Friday, June 29, 2007

Poetry Thursday

Through their Eyes
Never hurrying, always wondering, competely entranced
the world opens like a budding flower before their eyes.
A little ant scurries and hurries fascinating
Through their eyes.
The weeds that flower just before they spread is a wonder to behold
Through their eyes
A pebble worn smooth by the rain is a gem
Through their eyes
A rainbow holds the magic of promise
Through their eyes
Rain is tears from heaven
Through their eyes.
All people are kind and nice
Through their eyes.
Everyone, no matter race, belief, creed is special
Through their eyes.
Love is simple and sweet
Through their eyes.
Time with you is better than disney land
Through their eyes.
If only we as adults could love, see and act in our world
Through their eyes

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Guess the Joke is on Us!

My family and I watched Shaq's big challenge the other night at Christopher's request. He was so excited. He started doing pushups, situps and talking about how Shaq eats baby carrots and so much more. He begged me to go to the website and join the challenge. I said sure, thinking we may have found a way to get him to try healthy and new foods. He is so excited about Shaq and the challenge and "getting helfy". So I went to the website today. Started putting in my info and wahlah........had to quit, because it is a whopping 52 dollars every 3 months to join the challenge. 208 dollars, may not sound like a lot to some, but to us that is a lot! It proves my point that to get healthy and eat healthy in America is only for those with money. Look at the high cost of FRESH fruits and veggies and non processed foods. They are more expensive than other foods that are less nutritious. So I told Christopher we would do our own challenge. But I am soooooo disappointed. And what about those with children who are morbidly obese and can NOT afford the challenge but would like to. So Shaq's big challenge boils down to if you have the money you can do it. If not forget about it. I fired off an email to the program. Wonder if I will get a reply? Probably not, but if I can use it somehow to get my son interested in eating healthy by watching the program we will watch it. But all the activities, recipes etc are not available unless you have the money. I will make up my own activities, my point is that I think it is sad everything like that costs so much and if you dont have it, forget about it.

Okay my vent is over, now I am coming up with ideas to challenge my son to eat healthy, nutritious foods even if he only THINKS it is part of Shaq's challenge, maybe it will encourage him to try.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, June 25, 2007

Ramblings from a tired mommy brain

I was supposed to take Jennifer for her ENT appointment today but Hannah puked all over everywhere last night and I did NOT want to risk driving 2 hours with a sick child. Turns out, she is fine and has been all day. LOL. She threw up because she was upset is what we figured out. Last night we had a family game night at the church. Afterwards while we were cleaning up and such she was pushing Jennifer in her umbrella stroller around the gym. Suddenly we hear the baby scream and she is face down on the gym floor still in her stroller. Hannah is freaking trying to get the baby up but of course she can't. Mike is faster and reached them first and freaked Hannah out even more by picking her up and almost flinging her out of the way he was so panicked. Hannah freaked out. The pastor's wife and I comforted Hannah while Mike checked out the baby. She has a large bump on her head(same spot she hit a few weeks ago) and a busted lip but is fine. She quieted a lot sooner than Hannah. Hannah kept saying "I sorry, sisty is so sorry"........poor baby was so upset, she apologized all night. So we stayed home today.

I haven't felt good all day......just a bad month if you know what I mean. I think I need iron supplements. I am dizzy, tired and weak. And not been hungry. So I am taking it easy.

For those of you who are watching the websit about Baby Kaleb, the baby suffering from shaken baby syndrome; it was just on our news. The day care providers says she is innocent and she will prove it in court etc etc. It showed part of his web site on the news and pictures of him and said he is still gravely ill. When it came on......I was shocked cause I recognized it. Anyway, keep praying for him, he is still fighting and trying to get past the severe brain injury. It makes you you really thankful for healthy kids.

I really dont have anything to say. I am a bit lonely for my sister and mom. I can't wait til the end of July when I get to see them. My heart aches for them. Sometimes, I just wish they lived here.

My kids are doing good. They are sweet, well behaved, smart kids and I am so proud of them. I love my dear husband even if he can't figure out where the sink is, LOL. I am a blessed woman and appreciate all God has given me and done for me.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Shocking Saturday

Shocking Saturday.......
or part of it was......LOL. Read on......

