Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saving Money

Ahhhhh what is that sound? The sound of money saved. Yesterday, was payday. We had a specific amount of money we could spend on groceries. The last two times I went grocery shopping, it was beyond stressful and I ended up OVER budget just to get the barest of essentials. Today, after hearing about it from friends, I tried Aldi grocery store. WOW! I saved probably at least half of what I'd have spent at Publix!. Also I then went on over to Krogers, because there were a few items Aldi did not have. I bought for the most part, store brands. Only on a couple of things did I stay true to my normal brand. Partly because of Christopher's allergies. However, for the most part I went with store brand and only bought what was on sale with my Kroger customer card. I SAVED again! So for this week, I came in 25$ UNDER budget. Can you hear me smiling over the net? I did a jig in the car driving home. My girls thought "Mommy has lost her mind". But Jennifer said "Way a go Mommy" and Hannah said "Wahoo". Mike is at the Junior Bible Quiz meet so was not home. I called him and left a message for him to call. When he called back and I told him how much I saved; you could hear the man beaming over the phone. I have plans to make my savings bigger next time. But if I keep up learning to save at this pace, we might make it after all. Saving money is not just something we want to do, it is imperative to our very surival in this economy. Being a SAHM has its drawbacks, but WHEN I learn how to save money here and there and cut coupons effectively, then I will feel like I am being that Prov. 31 Mommy. What a RUSH! Saving that much money was like, beyond explainable. As I learn I will try to post tips, now and then on what I am learning. Some, maybe most people already know, maybe not, but this is just me, learning to save money and what helped.

Today's tips"

1. Go early on Saturday if that is your shopping day. Most people sleep in.

2. Shop discount store, no frills store, Sam's club etc.

3. Buy store brands when possible.

4. Buy true to customer card and reap the savings.

5. Do not buy things you don't need; i.e. those cookies and deli foods that tried to tempt me.

6. EAT FIRST before shopping. Do NOT shop hungry. (Shopping hungry has always been dangerous for me).

7. Go to more than one store if necessary.

8. Buy according to your list and stick to it.

9. Buy larger quanties of meat and divide it up after you get home instead of individually.

10. My most important tip, PRAY before you go and ask God to help you be a good steweard of what He has given you and to find the best bargains. YES....God cares about this too.