Wednesday, November 12, 2008

100 things about me

I was inspired by Rebekah over at Sweet tea with Lemon to do this. I never did celebrate my 100th post, which has come and gone. So I guess you might get to know a bit more about me than you ever thought you would.

1. I was born again when I was 6 years old. My twin and I walked the aisle hand in hand to accept Jesus as our Savior.

2. I was born in 1968 but most of my memories are from the 80's including the neon colors, leg warmers and BIG, no I mean GIANT hair.

3. I knew at 12 years old the Lord had called me to ministry as a pastor's wife.

4. A very precious pastor's wife saved my life from the devastating grips of anorexia, simply by caring enough to see the problem and ask me daily was I trying to get out of it, prayer and friendly counsel. Although at that time, I did not realize she was "counseling" me.

5. My twin and I went our separate ways for college. She went to the University of Florida and I went to what was then Southeastern Bible College (it is now a university).

6. I did NOT meet my preacher charming at SEC, although I was sure I would.

7. I lived with my sister for several years after college before she got married (the jerk since left her simply because she wanted to live for Jesus and he didn't anymore).

8. In 1995?, I "met" this dude on line. He was nice, we chatted and chatted some more then we started calling each other.......well the rest is history.

9. I met my intended in 1997 for the first time in person. The minute I opened the door, God spoke to my heart and said "This is your husband". I thought, God, your nuts, one does not marry the man she met on the internet. But that's all she wrote.

10. I worked for the State of Florida for many years and soon lost my view of the world through rose colored glasses. I found out what people will do to their kids for reasons only God can understand and went through a deep depression. God rescued me out of that depression, through medication (gasp), Christian counseling and lots and lots of prayer.

11. I received my Master's degree in Social Work in August of 1999.

12. October 9, 1999 I married my "internet dude" we had dated over the phone and the internet and flew back and forth from FL to NY to spend time together. I stayed at his parents, he stayed at my dad's etc. So after marriage, this FL girl moved lock stock and barrel to Long Island, NY.

13. In December 1999 I had surgery for severe, fertility threatening endometriosis.

14. On October 21, 2000 our first son was born. From the beginning his life would prove to have many challenges which he has faced like little David against Goliath.

15. My husband was away from us for 9 months due to a much needed training program preparing him for ministry. It was the hardest 9 months of our lives. My son was 5 months old when he left. I raised my son alone for the most part during that time. But my husband came back a different man. Much worth the investment and ready to see what God had in store for us.

16. Our son was continuing to have major health issues, could not tolerate foods and formula well and at 11 months had been sick more than he had been well.

17. On September 11, 2001, I stood in the WIC office getting my son's special formula as I watched horror unfold. The mood on Long Island, NY was so pervasive you could not breathe. Later that day, we learned that my husband's cousin (my husband was not yet home from KY at this time) who was a NYFD paramedic was killed when the towers came down.

18. On October 21, 2001 we celebrated Christopher's first birthday. That also was the day of my son's first asthma attack. A day that would prove just a taste of the many things we would face.

19. A few weeks later, our son was diagnosed with severe, life threatening allergies, to milk, eggs and peanuts. All things he had been getting in foods unknown to us because we did not know how to read labels.

20. In December 2001, one of the hardest days of my life occurred. We rushed Christopher to the hospital in full blown asthma attack. He was admitted with a pulse oxygen rate of 81 while on oxygen. My son, my sweet little son was no longer able to play, although he tried and he was grey. That day, I almost lost my first born child. As he lay in my arms hooked up to oxygen and monitors, God said "Give him to me". I said but God you gave him to me. God said "Give him to me". I said, Okay, God he is yours, I want my baby but if you want him take him home, just don't let him suffer. I leaned over, tears running down my face and whispered, "Son, I love you, Daddy loves, but Jesus loves you more. If it is too hard and you hurt too much and Jesus calls you home, go to Him. He will take care of you" I leaned back up and begin to rock and sing "Jesus loves me this I know". At that moment, my son began his slow ascent up the rock slope of recovery. He has faced many asthma attacks. He has looked death in the face many times since then but that day, was my Abraham experience. Would I trust God enough to let go, or would I hold onto the gifts that God had given and not share them.

21. In Feburary 2002 my son accidentely poured a glass of milk over his head. Immediately he began to react. I thought he could not reach the milk. He showed me to never underetimate a toddler. Every where the milk touched he looked scalded. The milk that ran into his mouth began to close his airway as he simultaneously tried to puke. The eye the milk ran into was th size of a golf ball. I called 911 and administered the epi pen. Hours later after IV benadryl, steroids and scripts for more steroids we were released. I was shaken to my core.