It started out pretty well, actually. The children let me "SLEEP IN" and slept in until 8:15 am. This is a phenomenal event as usually rain or shine Jennifer is up no later than 6:30 am. I relished in my sleep. Ahh what a feeling, to sleep! Then the kids and I got up, had breakfast and got ready to go out. Mike was already at work. It is so nice that he works only a couple of blocks away now. Anyway, we had some errands to do. I did the first errand and then realized just how low the tire on the van is and went to get air in it. Alas someone had stolen the air nozzle at the Gate gas station and I could not put air in my tire. Then I decided to go to the tire place as the tires are still new. They were closed. So I put air in at Shell and so far so good. Then we head for the local hospital as I have to pick up xray films for Jennifer's ENT appointment on Monday. We wondered around the first floor hallway for a bit before FINALLY we found someone to help us and direct us to the right place. I got my films and headed out the door. To be greeted by a rather SHOCKING site. Now I know at a hospital you will occasionally(lol) see people in their hospital nightgowns outside. But this took the cake. Here was this woman walking down the sidewalk with her plastic belongings bag in one hand and JUST a hospital gown on. YES......that is all she had on......


I told Christopher to look at the birds and the cars etc etc....... She was yelling rather loudly that her boyfriend was not there to pick her up and several other things I could not quite understand. To which I am probably greatful. She then walks up to me and the kids and says "do you live in LP". I said yes. Then she asked for a ride. Now normally I wouldn't mind helping someone out....but here is this rather naked lady wondering around a parking lot yelling at no one in particular and my mommy radar was going about 100 miles an hour. If I had been just by myself I probably would have helped her. But first I dont know this woman and second....she is NAKED accept for a hospital gown. I really did not want a naked woman in my car in front of my 6 year old son much less my dear daughters. Thankfully I was headed the opposite way and truthfully told her, "I am sorry I am headed the opposite way. Is there anyone else you can call, and also pointed out the direction of the desk in the lobby. Now, I am afraid this poor woman will show up at the church one day and recognize me as the person who would not give her a ride. But here I am with my 3 children, who I tell all the time NOT to talk to strangers or take rides with strangers etc. So I was not about to give an almost naked stranger a ride. Yes, she probably was upset and probably needed help. But I could not bring myself to let her in my car. We went on about our day and nothing else as shocking happened. Hopefully that was enough shock for today. Christopher did end up seeing more than I wanted him to do....after all there she was out there for all to see. His eyes were HUGE but at least he didnt say a thing or ask questions. Hopefully there will be no questions. Hannah must not have noticed or she would have pointed out the lady did NOT have on panties......LOL. Panties are a big deal to Hannah. So I guess my shock is over. I grew up in a small town and LP is small but no one I ever grew up with or around walked around half naked in front of everybody. As I was loading the kids in their car seats she came back out of the hospital and had decided to put on the clothing in her belongings back and got into a van. So I guess her ride arrived. However, she gave me a dirty look. But come on, did she really expect for a stranger with 3 little children to give her a ride while naked? The world may never know. I saw way too much and hope I dont see such a sight again any time soon!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The "Surrendered" Wife

This is apparently a new movement. Watch the video link and then comment. It is 13 to 15 minutes long but I would love some comments on this. My comments are below. We discussed this on Simply Moms and I had to blog it. LOL.

Here is what I wrote on SM:

I do believe in the Biblical concept of being submissive to your husband. But THAT is NOT the Biblical concept of being submissive to your husband. In my understand of the Biblical description of the submissive relationship, the man ALSO has great responsibility. The Bible instructs him to love his wife as Christ loves the church. IF he does that then he will willingly help her, encourage her and treat her like the lady that she is. The Bible also describes intimacy in a manner of speaking. Neither partner is ruler over his or her own body or each other's for that matter. It is surrendering both to one another. That means sometimes if the wife doesn't want to go there the man respects that and honors that. It also means that the wife in turn goes there sometimes when she doesn't want to. It is give and take. A mutual respect of one another. My husband is the leader of our home but I am an equal not subserviant. I respect him and teach my children Daddy is the leader of our home under God's lead. For submission to work the way it is supposed to.......the husband is to seek God's will not his own and the wife is not a door mat. That video is beyond disturbing on many levels. I am going to show it to my dh. And my dh can wash his own body and put his own toothpaste on his own toothbrush. That is beyond dysfunctional in my honest opinion. Like the woman making the smoothie for breakfast she says "If he wants a smoothie for breakfast he gets a smoothie".....but to me I can hear an undercurrent of resentment. That is ridicolus even for me who DOES believe in submission. Submission to me is not what is shown there. That is disturbing on soooooooooooo many levels. I cant even fathom my dh wanting it to be like that. My dh is man, all man and he would never think of telling me what to wear, how to wear my makeup, or what I was going to eat. That being said, I also see how respecting him with less "nagging" would be a good thing but there has to be balance.....and what that showed was NOT balance.

