELPLESS and I am NOT HOPELESS. I am a woman God can use in many ways........IF I humble myself and bow my will and my way to HIM.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Children and faith

My kids have a deep sense of God and it awes me. The other day we were driving back from Walmart and Hannah said and I quote "Mommy if you have the Holy Spirit in your heart every willl keep the devil away". I could not have said it better myself.

On the same ride Jennifer who I could see in the rear view mirror at the stop light......looked up.....stretched her wee hands toward heaven and said "Jesus come to me"......acted like she had something in her hands and hugged it to her and kissed it. Her brother said but Jennifer, Jesus has to live in your heart. Jennifer said "But I holds Him in my hands and wuvs Him".....well if we all held Jesus not only in our hearts but in our hands as well.....would we not have a better world?

Christopher's prayers are so deep, so precious, so faith filled I can't even put them into words. He loves his Lord with all his little heart, mind, body and soul.

They astound me. Their love for God, their deep blows me away. Yes we have taught them but it is their faith, their belief that is growing. God is doing a mighty thing in my children and I am awed and humbled. It is these moments that make life as a Mom easier. It is these moments that make the hard moments worthwhile.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I will overcome........

  • Preschool angst of my 3 year old who is crabby today

  • My out of sorts self.

  • My messy house (it isn't good today).

  • The fact we have NO money due to a banking error.

  • My headache

  • No energy

  • Not sleeping

  • The crayons my sweet daughter decided to stow away through out the house in several different hiding places.

  • My fatness, lack of exercise.

I am a work in progress. I am trying so hard to change and let God change me. Today, I am struggling, yet again. I am frustrated with myself. I CAN do better but this week I have not had any energy or motivation. I have to push through. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I know that. I am trying.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How can a child Stall? Let me count the ways...

  1. Put on sock

  2. Adjust sock.

  3. Get up do a little dance.

  4. Wrestle with little sister's BIG Elmo

  5. Put on 2nd sock

  6. Adjust sock

  7. Skate in the kitchen with socks

  8. Take off jammies

  9. Do a little dance in you underwear

  10. Put on pants

  11. Decide to check backpack

  12. Skate some more in the kitchen

  13. Put on shirt

  14. Wrestle with BIG Elmo some more and annoy sister.

  15. Walk around in circles singing a song

  16. Go to bathroom to brush teeth but don't start yet

  17. Make faces and googley eyes at self in mirror

  18. Put tooth paste on brush

  19. Do a little dance, break it on down.

  20. Brush teeth

  21. Swish water in mouth and do a whale spout with water

  22. See if you can make a "basket" trying to toss toothbrush into cup for toothbrushes.

  23. Do victory dance whether you make the "basket" or not.

  24. Put on shoes

  25. Check back pack again

  26. Annoy sister again, beat up Elmo (get scolded for being mean)

  27. Pout

  28. Stomp around some (get corrected)

  29. Realize Mama ain't PLAYIN

  30. Suddenly......your ready