22. In Fall of 2002 my son was diagnosed with oral sensory issues. Go figure for the first year of his life every time he ate, he hurt because drs would not listen that something was wrong with my baby. Undiagnosed food allergies taught him, eating is painful. He began getting Occupational therapy.

23. In January of 2003 we were preparing to leave NY so Mike could attend Bible school for pastoral ministry. The trip was delayed somewhat. Christopher had tubes put in his ears and we ALL had the Norwalk Virus. Little did we know how that virus would effect our lives.

24. In Feburary of 2003 Mike and I were given an overnight trip to a bed and breakfast. Little did we know that 9 months later our real souveneir would arrive.

25. About this time, we noticed a lump on my husband's neck growing like crazy. My husband being the brave man that is and macho, did NOT want to go to the dr. Myself and his parents insisted. That led to a biopsy which led to surgery. I was sitting in the lobby when the call came waiting to here from the surgeon. I picked up the phone, "Mrs. S. Its cancer" Words that forever scarred my brain. He did say if you gotta have cancer its the best one to have. WHAT? His cancer was fast growing, had we not had it taken care of when we did, it would have metastasised. Only weeks after the viral illness turned on so to speak his cancer (what drs surmise) it was already 1 percent into lymph nodes. Had it encroached much more, the battle would have been harder.

26. After just recieving a positive pregnancy test my husband had a radio active iodine treatment. I was pregnant, he was radio active.......yeah we spent some time apart.

27. Finally in the end of May 2003, we moved ourselves to Florida. Our son was 2.5, I was about 12 weeks pregnant and had morning sickness, Mike drove the truck, I drove our car. It was a HARD trip.

28. We arrived in Lakeland, Florida and began our new lives and Mike began Bible college and worked full time at night.

29. On November 14, 2003, our little souveneir was born. Hannah. She was a little Diva from birth.

30. Life was difficult but we were making it. I learned that I could be a stay at home mom and juggle two children and husband gone so much we were like ships in the night.

31. In September 05, I had a miscarriage. I was devastated. Little did I know what we were about to face.

32. In early October, Christopher had an asthma attack and collapsed in my arms. I called my husband who raced home from school. We rushed him to the hospital. At the ER he was in SEVERE respiratory distress. Oxygen levels in the low 80s with O2. They asked us about his allergies, we told them. They gave him a treatment and he seemed to rally. A few hours later they came in with another treatment and said we are going to give him Atrovent. We did NOT know to ask about it. They decided to admit him because on high levels of O2 he was barely at 80 and not maintaining between treatments. On the floor, I noticed his face and all extremities were SCARLET RED and he was no longer talking or moving much, I said is that normal? They said what, he doesn't have a fever, I said no. They asked what he had in ER. I said Atrovent. The respiratory therapist said Uh, isn't he allergic to peanuts. I said Yes, why. He said Maa'm they aren't supposed to give kids with peanut allergy atrovent. Before my very eyes my son was crashing. He was admitted to intensive care on a continuous neb just shy of being intubated after steroids and IV benadryl. He was in intensive care 4 days, due to a medical mistake. That day we learned to ASK lots of questions when your child is given meds.

33. I ramble to much this is going to be a long READ sorry,

34. Was the above cheating, perhaps but I couldn't think at the moment and my dear daugher needed me to help her with the potty.

35. In November, we found out baby number 3 was on the way. We were not expecting to get pregnant so soon after a miscarriage.

36. My husband graduated from Southeastern University in May 2003

37. In June 2003 my husband recieved his licensure from the Assemblies of God as a licensed minister.

38. July 8th 2006 Jennifer was born.

39. In November 2006 we received our first position as associate pastor so we moved.

40. In July 2007, my husband was informed by the Senior pastor, it just "wasn't working out". My husband did nothing wrong but we were dismissed. There is a thread about it in my archives. We had 2 months to move.

41. In August 2007 we arrived in TN. We moved in 2 doors down from my twin sister.

42. Pretty much that is our life up to the present. Mike is an interim pastor at a small church here.

43. I am a sahm and keep the nursery at our church we are members at while Mike is interim pastor at a different church. It is a paid position, which we need right now. If we are given this church we will make the full move.

44. Mike preaches on Sunday mornings and Wendesday nights.

45. I can pick up things with my toes and write with my toes.

46. Barring a miracle we will have no other children. I made a wrong choice, thinking it was the right one and had my tubes tied. But in all things God is KING.