Furthermore, (adding to what I wrote on Simply Moms) the Bible says we are to submit to ONE another IN LOVE. No where by any stretch of the imagination is what I viewed anything to do with that. Quite frankly, I think it is sad and those men are on a power, control trip. But then that is my opinion. Come on, weigh in on this.....either here are on your own blog.

Note to Shawna: thanks for helping me edit the posting date....

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Okay now that I am learning

a few more blogging tricks from my dear friend Shawna I edited my blog so I didnt have to shamelessly plug a older posting. But it made me think how much I really enjoy blogging and how much I learn through blogging, reading other blogs and stretching my mind to think of topics. I really think blogging stretches me and challenges me to think at times. Sometimes, I post mindless stuff that may be less exciting and thought provoking than other blogs. But what I have discovered is that I enjoy blogging. It is as much a stress reliever as it is fun. I think it helps me to get out thoughts, feelings, ideas, and so much more. Blogging who knew years ago, and I will NOT say how long ago it was and I turned on a computer in my Senior year of high school for the first time, where computers would lead us. The computer is a connection to others, to thoughts, ideas, ways to learn, stretch and grow and quite frankly it amazes me. Our children will take it for granted. But we of the generation born to find out about computers and grow into them, can still sit amazed at what is available at our finger tips.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Cranky cranky cranky baby

Oh my, she must be cutting teeth. She is so cranky. Although she got a nap today it was late due to the kids crusade. She was not overly fond of the nursery attendant I think and that did not help matters. The lady was practically a stranger to her in that she has only seen her a few times. She is such a sweet baby. She has her moments though you think someone has replaced her with a different species. She is a happy go luck little one most of the time, but today........whew. I do not think she likes being without Mommy for 3 hours. She was without me yestereday for about that amount of time due to church. She was in the nursery I was home sick with Christopher's asthma acting up as well. Then today and we still have two more days to go. I wonder if the stranger anxiety figures in. I have so much to do yet here I sit, blogging. I am tired, I cant think and all I want to do is cry. And yes, it is the week before AF is due, LOL so I guess that would have something to do with my feelings of being overwhelmed with her crankiness. At one point today, she got so bad with it, I had to put her in her bed and walk away. I felt my pressure rising and felt it better to take a breather as I just wanted to smack her on her wee butt and yell at her. Instead, I chose to put her in her crib and walk away and shut the door. I think as moms we fail to let others know when we get to that point. It is like we think it is a sign of weakness or poor mothering if we feel like "losing it" with our child. We are told as new moms that we just have to deal with it and the baby can't help it, which may be true. However, we are not told much about how to handle it and that it is normal to get upset at your baby. Instead, mothers are made feel unatural if they get mad at their children. We are supposed to rise above it at all times. Yet, those self same people would not admit they have been there, if they have kids. We aren't perfect and our babies are perfect. They get smelly, sticky, and cranky. So as we grow in motherhood we learn to deal with it, even if it means putting our dear little one down and walking away. Yet in the news, you see reports of people who did NOT do that. And I have judged them. They probably felt much the same in the beginning before they lost it but never acknowledged it or let themselve know it is okay not to be able to handle it. Oh I know there is much more to it than that, but I think the need to do it all fits into it. So my dear husband is in the room now, soothing her because I just put her to bed and she is screaming. This only breeds the need for her to do this every night. When he worked nights they didnt play mommy like they play daddy, LOL. But she knows Daddy will come, CRY LOUD and Daddy WILL come. Make it sound pitiful and he will stay with you and pat your back and rock you.....LOL. My dear darling cranky baby just needs to go to sleep. LOL

Why do we think we have to be perfect?

