Monday, November 24, 2008

Do you hear what I hear

....a splash, a splash, giggle, giggle , hand smacking.........coming from the bathroom? Do you hear what I hear? The sounds of mischief floating in the air?

It was the sound of a toddler playing in the commode! Yes, my dear darling 2 year old who was supposed to be USING the potty was playing instead. In the midst of Mommy business, I did not notice she was taking tooooooooooooo long. I go in, and she is drenched. Her hair and face are wet, her arms and her shirt. She was giggling with pure and utter glee not understanding the sheer gross factor. So I take her out, tell her no and clean her up. Sanitized those hands with purell type stuff(alcohol free) and give her a time out, more for my sanity than anything else.

Yes, toilets are attractive things to both dogs and toddlers. At least it had been flushed! And had been cleaned recently......., whew. I guess she can't go potty alone for now until the novelty wears off. She is doing well with the potty even for its intended purpose. So my advice: beware of splashes, giggles and the sounds of hands smacking coming from your bathroom. The hand smacking was wet hands hitting porcelain. It is quite a distinct sound.

And I can chalk this up to one of those stories I can laugh about for years and tell HER children one day. It may not be funny in the moment, but when you realize she doesn't know toilets are not water fountains to play in, then you can see the humor. I also figure it will make good black mail material one day when she is say........13.

And yes, even when my child plays int he toilet, I LOVE being a Mommy! Besides my children never cease to find a way to break up the hum drum chores of the day.