47. We struggle financially but I will not leave my children to go to work.

48. I am 20+ pounds overweight. My sister is a peanut. We are twins, people make rude comments. I am now trying to lose weight.

49. My 2 oldest children have asked Jesus in their hearts. We are nourishing what God has started and letting God lead them in a deeper walk as they grow,

50. I often fear I am not good enough to be a pastor's wife but God quickly puts me back on course.

51. My husband and my children are my joy.

52. I want to be a more organized homemaker but am organazationally challenged.

53. My inlaws moved to TN to be near us. This is both good and bad. (see archives).

54. I must have coffee in the mornings but this did not start til I craved coffee during my 2nd pregnancy.

55. I secretly dream and pray for a miracle of having another baby.

56. My husband is silly and nutty and makes my life wonderful.

57. My son has greater faith in his little finger than most adults. He talks to God and I have seen him try and "hear God". (see archives). He lays hands on people and headaches go away.

58. My middle daughter is truly a girly girl. She is full of sparkles and sunshine but also can turn to a mood on a seconds notice.

59. My baby daughter is our comedianne. Always happy, always full of joy. Eager to please, eager to help.

60. I have learned more about God the Father by being a parent than I ever knew possible.

62. My son just read a whole chapter book and said "Mommy, my head is so full my brain hurts". He cracks me up.

63. I have to go change a pull up, my baby daughter decided "I too tired for potty mommy".

64. I too often fall short of God's glory in spending time reading His word and talking to Him. I am working on it.

65. I miss Florida winters.

66. My dream vacation spot is the beach for a week with my family in a cabin on a secluded beach. Yeah, I said it was dream.

67. I have 1000s of pictures of my children on CD/dvd thingies but have not had any printed.

68. I tend to procrastinate too often.

69. I am horrid at math and when I try to help my son with addition, subtraction etc, I have to use my fingers. Sad, sad, sad.

70. We live in an apartment, I wish we lived in a house.

71. I held resentment for a long time against the Senior Pastor that dismissed my husband. Now, although what happened was unfair, I have forgiven and can see God's hand in it.

72. We are believing for a miracle for our son's healing for asthma, allergies and sensory issues.

73. I love chocolate but it is way too fattening, now I am going to eat my slice of chocolate cake after the kids go to bed and undo my work out.

74. All my children were C-sections, after the first one.

75. My first labor was 28 hours long, with a failed epidural and preeclampsia and having to be put under half way through the c section because I started feeling it.

76. Sometimes I wonder why I say/write the things that I do.

77. My dream is to be an author.

78. I seriously need a hair cut, but we can't afford it right now.

79. 100 things about yourself is harder than it looks and my life is not that exciting.

80. I waited for a long train to pass, while in labor with my last child. It was not fun. She decided to come BEFORE her scheduled c section.

81. I was given a 0% chance of survival at birth, good thing God doesn't take chances, He gives chances.

82. Doctors said I would be "retarded", would never graduate high school or amount to much.

83. The thing I most like about Fall in TN is the incredible colors on the trees. You do not get this beauty in Florida. It is beyond description.

84. I belong to like 6 or more message boards but only frequent 4.

85. I have blue eyes.....yes I am grasping at the moment.

86. My son says the best magic is the magic of family. We dont teach them about magic but this is what he just came up and told me.

87. My 4 year old (well 5 on Friday) who is shy for the most part, took to preschool like a duck to water and I am so proud of her.

88. I realize I talk about my family as if they are me, when describing me, but that is so true, they are a part of me.

89. I often feel like a failure as a wife and mother. God's still working on me.

90. God has blessed me in more ways than I can ever count.

91. Contrary to my children's belief I do not have super hearing BUT my ears are very sensitive to sounds and irritating noises that do NOT bother most people.

92. My children are very petite like me and I worry that my son especially will fall prey to bullies. I spend lots of time in prayer over this one.

93. I just lost it with my daughter Hannah, because she held the bathroom door shut while her baby sister was screaming....NO NO NO. I hate when I lose it. I feel bad, guilty you name it. I should have walked away, but I reacted.

94. I must, must have a glass of milk before I go to sleep at night or I can't sleep.

95. If I could change one thing about me, I'd be more patient in those moments like I mentioned in 93.

96. I should be doing any number of things instead of sitting here at the computer.

97. I second guess myself all the time, despite me knowing I have the ability to make good decisions.

98. I know God has equipped me but too often doubt that and try to do it by myself.

99. I wonder if years down the road my children will be glad I blogged about their childhood or embarrassed.

100. I love my Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart and soul.