Why is it that we as women, wives, mothers, friends, etc think we have to fit some perfection mold in whatever role we are filling at the time? What drives us there and why do we let it drive us there? Today was the first day of our 3 day kids crusade. Mike and I are running it with helpers from the church. And it did go okay. It is the first time we have ever run a kids crusade. Yet I feel like we didn't "get it right". It was a bit disoranized and I had no idea what was going on because Mike thought he told me stuff that he didn't. At one point he was so frustrated he snapped at me in front of a couple of the church ladies. I was so embarrassed and mortified. We have talked about it. But I felt a need to defend him but at the same time solve the issued at hand. Then some things went smooth and some were chaotic. I only had 4 kids in my class and it went pretty well. Until the pastor's granddaughter fell and busted her lip in the gym. Now I feel horrid. Then my Hannah, although I was a few feet away messed with something and got her head bumped. I don't want anyone to think I wasn't supervising cause I was. It just happened. WHY WHY WHY do I torture myself like this. Iwant this crusade to be a success. I want the kids to have fun and learn and enjoy it. Why do I do this to myself? I have a stomach ache and feel the need to be perfect. Stupid, I know......but I cant help myself. I could just cry. One lady who Mike thought had a background check had not had one. So we cant let her help the rest of the crusade. Understandable, but Senior pastor was upset with Mike about the mistake. But it was an honest mistake, he thought she was someone else and thought he had it done. Senior Pastor scolded Mike which as his boss I guess is his perogative. Mike explained what happened and I guess pastor is okay but still. You know we are humans we make mistakes and Mike is correcting it. So now what? How do I stop this feeling? I need to just pray and let God take care of it. I mean we are learning how to do this, and we have to learn but how do we learn at the same time as being humble like we need to be.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Let It Be Known

Henceforth and Forevermore, that my children shall not be allowed to have a tummy virus at the same time! It all started Sunday night when Jennifer started throwing up. We took her to the ER simply because the night before she had fallen and had a nasty bump on the head. We did not want to risk it being something else. They dismissed us after a clear cat scan with a diagnosis of either a slight concussion or a virus. She puked all night long unti 5 am. Finally, she stopped and all was well, or so I thought. Mike is sent home from work because he was sick but he slept all day and was fine. So I thought, yay, we are done because no one else seemed to be ill. Then it happened. Last night we were preparing to go out and Hannah says "I need to choke". What I said and she runs to the bathroom and pukes in the toilet (quite impressive for a 3 year old I think..LOL). The she says "Mommy, I not feel so good anymore" and proceeds to run back to the bathroom to throw up. So me and the girls stay home and Mike goes out with Christopher. While out, Christopher gets sick at Walmart. So I have one kid puking at home and Mike is driving home with another kid who is at danger of puking again at any moment. He said he rode the side of the road in case he had to stop quick. He gets home and the real "FUN" began. Mike had to go back out to get some stuff from the store. I had one child in 1 bathroom and 1 in the other both crying for me cause they are puking and wanting Mommy's hand on their forehead and tummy. I can not split in two. So I ran back and forth between them. Mike get's home and we split the toilet brigade duty. Then, Jennifer puked all over her play pen......YIKES this was getting seroius FAST. Fortunately we figured out the reason Jennifer puked is she guzzled her bottle and put to much to fast in her wee little tummy that was still getting over being sick. All night this went on......sometimes they were sick at the same time sometimes back to back. Christopher didnt make it a couple of times. But Hannah actually made it to the potty everytime. Lot less clean up. Both have poopy issues too and and one point poor Christoher was saying mommy what do I do first, poor little guy. They are better this morning, sipping ice cold gator ade and watching cartoons. Me, I am exhausted and dh is at work.

So I think I need to put a notice out to all viruses not to attack my children all at the same time. But then again maybe it is better to get it all over at once. All I know tha the last few days have been horrid. I am exhausted and as a mom, you just want your kids to feel well again. You hurt when they hurt.

As for this being a topic for blogging who knows, but hey, this is my life......and my adventure in motherhood. So if it were all rainbows, roses and happy days in the park it would not be real. Nope in this house we have storm clouds, cranky children, cranky parents, puking children and messy towels and floors and parents who get puked on, pooped on and any numerous other things. Parenthood isn't always pretty now is it. And they sure didnt tell you about this stuff in lamaze classes, now did they?

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Summer time summer time, summer summer summer time

Should I or should I not, run back in that is kind of cold.

Okay so yeah, this IS fun......hmm, what happens when you do this?

This is so much fun

Woohoo this is so much fun come on lets play all day

You two play all you want.....I dont like the cold, thanks but no thanks I will just watch

and I aint touching the grass with my feet there.

