Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Holy Macaroni?

Yesterday I fed Jenny ravioli out of can for lunch.  This is NOT a normal meal at our house because it is so full of sodium.  I personally don't like them but Jenny wanted them and someone had given us a couple of cans. ( I still have 1 can left).  So I let her have them.

Her brother and sister came home from school and she told them and I quote:

"Today for lunch I had Holy Macaroni"!

I guess the child likes raviolis.  I will be making this myself soon instead of the canned variety.  I know she will love these and they will be much better. 

But Holy Macaroni?  What is it the best tasting thing she has ever had?  Super macaroni?  I still have no idea WHY she labeled this meal HOLY. 

Monday, April 12, 2010

Chhhh chhhh chhh chhh ...changes

Changes are afoot in our household.  Mike has been hired at a different avionic technician shop (whatever you call it).  He starts April 19th.  Starting pay will be what he makes now.   The BUT is that it is in the Chattanooga area, two hours or so from where we live now.  So the kids and I will be holding down the fort here until they finish school and while I pack up our home.  Mike will begin there, a week from now.  He will work there and look for us a place to live. 

Add to that, that he was interviewed for a church.  He was a guest speaker there this weekend.  It is in a town near Chattanooga.  Now we are in wait mode to hear from the church board and pulpit committee.  WOW! 

God is in control.  I am not sure what is going to take place the next 6-8 weeks or so, except for moving.  I do not know where we will lay our heads in two months, but God does.  I do not know if we will get this church, but God does.  I do not know where my kids will go to school next year, but God does.  So many "unknowns" but I KNOW the one in control of the uknown. 

My heart is in perfect peace that our Lord is in control.

God is so good.

(p.s. what happened to the spell check button?  I can not find it..LOL)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Recent words of "wisdom" from my niblets...

  • Jenny had put on a dress, a furry princess shawl, fake princess hair and all sorts of stuff and said "I am going on a date" I said "who with" she said "someone" I said "I need to know who you are going with. She said "Brudder"...LOL.

  • Okay Christopher had his dress up dr clothes on and was pretending to deliver babies on his stuffed animals and he told the mommy......"squeeeeeze.........squeeeeeeeeeze.......squeeze" LOL. I have a feeling the talk is looming around the corner....LOL LOL LOL

  • Jenny and Hannah are acting out when Jesus said "Peace Be Still" to the wind and the waves. Hannah was going to play Jesus. Jenny said no you are not Jesus, He is up dere in the middle" LOL.......so cute.

  • Christopher told the girls the whole Easter story, death to resurrection all by himself to his sisters and Hannah piped in and said Yeah Mary went to check on Jesus and the angel said He isn't here (like the angel said it in a DUH voice) and Jenny clapped her hands and said YAY!...Easter from children's perspective...PRICELESS.

  • A commercial came on that said not spending money doesn't make you happy, saving money makes you happy. Christopher said "uh uh, that's not right. God makes you happy"! That's my boy!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Why your heart beats.....

Jenny and I just had the following conversation:

Jenny said" Mommy our hearts are bumping."

"I said "yeah, why does our heart bump"

She said " cause Jesus is in there and He has to live in our hearts...."

We have been having a lot of these discussions lately.  Her 3 year old faith astounds me.  Seeing the love and faith for God blossoming in her amazes me.  I pray my children always have the faith they have now.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Last night at church, Hannah and Jenny's class talked about salvation. They make a "present" to represent the gift of salvation. Jenny left class and said "Oh wait I can't forget my salvation. I needs my salvation"...came home and unwrapped her little homemade bookmark with John 3:16 on it and said "I will keeps my ...salvation forever."

Hannah wants to take her present and give it to her teacher. "Mommy I'll give it to Mrs Higgins." Now both those girls have just preached powerful messages. Jenny in that we must hold onto our salvation and take it with us wherever we go and Hannah and that we need to share our salvation with others.

Yep...the gospel presented in simple terms, out of the mouths of babes!

Been MIA and our path

Sorry I have been MIA, but life is crazy right now.  Mike's job continues to be stressful, well when he actually gets to work.  He is currently looking for other employment and open churches and the like.  Where that will lead we do not know.  But we stand at the head of a path in which God is pointing us to go.  We can not see the end of the path or what turns and obstacles might be ahead.  But our Lord has never led us wrong. We will travel this path, knowing that along the way God will never leave nor forsake us.  He will never ever be MIA.  He has plans for us  and His plans are far better than our own.  So we step onto the path in faith and trust our God to guide.  Lead on Lord...Lead on.