Friday, November 21, 2008

Mother Letters

In surfing blog land, I ran across this. A man who is trying to give a non "money" purchased gift to his wife. He is compiling letters from mothers all over blog land to give to his wife at Christmas as a way of encouragement. What a beautiful thought. He realizes this job called motherhood, is a hard task and his gift of love is priceless.

Here is the link:

I have already sumitted my letter but here is what I have written:

Dear Mother

When the laundry is piling up and the dishes are never ending, hold on.

When you have more than one child puking and fevers are rising, hold on.

When you are at your lowest point, feeling as if you don't matter, hold on.

When you can't walk one more step, and there is no more left, hold on.

For times passes, children grow and you are stronger than you know.

In your children's eyes you do not have to be a super model or have riches untold. All you need is love. For your children think you are their hero. There is no one like Mom. Though at times they all seem to take you for granted, it is in the simple faith that Mommy will always do it we see trust. Trust that Mommy is always there, Mommy always listens, Mommy always prays, and Mommy always cares. Mommy's love will never fade.

For in your arms they learn that love forgives and keeps on loving no matter what they do. They learn so much from everything you give them. It does not have to come with fancy bows and ribbons are high costs, but the gifts you are giving them now is teaching them to store up their treasures in heavenly places.

It is from watching my son struggle to breathe during an asthma attack that I realized the connection between mother and child goes beyond description. We almost lost him that day and I felt the separation as his life was slipping away. It was by a sheer miracle my son survived. In telling him it was okay to let go and go to the Lord, I learned that sometimes a mother's love is so deep she'd rather let go than watch her child suffer one more second. So hold on, hold on to the gifts that God has placed in your little ones.

Even when we know we have made mistakes as a mother, our place in our children's eyes never fades. So hold on dear mother and know that everything you do matters. And the mistakes you make, that we all make.....or just that mistakes and they are overcome, but love, your love as a mother for your child will far outshine the mistakes. For when your children behold your face, to them you are the most beautiful creation upon the earth, because you are the first love they have ever known and the only earthly love that will endure for all eternity.


Shawna said...

Beautiful! And what a wonderful idea he came up with!!! We are also turning down our gifts from such monetary/commercial items to more meaningful things this year.

Thelma said...

us too.........for many reasons.