Church work day

Our church held a work day today. Time to spruce up the grounds, cleaning that type of thing. Besides the pastor and his wife and Mike and I and the kids........all of 4 people showed up! But if we have a eating function or a party tons show up. I think that is sad. I have no right to judge them and I am not, I just think it is sad. The kids helped pick up small branches and litter and I "wearing" Jennifer helped the best I could. Then I had to come home and put Jennifer down for a nap and get the kids cooled off etc etc. I know they understand but I wasnt much help and the kids could only do so much. But my kids were adorable trying to help. Silly me forgot to take the camera.......but oh well the memory is there. Christopher asked why we were doing it and I explained that we are doing our part taking care of what God gave us in our church. I was a bit embarrased he asked "why do we have to do this" but I explained the best I could and hope no one who heard took offense. Kids.....they sure can embarrass you. LOL.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

When words are not enough

In the whirlwind of sorrow
words are not enough.
When a friend suffers such a devestating loss
words are not enough
When a mommy's arms are empty and aching
words are not enough
When grief overcomes like crashing waves
words are not enough.
When the night looms dark and long
words are not enough.
When tragedy overtakes the meek
words are not enough
When pain overtakes the horizon
words are not enough
When the darkness feels like it will never see the dawn
words are not enough
Sorrow, pain, tragedy, agony
words are not enough
For my dear, sweet friend Lauren who lost what is most precious, Landon and Lawson, words are
not enough. I wish that I could take away your pain. I wish that I could fill your empty arms and comfort your devastated heart, but my dear words are not enough. My power is limited. I can pray and ask our Lord, the God of all comfort to be by your side. Yet, I risk sounding cliche. I know you may never read this, but words are not enough to express what my heart feels for you. I wish that I could be there and let you cry on my shoulder. Your loss is greater than I could ever imagine and I can only pray God will soothe. My friend it is true, so very true, words are not enough.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Poetry Thursday

Mother's Tapestry

In th stillness of the night
washed in the pale moon light
a scene begins to unfold
with beauty untold.
The sound of a baby's cry
the beauty of a mother's lullabye
For this is the picture of love
filled with innocence from above.
The night hours fade into dawn
and mother stiffles a yawn
for in her arms she holds her litte one
whose life has just begun
She whispers promises in the tiniest little ear
of today, tomorrow and next year.
As she holds her newborn child
whose cry is still yet meek and mild
She begins to weave a cord of love
softer than the feathers of a pure white dove
yet stronger than bonds of steel
for what she is weaving is unseen but oh so real
For she weaves a tapestry for this child's life
one that will help her little one face hardship and strife.
For the lessons she will teach will help this child to grow
in wisdom, faith, and the ability to face what life will bestow.
She walks into this place unsure and feeling less than able
but knowing that in this baby's life she must be stable.
So as she weaves this unseen cord of love
she prays for strength from above.
For what begins with one small strand of love like purest gold
will complete a tapestry of life when this little one is old.
What will this child behold looking back in those final years
Let it be filled with life, love, victories and even tears
for the tapestry to be rich and full of beauty yet unseen
she must teach with wisdom, love and senses so keen
she prepares her little one for things yet unknown
so her child is ready to stand in adulthood alone
She teaches her child so she can let go
so her little one can one same knowlege bestow
upon a little one held in loving arms
as another parent is filled with a new baby's charms.

by Thelma S. June 6, 07

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Celebrating "Lasts"

I read a novel once by Karen Kingsbury, there is a whole series called the Firstborn series and it follows a family through their lives. Anyway, in the book the mother/grandmother in the series talks about celebratings lasts. There is a poem in one of the books as well on the subject. The idea comes from the fact that we all celebrate our children's first. Their first steps, their first tooth, the first time they sleep through the night. There are so many firsts to celebrate. Yet, we never celebrate lasts. Yet, they are just as precious. The last time your child took a bottle or the last time your child wanted to be tucked in bed with a hug, a kiss and a cuddle. When is the last time your child needed to be sung a lullabye? These things are precious because it shows how fleeting time is. Our children grow up so fast, almost before our eyes. That we forget sometimes to treasure those little moments. Moments in time that can be forever in our hearts. Just this week I realize my baby is rarely crawling anymore, she would rather walk. Yet, she still likes to hold onto my finger as we walk. It is so sweet. My other two no longer have that need to be right by my side when they walk. Sometimes they will still hold my hand when we are in the mall or a store. But most times they do not want to. I remember when each of them held my finger in their tiny little fist as they walked. Their hands too tiny to hold my hand the regular way. They didnt really need to hold that finger but with their toddling new steps it made them feel better. As Jennifer does this my heart swells cause I know this is a real last. The last time I will have a child to do this because she is my baby. I wish I could have a picture of each of them looking up at me as we walk, their tiny hand wrapped around my finger, their expression of complete trust and adoration that Mommy makes everything safe. My older children have long passed this stage. Their independence is growing and my children are maturing, just as they should. And yes, we celebrate they are growing up, but sometimes we need to take a moment and celebrate a last.

