Saturday, June 18, 2016

Good intentions...summer time

(credit for photo goes to train track photography)
I had high hopes and grand ideas for writing in my blog this summer, having the kids read X number of books, complete workbooks etc etc etc.  High hopes but only part of that has been done. We have had more "lazy" pajama days than productive, keeping the mind going days.  There was a time, I would have fretted, felt guilty or been hard on myself.  Yet, this time, not so much. My kids are having a good summer. We have had fun doing much of nothing.  Sleeping in until our eyeballs pop open. I work 4 days a week so that has taken a big chunk of time  I think it has been fun to just have some lazy days.

I think too often as Moms we get on the Mommy train track and think we have to stop at all the "mommy stations" along the way in order to make the best journey. That's just false. We are all making different journeys. My journey looks different from any one else's journey and so does my kids.  We are taking this journey step by step, from faith to faith, trusting  that God is leading us.  It's not about what we do but how we do it with God.  I once would have let guilt and shame color my journey, but God healed me of that over the last few years. I do the best I can with what I have to do with and what I know at the present time. I surrender it all to my Father, HE is the one in control. That being said, sometimes I miss the mark and get off a little before the station and have to hike to catch up. That's how it is.  I mess up as a parent sometimes, as a sister, as a daughter, as a friend. Then I say I am sorry and move to the next step. It sure isn't always a pretty path. Yet, when I look back God has done something with my screw ups, my victories, my sorrows and my joys. He is weaving something yet to be seen as I do my best to teach my children to trust and follow HIM

Intentions...are hopes not guarantees.  Intentions are plans, not rules. So if you don't always get it done just as YOU intended, maybe, just maybe God changed the route up just a bit to bring about an adventure you can't even see yet.  

Lead on Lord, Lead on. My life is  YOURS , lead me on the path You have planned. If I get a little of track some times, guide me back and help me do it YOUR way. Help me realize that sometimes my intentions are not Your intentions and that as long as I am trusting You, following you, that I will not get on the wrong track but the detour is part of a bigger purpose.  If something comes along and seemingly derails us, let me trust You to put us where you want us to be in order to heal, recover, grow or what ever the purpose might be in YOU.