Thursday, February 6, 2014

Marching to His heartbeat

The Lord dropped that image into my heart and mind today. I love bands, marching bands. I love how they are synchronized to the music and they march in time with every beat of the music.  God dropped an image of me marching in time to the beat of His heart beat. I want to live, dance, move to the beat of His heart.  His heartbeat, can you imagine the beauty of that heartbeat?

I love to lay my head on my husband's chest and hear his heartbeat. There are times that I have lay with my head on his chest, and him sleeping. My own breathing and heartbeat seems to suddenly slow and align itself to his.  That is how I want to live with Jesus. I want my own life to align with His very heartbeat.

His heartbeat drums out love, mercy, faith, joy, and so much more. His heartbeat says love them as I have loved you. Love everyone, regardless of who they are, where they come from, what they believe or what they do. His heartbeat says love as I loved. He ate with the outcasts. He healed those that society found unlovable and untouchable.  He loved, His heartbeat is LOVE, pure LOVE.

Lord, let me live Your heartbeat.

Lord, let me walk to Your heartbeat.

Lord let me dance to Your heartbeat.

Lord let me march to Your heartbeat.