I challenge you to blog about a last you can celebrate. What memories do you have of one of your child's lasts? What is precious about it? What makes it special to you? If you could freeze a moment in time with a camera and take a picture what picture would it be? What last would it celebrate?

Monday, June 4, 2007


With my son's eating issues. Yes, he has allergies, so we do not give him anything he is allergic too. Yes, he has sensory issues but he has come so far. Part of it, is all in his head and stubborness. We have been not allowing him to have something different made if we make something he can eat. He is not happy. But he has to eat something besides the few things on his approved list. We have tried a reward system, doesn't work. We have tried letting him help cook, doesn't work. Tonight I made simple baked chicken. He has eaten this before no probelm but lately he has chosen to only eat either chicken nuggets or hamburgers. WELL people I am DONE! He refused to eat, so he is going to bed hungry. My heart simply can't take the battle any longer. He has it in his head he can't eat when he can. This is beyond reason. He has to decide in his own head that he can eat. I will not force feed him but I will not accept his excuses anymore. At 6 and a half he should be able to get beyond this self imposed diet. I offer him healthy foods and he will eat or do without. I can't do this any more. Even his therapist when we left Lakeland said she really could not help him any longer. He has to decide to eat. The thing is, he has eaten some of these things before that he now refuses to eat. His diet is so limited. No wonder he doesn't grow. I am so tired of this battle. I know God is in control but I can't fight this any longer. I give up. I really and truly give up. I will offer him food and if he doesn't eat, then he goes hungry. What else can I do? I will not coax, bribe, plead etc etc anymore. It is simple he eats or he doesn't. I am done. My heart is broken but what else can I do? He has to get it in his head that he can eat. I don't know if his problems are fear based, sensory based, or stubborn based. I have found no therapist that can help us. I dont know what to do. I have worked so hard to get h im where he is but now he is sliding back the other way. Sliding into a world where there is only a handful of things he will eat. I am tired so very tired.......and I have no idea what to do. I have to turn my Lord and ask for a miracle in my son's mind, will and emotions. Because only God can fix this. We can't, the doctors can't, and apparently Christopher can't. So we only have one way to turn. God help me but I can't fight this battle anymore. I am done. God help my little boy. I can't. My hands are tied. I have done all I can do. I am at the end of myself, the end of my rope and out of ideas.


Road Trip (part 2)

If you haven't read part 1.......scroll down and read it first.....LOL.

After we left the circle K and I got everyone back in the car, in car seats, various entertainment devices handed to them....I strapped in and headed back down the road. Thankfully our destination was not to much further. But the cries of "how much longer" were becoming more intense. I tried in vain to keep them entertained and by this time if I heard one more song from Bob the Tomato or Larry the Cucumber I was going to find a salad shooter and do them in. So I switch of the cd and try to get them to sing or talk or something other than complain. At that last possible minute of my endurance we reach our first destination. I get out unplug everyone from their seats, go in the building, pick up our item and do the talking and such while the kids try to run amuck. After all they have been cooped up in the car for an hour and a half. Finally I corral them, finish my business and head back to the car. NOW we are on the way to the play park to meet with friends. The kids are excited and wound up like tops on energiizer batteries. I get on the interstate for a 5 minute trip to our destination, only I miss my exit and have to go down to the next exit and take the service road. While the kids missed the play ground you missed it.....cause you can see our destination from the interstate as we pass it. I tell them......don't worry, we can get there. Finally we arrive, the first to do so. I get the children unfastened and they literally BURST from the car. I go and speak with some friends inside the church office while we wait for everyone to arrive. And then they arrive and it happens.......we get to the playground and sweet and utter peace reigns and this kids run and climb, swing and jump and slide with all abandon. We stayed for hours. Then the whole group of us went to mcdonald's. I had a salad(good girl). We got all 9 children fed and happy and went back to the playground. By the time we left my kids were hot, sweaty and DIRTY. VERY dirty. So I go into my diaper bag to get the wipies. Remember the circle K......yep that is where I left them.....that is the only place I took them out. So now I must load my hot, sticky, dirty, sweaty children into my van and drive an hour and a half to pick up my dh and then get them home to bathe and feed them. It is almost 3 pm and my kids are tired, cranky, hot, dirty and sticky. I get them buckled in and realize I have to get gas. Jennifer falls asleep the moment I strap her in. The other 2 are relatively quiet. I get to the gas station to fill up. Now normally my husband gets gas, and while I realize guess is high I never saw it myself in numbers when we filled up. I pump the gas and gasp in shock....42.50! YIKES.........I am in shock! I new it added up...but come on....this is beyond reason. I shake off my shock and get back in my car and drive. The kids blessedly fall asleep and I turn on the radio for myself and have a nice drive singing and praising God to my praise and worship music. has been a nice day. Despite the minor hitches, cranky kids and dirty faces it has been nice. I visited with friends, we laughed, we prayed, we had fun. The kids are happy and content and I feel blessed. We arrive at walgreen's sooner than I think because there was no traffic. My husband comes out and the kids wake up and Hannah begins crying. Because........she is dirty and she doesn't want her beloved daddy to see her so dirty. She after all has her first crush and the recipient of that crush is her daddy. He scoops her up, dirt, tears, stickiness and all and lets her know he loves here and doesnt care that she is dirty. We go into the break room at the store and he buys me a container of wipes and I clean her up, change her clothes and make her more presentable. She is so happy for her daddy to see her clean. After daddy gets off work we go home and everyone has dinner and gets clean. The kids are happy, well fed and content. Our road trip while bumpy at times, proves to have been one of the best of my life. Which goes to show might have been a little more difficult but the memories and the love far outweigh the bumps. The realization that a little girl's first crush is her daddy is beautiful and her realization that daddy loves her no matter what is beyond description. She is happy as she gives her daddy night night kisses and he carries her sweet smelling self to bed. He tucks hi son in and gets those big boy hugs and kisses while Mommy follows close behind. Our little one is walking around the floor not yet ready to go down.....but she walks with the pride of new accomplishment and I realize, this road trip is the best ever. I am blessed beyond words because I have a family filled with love. And though gas prices are high we are rich in love, faith, family and friends. We are blessed beyond compare because we have so much, so much LOVE.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Road Trip(part 1)

