Thursday, March 22, 2007

Socks, binkies, and the vortex

What is that vortex that sucks in socks, binkies, and puzzle pieces? For that matter anything you need at a given time will be sucked into the vortex. It is huge, it is sneaky and it is ugly. That same vortex works in reverse when it comes to laundry. You think, "Oh I am just about caught up" then VIOLA, Laundry suddenly increases 10 times. So there must be some vortex in the lives of mothers. This same vortex sucks the energy right out of mom inversely proportional to the energy level in your child. The more energry your child displays the less you have. What's up with that? This same vortex seems to suck all responsibility and answers from a child when this child has done something wrong.

Who tore this up(knowing full well who did it)? I dunno with a shrug of the shoulders.
Now Hannah, I saw you tear up brother's paper. "No Mommy, Jennener(Jennifer) did it". "I a goooooooood girl".

This vortex works on husbands too. They have plenty of energry for certain things despite how little sleep or how hard they have worked. But you as that same husband to do a chore, start a load of laundry or take the kids out for an hour or so and suddenly, WHAM the vortex strikes and zaps eery ounce of energy from him. "Oh honey, I am so tired. It was such a hard day at work". uhhm, yeah, and I sat around and ate bon bons all day. Yes, this vortex strikes at all times of the day, in any weather condition and any season. If the item or clothing you are looking for is very important it is even harder to fight the vortex and find it.

It also works on babies. Only the vortex on babies does dastardly things. Such as; you have baby all dressed up in pink ruffles, frilly socks and patent leather shoes......and suddenly the vortex presses on the baby and she erupts from her diaper with the foulest poops known to man kind. Requiring not only a bath, but a change of clothes for both of you and the dreaded search for more baby socks that match. Yes, my friends the vortex, if we could find a way to fight the vortex, perhaps, just perhaps we could get ahead of the drool, messes, laundry, lost binkies and socks.

Then again if we didn't have the vortex our lives might be more boring.

And we would not have such humorous stories to embarrass our children with one day in the future.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wordless Wednesday--helping Mama with laundry

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

All about me......A to Z

:L. A.........that is lower Alabama mixed with North West Florida and Georgia. I grew up in the Florida panhandle and oh yeah I do have that good old southern accent ya'll.


DOG OR CAT: Niether but one day I want a beagle

ESSENTIAL ELECTRONICS: The Computer and my digital camera

FAVORITE COLOGNE: my allergies dont allow me to wear it

GOLD OR SILVER: Gold is my favorite when I actually get to wear jewelry

HANDBAG I CARRY MOST OFTEN: a green and white Sesame Street diaper bag......LOL

INSOMNIA: No, well unless you count the fact my one or the other of my children wake me up at least 6 times a night

JOB TITLE: Mom, chief cook, bottle washer diaper changer, and oh yeah I baby sit two kids during the day as well while my son is at school......and last but not least associate pastor's wife

KIDS: 1 boy age 6, two girls age 3 and 8 months

LIVING ARRANGEMENTS: 3 bedroom 2 bath house......on church property
MOST ADMIRABLE TRAIT: I think I am pretty easygoing and forgive quickly and dont hold grudges.
NAUGHTIEST CHILDHOOD BEHAVIOR: oh man do I have to admit this........I cut mine and my sister's hair, I stole Sunday School money out of my mom's purse, oh man I was a handfull

OVERNIGHT HOSPITAL STAYS: well I was sick a LOT as a child so was in the hospital a lot then. But other than that for my endometriosis surgery and for the births of my 3 children..

RELIGION: Assemblies of God

SIBLINGS: two brothers, one is 6 years older, the other 2 years older and my identical twin sister.

TIME I WAKE UP: way too early....usually 6 am.....thanks to my 3 year old.

UNUSUAL TALENT OR SKILL: I can pick up things with my toes and even write with my toes

VEGETABLE I REFUSE TO EAT: asparagus, brussel sprouts.....ick and since my last pregnancy raw tomatoes

WORST HABIT: thinking I am fat, being negative about myself, and disorganization

X-RAYS: hmmmmmm I think the last time was when I locked my hand in a car door.....yes people I LOCKED my hand in my car door, automatic locks......sigh yeah it hurt
YUMMY STUFF I COOK: just about anything.......LOL . I love to cook but dh and children like my fried chicken.....remember I am from the south......LOL

ZOO ANIMAL I LIKE MOST: I have to say the monkeys, especially the little minature ones with those wee little hands.......makes me think of baby hands......LOL

Is it time to go for a swim

Lately I have been overhwhelmed in this journey called motherhood.

With Christopher I want him to "grow up and act his age", when that is just what he is doing. He is 6 years old and he is acting just the way 6 year olds act. He is very bright and too often I expect him to be on the same level emotionally as his brain is mentally. That isn't fair. Because when you get down to it, yes he is bright but he is still only 6 years old. Yes, he has faith beyond his years, but he is only 6 years old. Why can't I enjoy the fact he is just a little boy and he needs me to treasure these childish moments. He asks, begs, pleads for me to play with him. Yet, too many times, I am "too tired" or "too busy right now". I have to stop that. How long would it take to just sit down and play with him for a bit and see the joy light his face like the sunshine in the eastern sky at dawn.

With Hannah, she at 3 years and a couple of months is finally interested in potty training again. She quit when the baby was born. Yet, I find myself impatient with the whole potty thing and wanting to rush her and yes even scold her. She IS trying.....but lately it hasn't been good enough for mommy cause mommy is tired of cleaning up her messes. That is so unfair. She is trying and she cant learn overnight. Yet sometimes that is how I act. She is such a happy little girl and sees beauty in everything, including mommy when I am at my worst. She tells me all the time "I just like you mommy". Yet do I want her to be like me with the poor attitude I have had lately. I dont want to crush her beautiful spirit. She is like a budding flower so beautiful, yet so fragile. Why can't I just let her go at her own pace and grow up like the Lord intended.

With Jennifer, at all of 8 months, lately I even get frustrated with her. She is still just a baby. She is so petite and so tiny and so precious. Yet I get frustrated when she loses her binky at 3 am and I have to get up and help her find it. Why cant I use that moment to gain an extra cuddle and sweet time with her without anyone else clamoring for attention. Instead, I try to reinsert the binky and see if I can get her back to sleep quickly. Yet those times I do take the time to hold her and cuddle her and not rush her back to sleep are so precious. She lays her little head on my shoulder as I pat her back and strokes my face with that tiny little hand. As if to say "Mommy, I am so glad you are here". She can't say I love you......but oh how she shows it.

Why is it I get so frustrated with my dear husband simply because he doesn't do things the way I WANT them done. He does help.....just not exactly the way I want. Help should be help and so many men don't help their wives. Many men aren't the awesome fathers to their children my husband is.

Why do I leave my Lord out so much. When He is calling me to a deeper place in Him. Yet, there I stand at the edge of the water dipping my toe in like I have something to fear. I have never had to fear anything the Lord has called me too. The water is nice and calm yet there I stand, still toe dipping instead of jumping in head first. Maybe it is time to go for a swim and find out what happens when I immerse myself in a deeper place in Jesus. Perhaps then all this frustration will be washed away by the calm, quiet waters of His presence. So maybe just maybe I need to go for a swim, no not maybe IT IS TIME to go for a swim. So I need to work on myself to make myself a better Christian, a better wife, and a better mom. I need to value each person in my family for who they are and look for the good in them. It is time to jump in, get wet and go for that swim.