Saturday, November 1, 2008

War wound from the potty front

Jennifer is doing pretty good with the potty. Actually going several times a day and has done the poop thing too. We are making progress. She even woke up comletely dry from nap today and held it for a while before it dawned on me she had not been potty in a while. So off to the potty she went and had success. However, earlier today she was getting off the potty and either missed the stool or it wasnt there....not sure.....I was in the kitchen, Mike was in the living room. Anyway, she fell head first on the floor. She has quite a red knot on her forehead just under her hair. She seems fine except when she got up from her nap she seemed to have a headache. We gave her tylenol and she seems fine. No other symptoms. But yep, she has an injury from falling off the potty. Poor baby.