Sit back, crank up the music, and buckle your seat belts, because a road trip for a mom with 3 kids is NOT the same as your typical road trip. Only the truly brave can survive.

Back in the day when I was single and free from responsibility other than paying my rent and going to work, road trips were easy. You and your best girlfriend get in the car, fill up the cooler with sodas and snacks, grab your favorite music, put on comfy clothes and hit the road. Bathroom breaks were only taken upon necessity and you talked about everything under the sun. Your families, your other friends and yes, men and what possibly could be keeping you from finding "Mr Right". You eat until you can't possibly eat another bite, then you see the sign for your favorite frozen yougurt at the end of the trip and you stop and fill up again. Money was no worry, you had just been paid, the rent was paid and you had nothing to worry about.

But NOW road trips go something like this:

Yesterday for our road trip I woke up at 6 am. The baby was still sleeping but I knew most likely not for long. My little early riser loves to greet the sun. So in a mad dash I grab the laundry I put in the dryer the night before. I sort out 3 outfits for each child. My son does not get why HE NEEDS extra clothes, but if I did NOT take it, he would need it. I get these outfits packed into the diaper bag which is about to burst because I have already put diapers, wipes, to containers of premeasured formula, a bottle of water and 2 bottles in it. The diaper bag also contains powders, creams, wipies and various other things that might be needed for cleaning little bodies and faces. There are toys, crayons and paper. Ahhhhh the nice feeling of having a full diaper bag. I then grab my wallet, my keys and my cell phone and put them on top of the diaper bag so they will not be left behind. I lay an outfit on the couch for each child to put on when they get up. I go to the kitchen knowing I have to be out of the house no later than 7:10 am because my husband has to be at work. Now......breakfast. I go for easy albeit not nutritious. I grab two ziplock bags and put two poptarts each in for the older two kids. Christopher MUST have Cherry and Hannah MUST MUST MUST have chocolate. Put them on the table withe a caprisun. Then I make the baby's bottle of formula adding baby oatmeal to the bottle since this will be an on the go meal. She would much rather eat her food in solid form, but this morning a liquid but filling meal must do. I hurriedly get dressed, amazed that my usually wakeful children are still asleep. This must be a good sign. I even get to use the curling iron for a few moments to add a bit of a flip to my hair. Then I hair it, the tell tale sound of a mini air raid siren. The baby is awake which means Hannah is not far behind. So I get the baby and Hannah and walk into Christopher's room and wake him up. He is looking at me like I have lost my mind since it is only 6:45 am. I remind him we are going on a ROAD TRIP. This gets him on his feet quick. He LIVES for adventure. I supervise potty time, dressing and get the baby changed. Hmmmm she hasn't done her usually morning deposit to the diaper....which means it will come later somewhere during our trip. YIKES, not good. The kids are begging to eat their poptarts NOW despite the fact I am trying to tell them they can eat in the car. A VERY RARE treat! It is now 7 am, and my husband emerges from our room fully dressed. I have the kids, myself and the bags ready. All in one hour! He only had to dress himself. Hmmm, isnt that interesting. We get the kids, the diaper bag(snacks included) and the walker in the car. AT 7:08 am a full 2 minutes early we pull out to take Daddy to work and go on our road trip. The baby sucks away contentedly on her bottle and the kids are happily feeding their faces the sticky poptarts. (I am already tired and we haven't even begun). We get to my husband's work and everyone must be kissed at least twice and hugged because after all daddy is staying at work. Then we really begin. The kids are done with their poptarts and Jennifer is bopping her bottle on the side of the carseat furiously because it is empty. But I know