Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer--days 38-39 Family.............

Family it is the way God blesses us here on earth with gifts we can't even begin to describe.  It is the way God shows us a piece of Himself but putting us in families. No family is perfect. All families have their troubles, ups and downs, joy and sorrows. However, God can do amazing things with family.........if we just let Him work and do wonders through His love.

Playing a game of trouble while they wait on their cousins to arrive.

Jenny and Mara talking and sharing stuff.

Just a swingin

checking out some bug or other

Good eats

Marshmallows for roasting

cuddle time with Aunt Theresa

Nanny laughing

Ooey Gooey smores..........

Story times and laughter

Family.........looking all shiney

Having my twin sister.............

These are truly a few of my favorite things........

Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer--Day 37........Joy in the journey......

My kids often make me wonder why we as adults do not find joy in the journey. They find joy in the simple things of life.  Joy in watching a bug or a butterfly or skipping down the sidewalk.  They find joy in a package of socks given to them by their Nanny. Joy...........such a wonderful thing.  They don't hold back when showing their joy......they let it float free without reservation.  Their laughter floating up like a melody on the wind.  Their giggles sweet and pure and full of life..........such a blessing and a lesson.

Jenny even found joy in folding her new socks together all by herself.

Lord, help me to remember to find joy in the journey in the little things in life.  Help me to remember to laugh over things as simple as folding socks and appreciate that I can fold those socks all by myself.  Thank you for all your blessings on me, you are a wonderful and faithful God and I love You and am so thankful for the evidence of Your presence in my every day life. Amen.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Day 36..........there were a splishing and splashing.........

On a Thursday afternoon.............first at Coolidge Park.............Chris got right down in the middle

Jenny loved it..............

and Hannah too.

Then off to the Water steps we went..these are way cool.

I even sat in the water........LOL

And Nanny enjoyed dipping her feet in. 

Having fun with your kids does not have to take a lot of money, nor do you have to buy them lots of "stuff".........just spending time with them is all they want. Jenny said are you going to play with us Mommy?
I said............absolutely and play we did. They laughed and squealed and splashed Mommy for all they were worth and it was worth every second of precious time.  

Love love love........playing with these precious niblets God gave me.  

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer--Day 35.........quiet day

We haven't done much today, some chores, laundry and let Nanny relax. She was tired today.  She wasn't feeling the best but some rest seems to have helped. So we will spend the evening pretty much the same.

I think a quiet day here and there, reading books and just chilling out is good for us.  Jenny brought her doll to her Nanny to "babysit" and Nanny held the doll for her most of the day. Brought back memories of her doing just that very thing for my sister and I. She'd "babysit" and we'd go on our merry way and come back later to get a report on how our child had behaved. Usually our babies were good, but every once in a while, Mama would make up a wild fanciful tale about some mischief said babies had been up to.

So,  one day soon........I think I will have to spin a tale about a wildly behaved child and watch the wonder in the girls' eyes as they listen to the adventures their babies have been on.

For now..............two little dolls rest quietly on Jenny's bed.......waiting for adventure...........


I wonder..............what should I make up for them to do...............this will be fun.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer--Day 34........picnic, the creek and fun

Took a picnic to a local park here that is in our community. There is no cost for this park and there is a creek that runs through it.  It is a beautiful park where one can picnic by the creek and then let the kids play without fear of it being to deep or not well maintained.  The shrieks of laughter are beyond a melody and the memories will last a life time.

So much fun having a picnic with this crew..............

making me think of how He leadeth me beside the still cup truly does run over.

My feet are planted on the Rock of my Salvation...............

and no flood, pestilence, test or trial shall move me.  For my God is greater than anything I could ever imagine and He takes care of all of us.

And He gave me the added blessing this summer of getting a week with my precious Mama just to enjoy one another and to make precious memories that will forever linger in our minds.

God is so good, so very, very, very good.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 33.......Family meals.......(yeah I had to do two today since I didn't do one yesterday)

I love family meals, and so do the  kids. When Daddy is home from work and we "get to eat as a family", they cheer.  Sometimes things get rather silly and laughter fills the room. Other times, we talk about deep subjects that shows me that our kids, have deep and wonderful thoughts. Their minds amaze me.

Tonight we got to include Nanny in the family meal and she told some stories, rather embarrassing ones from my childhood----thanks Mama, I will never hear the end of it from the niblets.  Ah for them to find out some embarrassing details about their Mommy. Yes, it was rather priceless. LOL

Nanny laughing because we had to delete the other photo as it was "mid burp" much to the kids great delight. LOL

Chip......what chip..I don't see any chips...

Love that grin.........

Daddy and his girl. No he did not eat that tub of butter just used some to butter bread with..LOL

Me and my boy.......

Yes family meals are precious to me and always will be.  

Summer--Day 32.......Nanny is in the house......FAITH

My Mama has come to visit.  We had a wonderful time in church yesterday morning and then she arrived in the afternoon.  In the evening God was so present in our worship at church. I love being in church and feeling His presence. His presence goes with us wherever we go, but when it is so strong in church and in worship it makes you feel special. After all...........each of us, just as we are, are so special to Him.

God is so good.  I love watching my children step out in faith, trusting God for what seems impossible. My son has taken it upon himself to pray for Nanny's eyes until they are healed and she can see perfectly. He prayed for her last night at church.....................

