Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Daughter's walk

I read the book "The Daughter's Walk"

This book is a fascinating look at the mother/daughter relationship and how forgiveness and holding on to bitterness and unforgiveness can effect someone's life.

The book takes many twists and turns, some you expect, some you were not expecting.  In it all it is ultimately about what happens when one or more family members decide to blame and not forgive.

The author lets you get inside of the mind of the daughter and see things from her perspective. While, you some what see in the mind of the mother, you mostly see the daughter's view point.

It left me wondering why the mother made the choices she made. Her choices impacted her family, but it also let her daughter on a separate journey to discover who she was, and how forgiveness or the lack there of and bitterness can impact your whole life.

There were times I felt the author got bogged down in some detail about the fur business that really didn't add as much to the story.

I do like how the author includes facts from the family the story was based on.  I felt a few of the characters weren't entirely 3 dimensional or necessary for the plot per se, but added for romantic effect. For example, the employer's son.  However, it did fit the story.

There are times you want to shake some sense into the characters and say "can't you see what you are doing"..but it adds to the realism of the conflict.

A poignant scene in the book is when the mother, cuts a portion of a lace heart and gives a piece to her family the daughter deals with how her mother handles this is a key element. This pops back up in the story at the end and you discover that assumptions you made, are no necessarily the motive or feeling behind what happened.

This will make you think about how the words we say, the things we do and the choices we make effects more than ourselves.

It is a good book.

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