she has had plenty and I defnitely do NOT want puking to begin. The kids start clamoring for music. NOW these same children insisted they take their music in the house so we only have 1 kid music cd in our car. They must listen to this one and of course it is NOT the one they want. By this time I am remembering the fact I did NOT drink my coffee or feed myself. I can not get over to the lane leading to Macdonald's and chalk it up that I dont need the extra calories anyway. I hear from the backseat some binky sucking and realize the baby blessedly is going to sleep. down and quiet. Two still arguing. She is looking at me mom, No I am not I am looking at the window says Hannah. Sigh..."If you do NOT stop arguing I will turn off your music". Then they quiet for a bit and are most likely glaring at each other. Soon I how long will it take. I tell them a LONG time. Finally Christopher turns on his leapster for a while and Hannah sings to the cd. I am wishing we had dvd player in our van but alas we do not have this wonderful invention. Then I hear Christopher start complaining his leapster is NOT working right. It has fresh batteries but apparently it is not working. I tell him to put it down and look at stuff out the window. apparently that is too boring. So I try to get them to sing. Nope it aint happening. They argue some more about who is in whose carseat or who is touching who or whose got the most pop tart left and numerous other things that make no since. Blessedly, that sweet baby girl, she is still sleeping. YAY. Finally, we get to about 30 to 45 minutes away from our road trip destination and I hear it. MOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMY, I need to go POTTY! Okay so all I see are cows and houses. Hmmmmmm, wonder how kindly these farmers would take to my pulling up knocking on their door and asking for a potty and while they are at it a cup of coffee. LOL. It is still early mind you. Finally I see a sign in the distance. is a circle K.....a little gas station store kind of excuse to sell gas at the highest price around. I have to pull in. Mind you these stores are not know for the cleanliness of their bathroom facilities. But what am I going to do, after all I have a newly potty trained child, a 6 year old and a baby whom I now smell is quite ripe in the southern regions, albeit a sleeping smelly baby. So I pull in and get the older two unfastened, get the baby, the diaper bag, my purse and a blanket to put the baby on to c hange. I ask for the bathroom and get pointed in the general direction by a very sleepy, apparently cigarette deprived clerk because she is hanging out the front door puffing on her cigarette while trying to watch the store and not break the law by smoking inside. I go in what is supposed to be a bathroom. Well it has a toilet, a sink and a door. and some cheap tp. I have to get Christopher in near the sink, put Hannah on the potty, while balancing the baby on my hip and then squeeze myself and the diaper bag in. I do that, expecting to hear a pop as we squeeze in this tight place. Now, Hannah is on the potty, with her feet on the diaper bag, Christophher is pressed against one wall and I am pressed against the door. So I lock it, spread the blanket on the floor thinking oh Lord let my baby not touch a thing. and I proceed to change a wiggly baby in a minute space while making sure Hannah doesnt touch anything as well. Christopher is rolling his eyes and needing to go, but then there IS only one potty. I get the baby changed, put her back on my hip, swing hannah off the potty and christopher in front of the potty. although he must stand on the diaper bag and help Hannah wash her hands while I balance the baby and try to get the diaper bag from under my son's feet and repack it. (unknown to me at this time, my small bag of wipes lie undetected on the floor under all our feet). I get Christopher washed and then I squeeze us all out that door. WHEW........did I hear an audible pop as we burst from the door. I get me a much needed soda and we get back on the road...........TO BE CONTINUED..........the baby needs me.

Thoughts-N-Wonders: Whatcha waiting for?

Thoughts-N-Wonders: Whatcha waiting for?