Friday, November 14, 2008

Dear Hannah

5 years ago today, God blessed us with you. Our first born daughter, a dream fulfilled, promise of all the beauty you bring to our lives. From that very first day, you were our Princess in Training, our wee little Diva. You were such a good baby and easily pleased but when you got mad, watch out for the drama. My sweet Hannah Rose, you are still are wee little rosebud beginning to unfold. This year you have done so very much. You started preschool and took to it readily, easily and eagerly. You help your friends in class and obey your teachers. The biggest gift of all this year, you gave your heart to Jesus. You love your Lord Jesus and your prayers are so sweet. You always pray, unprompted, "For everyone to have joy". Your marathon prayers can sometimes make mommy and daddy have to hide their mouths to keep from laughing out loud. You have prayed for just about everything under the sun. Yet, to me that is so wonderful. You have learned, that you can take every care, every concern, every joy and every sorrow to Jesus. You have learned that Jesus cares about everything. You bring such joy to our lives. I watched you today as I took you to school, my big girl, skipping down the hallway greeting those around you. Your exuberance and dramatic flair are incredible. You made sure everyone, knew, you were dressed like "an American Girl". You want the dolls and when I said no, not yet you took it with grace. You are a loving, compassionate girl. You help take care of Christopher when he is sick and you are so tender with Jennifer. On those times you are naughty or do throw a dramatic tantrum, you are quick to repent and mend your ways. You are beautiful handiwork of God. Your big blues eyes sparkle like all the diamonds you want to wear, even if daddy says you are too young for diamonds. (besides they cost too much money, but you dont know that). Your one true love besides your Savior is your daddy! You my darling first born daughter make my heart SMILE. Happy Birthday Sweetie. May God continue the good work He has begun in you, for you truly are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Love Mommy and Daddy