Then this morning, he  prayed for her again, that God would totally heal her eyes. He said I am going to keep praying until Nanny can see.  He has no doubt that she will see again.  He has no doubt that God will answer and Nanny will see.  What kind of faith do we have?  What kind of staying power in prayer do we have?  Oh how I want the faith and staying power of a child in faith.  Jesus said we should be like little children. Lord, make me have the faith of a child to believe for what seems impossible and that God can take the impossible and make all things possible.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Day 31---making cookies in our jammies.........

Making cookies in your jammies...........the house smelling good and chocolaty...........giggles and grins............yep................this is so much fun.

And tomorrow we are going to make pudding and cookie parfaits for Nanny who is coming for a visit.
We are going to have baked chicken, black eyed peas, mac and cheese, rice and veggies and a salad.  I love cooking for my Mama............after all.........she is the one I learned to cook from all those years ago. Now I get to cook for her............I love summer time and visits to and from family.  Makes my heart smile all big and happy.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer.....days 29 -30

Went to get the niblets from their Oma's and Opa's house. Watched their VBS celebration and drove back today.  When we got home we rested a bit and then I watered the garden and the kids.........LOL

FUN FUN FUN.....................and the summer goes on................YAY

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer--Day 28--The Little Moments..

The best thing about this week with the kids at the grandparents has been time with Mike. We have talked, giggled and down right laughed.  It has been nice.  It makes you realize how special the little moments are, how needed the little moments are............and how we need to make more time for the little moments.  We didn't do anything fancy or expensive but we just enjoyed the little moments. Thank you Lord for the little moments. You Lord, are so faithful and so good and I praise you.  I am going to find a way to make more room for the little moments even when the kids are home...because these little moments are so important.

Maybe we can tuck the kids in bed early and dance to a love song, on the porch in the moonlight.

Maybe we can tuck the kids in bed early and watch a funny romantic movie with a bag of popcorn to share.

Maybe we can pull the chairs out on the deck and watch the moonlight, after spraying down with mosquito repellent and listen to the birds say goodnight to Jesus.  At least, that is what I used to think as a little kid..........the birds at night calling as dusk fell, were like the Walton's saying good night to each other and to Jesus.

Maybe we can wait til the kids go to bed and sneak some ice cream and share a giggle over the fact we got it past the kids.

Maybe we can just sit and enjoy the sounds of our sleeping children in a house filled with love for each other and the love for Jesus.

But after this precious week..........I am going to do my best to love and enjoy and fill our lives with the little moments.  I am going to enjoy the kids little moments too, chase some lightning bugs, play in the sprinkler in the moon light.........

.oh the little moments that fill lives with joy and hearts with memories. Lord, help me be a builder of the little moments. Because we have an album of precious memories to fill:

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer--day 27--QUIET...........

Today has been so quiet with the kids away.  I am not used to quiet.  My days are surrounded with some kind of noise, children playing, dishwasher going, CD player going with music,.....always some kind of noise. Some noises are great, some are good and some..........well not so good, when the kids are grumpy are bickering.  Today, faced with astounded me just how quiet.............quiet really is.  I actually, missed the noise.  Life is weird like think you would just love things to be quiet but when it miss the noise.

Then tonight I went to church to pray.  It was wonderful, meeting God there and hearing the voices of prayer and praise and love for the Lord among my church family.  It was like music..........a melody rising to the the Father.  It was beautiful.  God.............He loves our noise...........He said to make a joyful noise.  Maybe that is what quiet is about.  Maybe it's about, being still and listening to the quiet at times so you can hear the joy in the noise.

My prayer is, that my "noise" will always be nice to the Father and He will not think......."I wish she'd just be quiet". Lord, help my words be a melody, my prayers be a song and my praise be beautiful to you.  Help me not just make empty noise that has no purpose.  Let my words and actions be pleasant in all that I do and may I learn that there are times to Be still and quiet and wait......and times to make melody with prayer and praise.  Help me never forget to be quiet before You, so that I can listen for YOUR voice.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer --day parfaits and blessings.

The table is laid with candles and grown up dishes..........candles waiting to be lit.

The dessert is made and chilling in the fridge.

The salad is ready and the veggies only need a few moments to sweetie is doing his task as the grill master and I am his sou chef..........

The kids are tucked safely away at the grandparents' enjoying Vacation Bible school and lots of grand parent loving.  It isn't lost on me what a blessing it is to have this................this life.......these blessings.......this love.  I am so aware of the fact there are lonely people, with lonely hearts that long for the moments like these. There are those who are living in grief for what they have lost and who they have lost.   In that awareness, I pray.............I pray for the lonely, the hurting, those who long for what I once did not have.  I have walked that road, that lonely road.  I also have had those moments where the fact life is so precious and so fleeting were made all to real.  The moments we almost lost our son, the moment Mike was diagnosed with cancer, the moment the doctor said we are very worried about your new baby girl, the time I lost Hannah in a crowd........those moments make you realize what a blessing life is..........the little things and the big things, the joy and the sorrow. So I post this not as a boast that I have this or that but a thanksgiving for the moments like these, for the time we have, for the love we share...........for great is the Lord's faithfulness.  It is HE ALONE who gets the glory. It is to He alone who I give all my praise.

Because it is in moments like this I can think.............

.....ah, pudding and blessings.